Saturday, December 15, 2007

Saturday, December 15, 2007 (Naturally Enhance)

Dedicated to Mel Cheren:

Set 1
First Choice|Smarty Pants|It's Not Over|Salsoul-Koch
Los Van Van|No Le Conviene|Si, Para Usted|Waxing Deep
More|Switchblade|Axis 12"
Stone|Time|West End 12"
Milky Globe & Secondo|Secondo Moogs|Milky Globe & Friends|Lo
Savage Republic|Mobilization|Recordings from Live Performance, 1981-1983|Independent Project
Johnny Osbourne & the Family Group|Christmas Styles|Reggae Christmas|Mp3
King Tubby|Tan Good|Sound Clash Dub Plate Style|Sonic Sounds

Background Music: The Pop's|Feliz Natal

set 2
Mike Tamburo|piece for hammered dulcimer recorded @ WMBR 7/5/07

Set 3
Wizz Jones|Dazzling Stranger|Legendary Me|Sunbeam
Aero|Rises|Rises & Falls|Apestaartje/
Robin Crutchfield|Dwarfish Determination|For Our Friends In the Enchanted Otherworld|Hand/Eye
Vote Robot|Aoh dhe m s|In Meorm Ma|Scratch
Baikonour|Lick Lokoum|Tracks for Horses|Melodic/

Concert Report Music: Steel Unlimited|Unlimited

Set 4
Jah Stitch|Ragga Muffin Style|Original Foundation|Attack/
Barrington Levy|Sister Carol 12" Mix|Englishman|Greensleeves

Somerville Speakout Music: Bert Kaempfert|Christmas Wonderland|Decca

Set 5
John Terril|Stoney Mnsion|Not Alone|Durtro Jnana
Track 20|LatinAmericarpet|Sublime Frequencies

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Saturday, Decmber 8, 2007 (The Nat'l Intel Estimate Remains Funky) (Nick Schillace Performance)

Flying Lizards|Sex Machine|Top Ten|Statik
Richard X w/ Deborah Evans-Strickland|Walk On By|Presents His X-Factor Vol. 1|Astralwerks
Polyphonic Size|Kyoto|B9 Bis|LTM
Thomas Leer & Robert Rental|Attack Decay|The Bridge|Industrial
Bush Chemists|This Sound|Dub Fire Blazing|Dubread
Cyril Stapleton Orchestra|The Power Game|Classic 60s Cult TV Themes|Castle
Better Beatles|Lady Madonna|Mercy Beat|Hook or Crook

Background Music: Ruth Welcome|Christmas In Zitherland|Capitol

Set 2
Paul Hillier & Theatre of Voices|Stockhausen: Stimmung:Model 51|Stimmung|
Baby Dee|The Robin's Tiny Throat|Robin's Tiny Throat|Durtro Jnana
Pantaleimon|Born Into You|Mercy Oceans|Durtro Jnana
Dorothy Ashby|Come Live With Me|Afro-Harping|Cadet

Background Music: Jimmy Smith|Christmas Cookin'|Verve

Set 3
Nick Schillace|Live@WMBR|Recorded 7/5/07
Karen Dalton|Cotton-Eyed Joe|Cotton-Eyed Joe|Delmore
Asian Mae|Lucky Cavalier|Collsing|cdr

Somerville Speakout Music: Bert Kaempfert|Christmas Wonderland|Decca

Set 4
Big Blood & Bleeding Hearts|Oh Country|
Common Eider, King Eider|Red Horses|Yik Yak
Durutti Column|Snowflakes|Chantons Noel|LTM
Taylor Duepree with Christopher Willits|Mujo
Los Destellos|A Patricia|Roots of Chica|Barbes

Background Music: Ruth Welcome|Christmas In Zitherland|Capitol

Set 5
Big Boys|TV|Wheres My Towel|Industrial Wasteland
Annexus Quam|Titel Noch Nicht Bestimmt!!!|Mittenins Ohr|

Saturday, December 01, 2007

Saturday, December 1, 2007 (Don't Bogart That Disco)

