Saturday, February 24, 2007

Saturday, February 24, 2007 (PETER WALKER PERFORMANCE & INTERVIEW)

Set 1
Danny James|Soul & Wine|Boogie in the Mud|Ace
Milton Hamilton|My Love Supreme|Disco Fever
Bo Diddley|bad Trip|Where It All Began|Chess
Tappa Zukie|King Alpha in School|Escape from Hell|Trojan

Background Music: Xavier Cugat|Cha-Cha-Cha|Philips

Set 2
Somei Satoh|Birds in Warped Time IIPortraits|New Albion
Lee Ricky|Music|De Stijl
Bear + Pieces|People Here Aren't You|Baltimore|LRRC

Somerville Speakout Music: Bert Kaempfert|Wonderland by Night|Decca

Set 3
The Fall|Fall Sound|Advance Single|
Boo Radleys|Smile Fades Fast|Everything's Alright Forever|Creation

Background Music: Peter Walker|Rainy Day Raga|Vanguage

Set 4
Interview and Performance with Peter Walker

Concert Report Background Music: Kitch|Spirit of Carnival|BWIA

Set 5
Big Daddy Kane|Set it Off|Marley Marl's House of Hits|Cold Chillin'
DJ Sandrinho|montagem Percuca|Baile Funk Masters #1|Man
Louie Culture|Fire Bun|Flag Flown High|Maximum Pressure

Set 6
Friction|Cool Fool|Friction|MP3

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Saturday, Fenruary 17, 2007 (TARA JANE O'NEIL LIVE RECORDING) (You're My Winter Wonderwall

Set 1
Jimmy Witherspoon|Kansas City|Evenin' Blues|Riverside
Earl Stanley & the Stereos|Happy Organ|Roots: Rock n Roll Source
Rare Essence|Disco Fever|Atlantic 12"
Peter Jacques Band|Devil's Run|Peter Jacques Band|Prelude
Cloud One|Patty Duke|Sounds of New York (w/ excerpts from Patty Duke Fanzine comp superimposed)
Tafari All-Stars|Prophecy Dub it Up|Packin' House|Pressure Sounds

Background Music: Tony Mottola|Tony & Strings|Project 3

Set 2
Lou Harrison|Threnody for Carlos Chavez|Drums Along the Pacific|New Albion
Joan Jeanrenaud|Altar Piece|Metamorphosis|New Albion
Bola Sete|Meu Ogum|Ocean Memories|Dancing Moon

Somerville Speakout Music:Bert Kaempfert|Love that!|Decca

Set 3
Tara Jane O'Neil Recorded Live 10/06
Herta Marshall|I Never Will Marry|To You With Love|Smithsonian Folkways
Mystical Unionists|My Heart is a Heart of Golden Sun|Sketches for the Craft of Conciousness|s/r
Rio el Medio|Everyone is Someone's Sweet Little Baby||Gnomonsong

Concert Report Background Music: Paul Mauriat|Have You Ever Been Mellow?|MGM

Set 4
The La's|Timeless Melody|BBC Sessions
Mothman|Afghan Dub|In Dub Daze|On-U
Cookie Crew|Pick Up On This|Born This Way|ffrr
Larry Marshall|Still in Pressure|I Admire You In Dub|Motion
The Bug/Rootsman|Problem Version|Killing Sound|Razor X Productions

Background Music: Paul Mauriat|Have You Ever Been Mellow?|MGM

Set 5
Ney Matogrosso|Idade Do Ouro|Agua Do Ceu Passaro
Brain Donor|Where Do We Take You?|Drained Bonor|Invada

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Saturday, February 10, 2007 (MV & EE LIVE RECORDING)

Set 1
Roosevelt Franklin|Roosevelt's Alphabet|My Name Is Roosevelt Franklin|Sesame Street
Soul Swingers|Ca-Ba-Dab|Wheedle's Groove|Light in the Attic
Group Duoeh|Wazam Shamat|Guitar Music from the Western Sahara|Sublime Frequencies
B+|B-Beat (Vocal)|B-Beat Classic|West End
Fannypack|Things|So Stylistic|Tommy Boy
Positive K|I Got a Man|Skillz Dat Pay Da Billz|Island
MIA|Bird Flu|Mp3

Background Music: v/a|Mambo Fever|Capitol

Set 2
David Toop & Max Eastley|Telematic Nomads|Buried Dreams|Sub Rosa
Mark Templeton|Tentative Growth|Standing On A Hummingbird|Anticipate
Heralds Quartet|Motherless Child|Something Within Me|Imperial
Circle X|Prehistory II|Index

Somerville Speakout Background Music: Bert Kaempfert|My Way of Life|Decca

Set 3
MV/EE & Bummer Road Live Performance
1. Drone Trailer
2. Suspension in the Sky
3. The Burden
4. ??

Concert report Background Music: Floyd Cramer Plays the Monkees|RCA

Set 4
Ednardo|Beira Mar|Pessoal Do Ceara
Glenn Yarbrough|They Are Gone|Honey & Wine|Brass Dolphin

Set 5
Lily Allen|LDN|Alright, Stil....|Capitol

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Saturday, February 3, 2007 (Doing The Puppy Bowl Shuffle)

Set 1
Aretha Franklin|Rocksteady|Young, Gifted & Black|Atlantic
Margo Williams|God Save & Protect Our Children|Danny Krivit Introduces....P&P Records|Suss'd
Lulu|Love Loves to Love|Best of Sampled
Mystic Moods|Cosmic Sea|From Burbank to Bay Area|WEA
Doug Davies|Lola|Cinema de Funk 3|Electrostatic
Fairfax High School Marimba Band|Popcorn|
Karl Berger|Vibes First|We Are You|Calig

Background Music: John Williams|Changes|Polydor

Set 2
Big Boys|Prison|Fat Elvis|Touch & Go
UT|Mosquito Botticelli|In Gut's House|Mute
Surplus Stock|Capitals|Dance Ersatz ep|Rough Trade
Goldfinga|Stress|Now Thing|Mo'Wax
Tackhead|Mind at the End of a Tether|On-U 12"

Somerville Speakout Music: Bert Kaempfert|My Way of Life|Decca

Set 3
Sally Hopkins|Cello Chi (by Alan Lamb)|Austral Sounds|New Albion
Mountains|Sewn Two|Sewn|Apestaartje
Phelan Shepard|Tjarno|Harps Old Master|Leaf
Mi & Lau|Older|s/t|Young God
Loren Dent|Shoot the Piano Player|Empires & Milk|Contract Killers

Concert Report Background Music:

Set 4
William S. Fischer|Circle|Circles|Water
Chas Mtn|Salad of Flies|Hugs|Western Vinyl
Kevin Ayers|Shooting at the Moon|Shooting at the Moon|Water
Ornette Coleman|Turnaround Matador|Sound Grammar|Phase Text

Background Music: Hustle Factory Presents Do the Hustle|Realm

Set 5
Tools You Can Trust|A Blaze of Shame|Dynamo 12"
King Tubby & Aggrovators|Money Lover Dub|Foundation of Dub|Trojan