Monday, July 31, 2006

Late Risers Club, Monday, July 31, 2006

Set 1
Billy Squier|Big Beat|Tale of the Tape|Capitol
Blue In Heaven|Big Beat|All the Gods' Men|Island
Killing Joke|Fall of Because|What's This For...?|Editions EG

Set 2
Wedding Present|Cumberland Gap|Singles 1989-1991|Manifesto
Girls at Our Best|Going Nowhere Fast|Records 7"
10LEC6|Intestinal Skirmish|Join Us!|Troubleman Unlimited
Pink Kross|Do It Joseph|Chopper Chix from VP Hell|Teen-C
Mika Miko|See You There|CYAS
Icky Boyfriends|Katemania|

Set 3
Tim's Song of the Week|Tenafly Vipers|Lie Che at Steal|s/t|s/r
Lubricated Goat|Frotting with Ennio|Plays the Devils Music|Amphetamine Reptile

Set 4
Need New Body|Dirty Bitch|s/t|Cenotoph Audio
Blue Rondos|Baby I Go For You|Crawdaddy Simone|RPM
Cheveu|Dog|S-S 7"
John Sims|Program|Palomino|Bedazzled
Nash the Slash|Islands|Dreams & Nightmares|Cutthroat

Set 5
Dead Fingers Talk|Nobody Loves You When You're Old & Gay|Noises|Trikont
Saccharine Trust|I Am Right|SST
St. Vitus|White Stallions|Hallow's Victim|SST

Set 6
11:21 Song: Ted Nugent|Wango Tango|Scream Dream|Epic
Brian Posehn|Live in Nerd Rage|Relapse
Comsat Angels|Waiting for a Miracle|Time Considered...|RPM

Set 7
Necropolis|Stalking Mark E Smith Around NYC
Fall|Jingle Bell Rock|Complete Peel Sessions|Sanctuary
Digital Leather|Fantasy Boys|Monologue|Empty
Of Cabbages & Kings|Descent|Face|Purge Sound League
Josey Wales|Bobo Dread|Two Giants Clash|Greensleeves

Set 8
Mike Heron|Warm Heart Pastry|Smiling|Elektra

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Saturday, July 29, 2006 (Show Some Tack - Guest DJ Joe!)

Set 1
Rudi Bohn & His Band|Mack the Knife|Percussive Oompah|London phase 4 Stereo

Background Music: Badawai (classic Subject to Change theme music)

Set 2
Arthur Fiedler & the Boston Pops|Yellow Submarine|Plays the Beatles|RCA
Little Lenny|Wicked & Wild|Gun in a Baggy|RAS
Maroon Town|Average Man|Dont Call Me Ska Face Vol. 3|Dressed to Kill
Johnny Fornaso|Caroline|s/t|s/r

Set 3
Serendipity Singers|Boots & Stetsons|s/t|Philips
Hank Williams III|Atlantic City|Lovesick, Broke & Driftin'|Curb
Brother Four|Drillers' Song|Great Songs Of America|Columbia/Goodyear
Shenley Duffus|Digging a Ditch|Ska Ba Dip|King Edwards
Peter Nero|Guantanamera|Xochimilco|RCA Victor

Background Music: Werner Muller|Plays Leroy Anderson|London Phase 4 Stereo

Set 4
Edmundo Ros|Oye Negra|Arriba|London Phase 4 Stereo
Herb Alpert's Tijuana Brass|Mexican Corn|Volume 2|A&M
Trouble Funk|Latin Funk|Live/Early Singles|2.13.61

Somerville Speakout background music: Bert Kaempfert|Afrikaan Beat|Decca

Set 5
Lashio Thein Aung|Mistake of a Small Bird|Folk & Pop Music Vol. 2|Sublime Frequencies
Lee Seung Chul|Best o fBest Forever Love|Platinum
Ben Charest|"Cieco Cieco" Barber|Triplets of Belleville|Higher Octave
Tom Waits|Jockey Full of Bourbon|Rain Dogs|Island

My Set

Set 1
Super-Jay|Super Jay Love Theme|Sounds of New York, USA Vol. 1
Mighty Tom Kats|Skin n Soul|Soul Makossa|
Julian Prestier Pepo Mtoto|Love, Love|Four Tet-DJ Kicks|!K7
She-Wolf|Going Back Home|Swamp Surfing in Memphis|Au-go-go
Michele Mee & LA Luc|Insecure Luva (Boy Meets Girl ZVersion)|First Priority 12"