Set 1
Maryann Farra & Satin Soul|Stoned Out of My Mind|Best of TVI Records|TVI
The Jam|Precious|SNAP!|Polydor
Tony Valor Sounds Orchestra|Gotta Get It|Best of TVI Records|TVI
Henry Flynt & Nova'Billy|Left Ear|s/t|Locust
Tinariwen|Chet Boghassa|Amasskoul|World Village
Wiley|Flyboy|Platime is Over|Ninja Tune
Headhunters|The Haunted|Tectonic Plates CD2|Tectonic
Tony Valor Sounds Orchestra|Ma-Mo-Ah|Best of TVI Records|TVI

Background Music: Tommy Garrett & 50 Guitars|El Hombre|Liberty

Set 2
Ed Kuepper|Finding You|Love Goes On|Rare Victory
Uton & Valerio Cosi|Hetken Aika|Kaarmeenkaantopiiri|Fire Museum
Ginaluca Becuzzi & Fabrio Orsi|No Flower|Wildflower|Last Visible Dog
Hans-Gunter Broadmann|Respect|Musica Sacra|CPO Specdial
Steinbruchel|Interlude 4|Basis|Room40
...unexplained transmissions|Step into the Unknown|Dream Frequencies|Antenna
Joe Frank|God|podcast

Somerville Speakout Backgruound Music: Tommy Garrett & 50 Guitars|Magic Trumpet|El Hombre|Liberty & Bert Kaempfert|Christmas Wonderland|Decca

Set 3
Jandek|The Cell, Part One|Glasgow Monday|Corwood
3 men|Gaw Ja Galpeu|Ethnic Minority Music of Southern Laos|Sublime Frequencies
Yoshio Machida|Bloom|Naada|Amorfon

Concert Report Music: Steel Unlimited

Set 4
Delroy Smith|Round the World|Dancehall Explosion: 22 Killa Dancehall Classics|Trojan
DJ Spooky|Synaptic Dissonance|Synthetic Fury ep|Asphodel
Terry Riley|Birds of Paradise (pt 5)|Music for the Gift|Elsion Fields
Front 242|Principles (Instrumental)|B9 Bis|LTM
Digital Dance|Computer Rock|Treatment|LTM

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Saturday, November 24, 2007 (Buy Something Day!)

Set 1
Lena Horne & Gabor Szabo|Rocky Raccoon|Watch What Happens|Buddah
Milt Jackson|I Got It Bad (And That Ain't Good)|Soul Believer|Pablo
Madlib the Beat Konducta|Face the Sun (Africa)|Vol. 1-2|Stones Throw
Lobi Traore|Sadiourou|Mali Blue|World Village
Edson Frederico & A Transa|Bobeira|Viva O Samba|Greg Caz presents Cd-r
FLB|Boogie Town|Fantasy/WMOT 12"
R.D. Burman|Chand Mera Dil|A Bollywood Legend: Best of EMi Years|Times Square
2562|Circulate|Tectonic 12"/
Lazy Fat People|Pixelgirl c2 remix|Planet E 12"

Background music: Urbie Green & 21 of the World's Greatest Trombones|Project 3

Set 2
Air Miami|Nicola Six|14 Songs|Teenbeat Originals CDR
Thick Pigeon|Hank|Too Many Cowboys|Factory
Diagram Brothers|I Didn't Get Where I Am Today By Being A Right Git|Some Marvels of Modern Science|LTM

Somerville Speakout music: Bert Kaempfert|Christmas Wonderland|Decca

Set 3
Slow Six|Distant Light, Part 1|Chromatic Clouds Surround: Nor'easter|New Albion
Michael Jon Fink|I Hear It In the Rain|I Hear it in the Rain|Cold Blue
Black Swans|New Face|Change!|La Societe Expeditionnaire

