Sunday, March 25, 2012

KZME: Sunday, March 18, 2012 - Happy Birthday, Mutant


THEME: Dim Dim Nutsy in Love Whip Audio Dregs [PDX label]

Set 1 [Dedicated to Mutant Disco,3/29 @ Lovecraft Bar]
Don Armando I'm and Indian Too (Pilooski Mix) Zevolution: Ze Records Re-Edited Ze
Mathematiques Modernes Disco Rough Disco Rough Celluloid
White Fold End of Now Feral/Free Swill Children
Fhloston Paradigm The Simple Things Fiction Science s/r
Quantic T.R.O.Y. Hip Hop En Cumbia Tru Thoughts

Set 2 [Dedicated to Cumbia Cumbia @ Holocene]
Paper/Upper/Cuts Glacial Palms (Gulls Pure Love remix) Boomarmation
Aniceto y Sus Fabulosos Mi Gran Noche Cumbia Beat Vol. 1 Vampi Soul
Cumbia Moderna de Soledad Tetero Palenque Palenque Soundway
Banana Clipz Coupe Cumbia Bersa Discos

Set 3
Raincoats Baby Song Odyshape DGC [Star Ballroom @ 3/17]
Grass Widow Mannequin Milo Minute HLR [Star Ballroom @ 3/17]
The Whines Vacation Hell to Pay Meds [PDX Artist]
The Hangovers Drink Slow Dirty Tears Kill Rock Stars [Ex-Raincoats/PDX Label]

Set 4
Hall of Fame Nevada I Hall of Fame Amish [feat Theo Angell, of Oregon]
Eet Ceratotha Spookfish Free Music Archive [PDX artist]
Imbogodom Slate Grey Light And They Turned Not When They Went Thrill Jockey
Ian Nagoski Pipe Sketch Yeti 3 Yeti Media [PDX label]

Set 5
Cairo Gang Lover's Only / The World Outside Holy Clover 7" Empty Cellar
Bvdub Never In the Prison of Their Stars The First Day Home Normal

Set 6
Yuma Nora Make It To Another Day Tape Club: Year 1, Pt. 1 Deathbomb Arc [PDX artist]

KZME: Sunday, March 11, 2012 - Skate It Like You Mean It


THEME: Dim Dim | Nutsy's In Love | Audio Dregs [PDX label]

Set 1
Strategy Bolly Valve Reduction Boxy Music 100% Silk [PDX artist]
Shift Roller Rink Funk Super Disco Friends Headphone Heroes
Bob Esty Cunga Roller Boogie Casablanca
Hunt's Determination Rollerskate (Instrumental) 12" Earwax
Roller Disco Orchestra Deck the Halls Non-Stop Christmas Disco Pickwick

Set 2
KeyBoard Kid Ace of Based Munchies Lost Tapes s/r [SEA artist]
KeyBoard Kid Ace of Based Legend Munchies Lost Tapes s/r [SEA artist]
Samiyam Roller Skates 5 Years of Hyperdub Hyperdub
King Tim III Charley Says (Roller Boogie Baby) 12" Spring
Vaugn Mason & Crew Roller Skate 12" Brunswick
The Trammps That's Where the Happy People Go That's Where the Happy People Go Atlantic

Set 3
Onuinu Ice Palace [PDX artist]
Shabazz Palaces Emblazoned on Ice Big Orange Studios Daytrotter [SEA artist]
John Sebastian Roller Girl Skatetown USA
Crazy Dreams Band Asian Roller Crazy Dreams Band Holy Mountain [PDX label]

Set 4
Ethan Rose Bottom Oaks Holocene [PDX artist/label]
Not Me ntm (Loscil Mix) [Vancouver artist]
Skaters Untitled Physicalities of the Sensitibilities of Ingriential Strairways Eclipse [PDX artist]

Set 5
Sandy Bull & the Rhythm Ace Oud (edit) Live 1976 Drag City
Janek Schaefer Skate Skate LP/Rink CD AudiOH!