Set 2
MV & EE w/ Bummer Road|Beautiful Mountain|Time-Lag
Ryiuchi Sakamoto|20mSEC|Bricolages|KAB
Kevin Roth|Ragutati Ragava Raga Ram|Mountain Dulcimer|Folkways
Noel Ellis|Memories|Jamaica tro Toronto|Light in the Attic

Set 3
Ambrose Adekoya Campbell|London is the Place of Me Vol. 3|Honest Jons
Rubinho e M

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Saturday, July 22, 2006 (Get Well, Vetiver)

Set 1
Eclipse|You Really Got Me|Night & Day|Casablanca
Warum Joe|Ich Warte|Wobbly Wave (Tony Coulter/WFMU)
??|Candomble|Black Music of South America|Nonesuch
Carbon|YTYTKYD|Speed Trials|Homestead
Time Zone|Wildstyle (Francis K mix)|Celluloid 12"
Fatback|Love Spell|Hot Box|Spring

Background music:Baja Marimba Band|Fowl Play

Set 2
Mort Shuman|Children's Crusade + Caramels|My Death|Reprise
Tommy Peltier|Butterflies|Chariot of Astral Light|Black Beauty
Gary Higgins|Thicker Than a Smokey|Red Hash|Drag City

Background Music|Bert kaempfert|That Happy Feeling|Decca

Set 3
Wooden Spoon|Track 2|Digitalis CD-R
Richard Lainhart|Walking Slowly Backwards|Ten Thousand Shades of Blue|XI
Stephen R SmithFootfalls Stitched Among Others|From Ashes Come|3 Acre
Stuart A. Staples|Say Something New|Words Worn Down to Nothing|Comes with a Smile
Dick Farney & Claudette Soares|Voce|Smooth Brazil Bossa Nova 2|EMI
Nara Leoa|Maria Joana|Nara '67|El

Background music: Al Hirt|Now!|RCA

Set 4
Muddy Water|Electric Mud|Chess
Nyah Time|Aquarius|Black Solidarity
Observers|Boiling Over|Head Shot|Heartbeat

Background music: Al Hirt|Now!|RCA

Set 5
Vetiver|No One Word|To Find Me Gone|DiCristina
Hoahio|Marimo|Ohayo! Hoahio!|Tzadik
Mediaters|Ego Drift|Waiting Room|Object

Background Music:Buddy Merrill|Steel Guitar Country

Set 6
Erase Errata|Another Genius Idea From Our Govt|Nightlife|Kill Rock Stars

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Saturday, July 15, 2006 (A Real Live DJ)

Set 1
Moments|Clap Your Hands to the Music|Moments With You|Stang
Gloria Gaynor|Casanova Brown|Experience Gloria Gaynor|MGM
Detroit Emerelds|Let's Get Together|let's get Together|Westbound
Gloria Gaynor|If U Want It (Do It Yourself)|Experience Gloria Gaynor|MGM
Salena Jones|Summertime|This n that|RCA
Trinity|Three Piece Suit & Thing|Uptown Top Ranking|Trojan

Background Music: Earl Bostic Plays Bossa Nova|King

Set 2
Ska Cubano|No Me Desperes|Ay Caramba!|Cumbancha
Meditation Singers|let Them Talk|Soul Gospel 2|Soul Jazz
Plastic Little|Now I Holler (clean)|12"
Crawling Chaos|Cremo Coyl|Gas Chair|LTM
Gregory Isaacs|My Religion|Reasoning With the Almighty|Trojan

background music: Bert Kaempfert|My Way of Life|Decca

Set 3
Bill Patton|She Loevs You|Gets It On|s/r
Howlin' Ghost Pedestrians|Pleasuer Hearts Must Burn|Dead roads|Utan Titel
Milton Nascimento|Pablo No2|Milagre Dos Peixes|Water
Insides|Skin Divers|Euphoria|4AD
Insides|Dazzled Slightly|Sweet Tip|3rd Stone

Background Music:Trumpets Unlimited|Tijuana Sounds|Nouveau

set 4
Arthur Russel|Instrumentals 1974-Vol. 2 pt 4|First Thought, Best Thought|Audika
Eve Belgarian|FlamingO|Tell the Birds|New World