Concert Report Music: St. John's Unlimited Steel Orchestra|Steel Unlimited Band

Set 4
Jackson Jills|Bonnie|Potpourri|Syrinx
Anna Karina + Jean-Claude Brialy|Roller Girl|Anna|Philips
Henry Flynt & Nova'Billy '75|Conga|Locust
Electricity (feat. Fire Eater)|Dunja Wanja Wa Fujo|Extreme Music from Africa|Extreme
Don Tosti y su conjunto|Mambo del Pachuco|Pachuco Boogie|Arhoolie
Love Joys|Love Is Not A Game|Reggae Vibes|Wackies

Background Music: First Nation|Waterfall|First Nation|Paw Tracks

Set 5
Guided By Voices|Everybody Thinks I'm A Raincloud (When I'm Not Looking|Half-Songs of the Decomposed|Matador

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Saturday, November 16, 2007 (Tofu-rkey Trot)

Set 1
Excepter|The Punjab|Paw Tracks 12"/
Tony Allen|Progress|Afro Disco Beat|Vamp Soul
Mike Gibbs|Blackgang|Only7 Chrome Waterfall Orchestra|Bronze
Yello|Evening's Young|Claro Que Si|Hit Thing
Units|Go|Digital Stimulation|415
??|Not Love|Italo Deruggiero|cdr
Slits|Face Dub|Return of the Giant Slits|Blast First Petite

Background Music: Buddy Merrill|Sounds of Love|Accent

Set 2
Michael Chapman|Trinkets & Rings|Fully Qualified Survivor|mp3
15.60.75 (aka the Numbers)|Jimmy Bell|Jimmy Bell's in Town|Morpeus
Grandmaster Caz|Duck Sauce|The Real Old SChool Hip Hop|Tuff City/

Somerville Speakout: Bert Kaempfert|Christimas In Wonderland|Decca

Set 3
Cliff Martinez|Death Shall Have No Dominion + Don't Blow It|Solaris|iTunes
Max Richter|Song for Yulia|Not Alone|Durtro Jnana
James Blackshaw|Celeste pt II|Celeste| Park

Concert Report music: Original Trinidad Steel Band In Stereo|Elektra

Set 4
Main Source|Ju|Breaking Atoms|Wild Pitch
Com.a feat. Wicked Act|No Heathen - Ghetto Plasma Mix|Shockout 12"
Gudrun Gut|Woods|Members of the Ocean Club|Monika
Gal Costa|Acau|Legal|Philips

Set 5
These Are Powers|Makes Visible|Terrific Seasons|s/r

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Saturday, November 10, 2007 (Vote for Me! Vote for Me!)

Set 1
Shelly Manne|Rhino Trot|Daktari|Atlantic
Caroline Crawford|Havin' Fun|Nice & Soulful|Universal
Tony Aiken & Future 2000|Soul Disco|Red Greg: The Sounds of Greg Carmichael|P&P
Wonderland Disco Band|Wonder Women Disco - European Version (Side 2)|Roadshow
Gino Soccio|Dream On|Face to Face|Atlantic
Blackbeard|Electrocharge|I Wuh Dub|EMI

Background Music: Sandy Nelson|Soul Drums|Imperial

Set 2
Vashti Bunyan|I Know|Some Things Just Stick In Your Mind|DiCristina
Elephant Micah|Privacy (If You Are My Piano)|Hindu Windmills|Time Lag
Bobb Trimble|Premonitions - The Fantasy|Harvest of Dreams|Secretly Canadian
Stars Like Fleas|All the Verbs & Nouns Must Go|Took the Ass for A Drive|
Richard Youngs|I Am the Weather|Autumn Response|Jagjaguwar

Somerville Speakout Music: Bert Kaempfert|Christmas Wonderland|Decca

Set 3
Origami Artika|Anne Sit Heime|Silber
Mori Cheiko|Fly Away|Jumping Rabbit|Tzadik
Harry Taussig|Rondo to Death|Fate is Only Once|Tompkins Square
Various|Fron Vera Cruz to San Cristobal|Arion

Set 4
Karl Biscuit|Requiem|Secret Love|Crammed
Vladislav Delay|Kakki Hivyn|Demo(n)tracks|Hunme
Shackleton|You Made Me Cry|Skull Disco|Rough Trade
Tara Cross|Alphabetical Numbers|Limelight|mp3
Desmond Simmons|Beacon Hill Six|Alone On Penguin Island|WMO
Minimal Man|War at Nite|Slave Lullabyes|Subterranean

Set 5
Antena|Spiral Staircase|Camino Del Sol|Numero Group

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Saturday, November 3, 2007 (Give It to Me, Baby!)