KZME: Sunday, March 25, 2012

Set 1
Julianna Barwick Int2 Sanguine M'Lady's [PDX label]
Flying Saucer Attack I Can Take You To the Sun Peel Session Internets
Child Readers Fortune Music Heard From Far Off Soft Abuse [PDX Artist]
Mirroring Cliffs Foreign Body Kranky [PDX artist]

Set 2
Quest Quest Katusja Occupied Territories Soleilmoon [PDX label]
Christina Vantzou And Instantly Take Effect (Loscil Remix) No1 Remixes s/r
NHK 638 Dance Classics, Vol. 1 Important
?? What Do I Want? [PDX artist]
Monty Luke Art, Love & War (C2 Version) Modular Music Vol. 1 Planet E

Set 3
Inner Tube Bali High Inner Tube Pacific City Sound Visions [PDX artist/label]

Set 4
Talk Normal Lone General 7" M'Lady's [PDX label]
Pram Cape St. Vincent The Stars Are So Big, The Earth Is So Small... Too Pure
Numbers Crows We're Animals Kill Rock Stars [PDX label]
Judy Nylon Sleepless Nights Pal Judy On U Sound
Ut Mouse Sleep Conviction Blast First
Nite Lite Cajon Marlene Stunned Records [PDX label]

Set 5
Pourhashimi Heepee Intercontinental Transmissions Vol. 1 Kala Bandar
Jacuzzi Boys Freakazoids Seahawks & Peacocks Social Music [PDX label]
Sic Alps Who Has TimeTo Protest Description of the Harbor Awesome Vistas [PDX label] Disco Warriors Cumbaya Disco Best of Disco Demands BBE
Jomac Cinema70 Days Explained...Beat Set 1 s/r
Disco Warriors Cumbaya Disco Best of Disco Demands BBE

Set 6
Angels of Light Black River Song We Are Him Young God Records [Miss Studios @ 3/23]
Larkin Grimm Paradise & So Many Colors Soul Retrieval s/r
Joyce Dia de Vittoria Curriculum

Set 7
Nite Lite Hana Marlene Stunned Records [PDX label]

Saturday, March 10, 2012

KZME: Sunday, March 4, 2012


Theme: Dim Dim | Nutsy in Love | Audi Dregs

SET 1 [Trib to 13 Months of Sunshine, new African Dance night at Holocene]
Jaybird | What da Funk? | Lo Dubs 12" [PDX label]
Hype Williams | Hype Williams meets Shangaan Electro | Shangaan Shake | Honest Jons
George Aghedo | In Nigeria
Wganda Kena | El Abanico | Afrosound of Colombia
Skream | Epic Last Song | Outside the Box [Wonder Ballroom @ 3/20]

Set 2
Coasting | Portland | You're Never Going Back | M'Lady's [PDX/@ Holocene]
Woolen Men | West Coast | Hair of the Night | Eggy [PDX artist/label]
Kitchen's Floor | 116 | Look Forward to Nothing | Siltbreeze
Young People | Ron Jeremy | Young People | 5rc [PDX label]

Set 3
Yair Yona | Expatriate | World Behind Curtains | Strange Attractors Audio House [PDX]
Elephant Micah | Rooster on the Loose | Louder than Thou | Products of Palympra [ex-PDX]

Set 4
Fra Lippo Lippi | Lost | In Silence

Set 5 [Special on Rapoon and Inez Lightfoot
Rapoon | Building Homogenous Dreams | Cold War: Drum n Bass | Soleilmoon [PDX label]
Inez Lightfoot | Legacy of Hands | s/t [ORE artist]
Rapoon | Where were you | Tin of Drum | Soleilmoon
Rapoon | Black Cohosh | Nature songs
Rapoon | Falling More Slowly | Easterly 6 or 7 | Soleilmoon
Rapoon | Blow (lethal blow) | Easterly 6 or 7 | Soleilmoon