Background Music:

Set 5
Zeena Parkins|Bels|Pan-Acousticon|Tzadik
Linda Cohen|Angel Alley|Tomato

Set 6
King Kong Ding Dong|South Street Bridge|s/t|s/r

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Saturday, July 8, 2006 (In-duh-penance Day)

Set 1

Rutland Jr High School Ensemble|The Hustle|Vanity...Thy Name is Monica|Wfmu fundraising premium
New Birth|Ain't No Change|It's Been a Long time|RCA
Oneness of Juju|African Rhythms Chant|Space Jungle Luv|Strut
First Choice|Let No Man Put Asunder|Salsoul Classic Vol. 2|Salsoul
Dexter|I Don't Care|DJ Kicks Playgroup|!K7
Dennis Bovell|Ah Fi Wi Dis|Decibel|Pressure Sounds

Background Music:Bobby Maxwell-Harp|A Crowning Performance|Command (ABC two-fer reissue)

Set 2
Harout Poumboukijian|Sare Tchour|Greatest Hits|Parseghin Record Studio
Paulo Bagunca ea Tropa Maldita|Grinfa Louca|Discos Mariposa
A Jari|Ethnic Minority Music of Northeast Cambodia|Sublime Frequencies
Milton Nascimento|e Bebto|Minas|Water

Background Music: Bert Kaempfert|Orange-Coloured Score

Set 3
Antietam|Acid Song|Burgoo|XXX
Necropolis|Driving the Interstate|Hackled Ruff & Shoulder Mane|Columbus Discount

Background Music: Bert Kaempfert|Orange-Coloured Score

Set 4
Jon Gibson|Thirties|Visitations + Thirties|Chatham Square-Felmay

Background Music: Brass Ring|Gazpacho!|Dunhill

Set 5
Joy Strings|Love is All Around|Well Seasoned|Epic
Larry Norman|Forget Your Hexagram|Upon This Rock|Impact
Walker Bros.|Nite Flights|If You Could Hear Me Now|Columbia
Pet Shop Boys|Minimal|Fundamental|Rhino

Background Music: Trinidad Steel Band|Audio Fidelity

Set 6
Prefects|Faults|Amateur Wanks|Acute

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Saturday, July 1, 2006 (O Canada) (James Blackshaw performance)

Set 1
Bob & Doug MacKenzie|School Announcement + Magic of Music|Great White North|Mercury
Temptations|Funky Music Sho NuffTurns Me On|All Directions|Gordy
Freez|Scratch Goes My Dub|
Jamie Lidell|A Little Bit More (Herbert - A Little Bit Less Mix)|Multiply Additions|WARP
Jezzreel|Great Jah Jah|Great Jah Jah|Wackies

Background Music|Chris Waxman|Mas Que Nada|Organized|London

Set 2

Country Joe & the Fish|She's a Bird|CJ Fish|Vanguard
Ars Nova|And How Am I To Know|Ars Nova|Sundazed
Picastro|Track 3|Live @ WMBR (July 9, 2005)
Sun Kil Moon|Ocean Breaths Salty|Tiny Cities|Caldo Verde
Current 93 feat. Baby Dee|idumea|Black Ships Ate the Sky|Dutro Jnana

Somerville Speakout Music: Living Strings Plus Trumpet Plays Bert Kaempfert|RCA

Set 3

James Blackshaw recorded live @ WMBR (engineered by Nick McCarthy)
Laraaji|The Dance #3|Ambient -3|Editions EG

Set 4
Lady Sovereign|Drunk on Radiation (Freestyle)|Size Don't Matter ep|Chocolate Industries
Girl Talk|Once Again (Clean)|Illegal Art
Watts Prophets|Nearer My God to Thee|Black Voiecs - On the Street in Watts|FFRR
Trap Door|Track 10|Trap Door 2
Keith Hudson|Don't Stop|Pick a Dub|Blood + Fire

Background Music:Living Guitar|Teen Beat Discotheque|RCA

Set 5
Diane Cluck|Pray Headaches Away|Monarcana|Very Friendly
Rough Guide to Iran|World Music
Alvarius B|Mosquito|Alvarius B|Abduction

Set 6
A Witness|Smelt Like a Pedestrian|Sacred Cow Heart|Ron Johnson