Saturday, August 25, 2007

Saturday, August 25, 2007 (Now Offering Sub-prime rates!)

Set 1
Malik Adouane|Get Up (I Feel Like Being A Sex/Rai Machine)|It's a James James James World!|wfmu (Doug Schulkind)
Spartacus|Mother Sucker|Super Disco Friends|Headphone Heroes
Kalyani|Dance Music From Bairaag|Sitar Beat Vol. 4|
Guy Pederson et son Grand Orchestre|We Love You|Rajaz Meter|s/r
Sassy|Theme From Disco '77 (pt 2)|TK Disco 12"
Dennis Alcapone|Spanish Omega|Hudson Affair|Trojan
Jon Lucien|Creole Lady|Song for My Lady|Columbia

Background Music: James Last|Non Stop Dancing 12|ZPolydor

Set 2
M'Boom|Rumble in the Jungle|M'Boom|Columbia
M'Boom|A Quiet Place|Collage|Soul Note
Art Ensemble of Chicago|Hello Chicago|Go Home
Voice of the Seven Woods|Valley on the Rocks|s/t|B-Music

Somerville Speakout Music: Longines Symphony Society|Bert Kaempfert Treasury

Set 3
M.I.A.|Paper Planes|Kala|Interscope
Pyrolator|Bacano, Brothercito!|Ausland|Ata Tak
Severed Heads|Adolf A Karrot|ComMerz|LTM
Lemon Kittens|Shakin' All Over|Spoonfed & Writhing
Prinzhorn Dance School|Crackerjack Docker|s/t|DFA
Shitmat|All Falls Down|Grooverider|Planet Mu

Concert Report Music: Bermuda Strollers|South Shore Bermuda|Edmark

Set 4
Slow Six|Echolalic Transitions|Nor'Easter|New Albion
Meisha|I Won't Worry|For Sayas|New American Folk Hero

Set 5
Angels of Light|The Visitor|We Are Him|Young God

Saturday, August 18, 2007

August 18, 2007 (Blues Control live performance)

Set 1
Susanna & Magical Orchestra|It's a Long Way to the Top|Melody Mountain|Rune Gramofon
AC/DC|What's Next to the Moon?|Powerage|Atco
Tussle|Connections|Tape Club Year, Pt. 2|Death Bomb Arc

Set 2
Blues Control live (engineered by Ramsey Tantawi)

Set 3
Barton Smith|Morcadu + Citi-Calm|Reelizations|Folkways/

Set 4
Owada|Thirty Thirty|Nothing|Piano
Prinzhorn Dance School|Lawyers Water Jug|s/t|Astralwerks
Marzipan Marzipan|Happy Blues|mp3
Tristan Palmer|Touch Me Make Me|Dancehall Box Set|Trojan
Conroy Smith|Original Sound|Sound Clash Vol. 1 & 2|20 Super Hits

Background Music: Alan Lorber Group|Lotus Palace|Verve

Set 5
Carrie Lucas|Are You Dancing?|In Danceland|Solar
Dennis Parker|Like An Eagle (Extended Version)|Like an Eagle
Undisputed Truth|Let's Go Down to the Disco|Method to the Madness|Whitfield
Kode9|Magnetic City|Box of Dub|Soul Jazz

Somerville Speakout Music: Bert Kaempfert|Decca

Set 6
Matteah Baim|Dark Ship|Baim|Gnomonsong
Big Youth|Hot Stock|Natty Universal Dread|Blood + Fire

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Tony Wilson - So Much To Answer For

August 11, 2007 (RIP Tony Wilson)

Special Theme Music: Durutti Column|Guitar & Other Machines|Venture

Tony Wilson v. God:

Set 1
Durutti Column|Sketch for Summer|Valuable Passages|Relativity
Durutti Column|Don't Think Your Funny|Guitar & Other Machines|Venture
Happy Mondays|Freaky Dancing|FAC 142
Happy Mondays|Ride On|Pills Thrills & Bellyaches|Elektra

Ju-Par Orchestra|Funky Music|Ju-Par 45
Jimmy Hocket|Get Down Happy People Pt 2|Flo-Feel 45
Loleataa Holloway|Only a Fool|Aware 45
Louranco Marques|African Rub "A" Dub|Studio 1

Background Music: Hugo Montenegro|Others By Brothers|RCA

Set 2
Blues Control|Migration|s/t|Holy Mountain
Entourage Music & Theatre|Composition for Viola, Electric Keyboard & Percussion|s/t|
Bruce Langhorne|Ending|Hired Hand (ost)|Blast First Petite
Pat Webb|Dulcimer Songs|Patt Webb-Guitar|Folkways

Somerville Speakout Music: Bert Kaempfert|Blue Midnight|Decca

Set 3
Filthybird|So Tired/Second Wind|Southern Skies|Red Strings
Nina Nastasia + Jim White|Odd Said the Doe|You Follow Me|Fat Cat
Chris Connelly|Mirror Lips|Episodes|Durtro Jana
Joey Pastrana|Cotique All-Stars|Joey

Concert Report Music: James Last|Beach Party|Polydor

Set 3
Missing Brazilians|Savanna Prance|Warzone|On U
Peter Grummich|Drymilk|Therapy ep|
Patton Oswalt|America Has Spoken|Werewolves & Lollipops|Sub Pop
Main Source|He Got So Much Soul (He Dont Need No Music)|Breaking Atoms|Wild Pitch
Eric Copeland|Tree Aliens|Hermaphrodite|Car Park

Set 4
Michael Dracula|Another Distressed Damsel|In the Red|Ze

Saturday, August 04, 2007

August 4, 2007 (Marriage is For Swingers!)

Set 1
Mel Torme + Bob Thompson|Pepsi is for Swingers|
Mad Dog Fire Department|Cosmic Funk|TK 12"
Count Coolout|Here To Stay (Me And My Double R.R.)|WMOT 12"
North By Northwest|Disco Unusual|
U.N.|Hot Lover|s/t|Prelude 2x12"
Foo Fighters|Drive Me Wild|Colour & the Shape|RCA

Background Music: Chico Arnez|Sounds Of|Contour

Set 2
Quintento Temura|Ele e Ela|s/t|
Beenie Man|Tell You Why Me Know|A Live Session w/ King Stur Hi Fi|Live & Earth
Delena|Sylvers|81 Sessions|Ariwa
Little Annie & Legally Jammin'|Well?|Italic
Andy Fairley|False Starts|System Vertigo|On U

Somerville Speakout music: Bert Kaempfert|Warm & Wonderful|Taragon

Set 3
Doc Watson|Am I Born To Die|Harlan County USA|Rounder
Avey Tare|
AMP|Left It (Too Late)|All of Yesterday Tomorrow|AMPbase
Polmo Polpo|Dreaming (is Real)|Saturday Morning Empires|Intr_Version
Pigbag|Brian on the Snail|Dr. Heckle & Mr. Jive|Stiff
Rip Rig & Panic|Take a Donkey to Mystery|I Am Cold|Virgin

Concert Report music: Hell's Gate Steel Band|This is Antigua|Star

Set 4
Ekkehard Ehlers|Woolf Phase|Music for William Forsythe|Whatness

Set 5
Styrenes|Transmorgify|City of Women|Rent a Dog

BONUS TRACK:Public Image Limited|Socialist|Second Edition|Virgin