Saturday, February 10, 2007

Saturday, February 10, 2007 (MV & EE LIVE RECORDING)

Set 1
Roosevelt Franklin|Roosevelt's Alphabet|My Name Is Roosevelt Franklin|Sesame Street
Soul Swingers|Ca-Ba-Dab|Wheedle's Groove|Light in the Attic
Group Duoeh|Wazam Shamat|Guitar Music from the Western Sahara|Sublime Frequencies
B+|B-Beat (Vocal)|B-Beat Classic|West End
Fannypack|Things|So Stylistic|Tommy Boy
Positive K|I Got a Man|Skillz Dat Pay Da Billz|Island
MIA|Bird Flu|Mp3

Background Music: v/a|Mambo Fever|Capitol

Set 2
David Toop & Max Eastley|Telematic Nomads|Buried Dreams|Sub Rosa
Mark Templeton|Tentative Growth|Standing On A Hummingbird|Anticipate
Heralds Quartet|Motherless Child|Something Within Me|Imperial
Circle X|Prehistory II|Index

Somerville Speakout Background Music: Bert Kaempfert|My Way of Life|Decca

Set 3
MV/EE & Bummer Road Live Performance
1. Drone Trailer
2. Suspension in the Sky
3. The Burden
4. ??

Concert report Background Music: Floyd Cramer Plays the Monkees|RCA

Set 4
Ednardo|Beira Mar|Pessoal Do Ceara
Glenn Yarbrough|They Are Gone|Honey & Wine|Brass Dolphin

Set 5
Lily Allen|LDN|Alright, Stil....|Capitol

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