Aretha Franklin|The Weight|Atlantic
Lobi Traore Group|Jugu|s/t|Honest Jons
Yvonne Fair|Funky Music Sho Nuff Turns Me On|Disco-o-Tech #4|Motown
JBs|Rock Groove Machine|TK Marlin
Kiln|Temple Frog|Dusker|Ghostly Int'l
The Pop Group|Feed the Hungry|We are Prostitutes|Y
Wee Papa Girls|Heat It Up (Detroit House Mix)|Jive 12"
Baden Powell|Tristeza|Tristeza on Guitar|BASF
Sylvia Telles|Dreamer|Voice I love|El
Scarab|Fall of Towers of Invention|Below the Radar|ROIR
Michael Rose|Throw Some Dub|African Dub|M
Harris Newman|Butcher's Block/Stopgap|live @ WMBR
Cotton Candy|Weird Noodles|iTunes
Pink Industry|Remove the Stain|Low Technology
Sam Amidon|Saro|All Is Well|Bedroom Community
Giancarlo Tiontutti|Rasuraindo|Undying|
Appleblim|Skull Disco|Rough Trade
Wolfgang Press|Peace on Fire|13-Year Itch|4AD
Area C|Live @ WMBR
Lone Ranger|Track 5|Hi Yo Silver Away!|Greensleeves
Blacworld|Coup D'etat|Subdoing Demons in South Yorkshire|Alphaphone
Richard Leo Johnson + Greg Bendian|Who Knew Charlie Shoe?|Cunieform
George Coleman|Crazy With Love|Bongo Joe|Arhoolie

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Saturday, October 27, 2007 (Happy Birthday, Sissy)

Set 1
Twins Seven Seven|People of the World Sing With Me|Slang in Trance|Caravan of Dreams
Don Um Romao|Braun-Blek-Blu|Batucada Por Favor|Mr. Bongo
Herbie Hancock|I Thought It Was You|Funky Disco Sound of Monk One|Names You Can Trust
Scientist|11 Guava Road Dub|In the Kingdom of Dub

Background Music: Conquista|Uniroyal

Set 2
Guitar/Michael Lueckner|Reggae Days + El Tablado|It's Sweet To Do Nothing|
Julia Kent|Elmas|Delay|Important
Anne Briggs|Time Has Come|Time Has Come|Water
Pantaleimon|Under the Water|Blue Sanct 7"
Phil Daniels + the Cross|Wet Day in London|s/t|mp3
Lee Hazelwood|Little War|Something Special|Water
Randall of Nazareth|The Way|s/t|Drag City

Somerville Speakout Music: Bert Kaempfert|....Love That|Decca

Set 3
Cyrus|Indian Stomp|Tectonic
DJ Spooky v Badawi|Jihad Remix|Unit of Resistance|ROIR
Llwybr Llaethog|Ai Bod Dub (To Be Dub)|Mewn Dub (In Dub)|ROIR
OBX-Jon Tye|Believe (in Dub)|Extreme Possibilities|Lo
Obeah|Noise for OHOI!|Kraken 12"
Michigan & Smiley|Compliment to Studio One (alt vocal mix)|When Rhythm Was King|Heartbeat

Concert Report Music: Trinidad Tripoli Steel Band|Super Group|Forward

Set 4
Elephant Michah|Send Lightning Bugs|Hind Windmills|Time-Lag
Stuart Busby|First Steps|Gold Leaf Branches|Digitalis
Tom Recchion|Out of the Dunes|Chaotica|Birdman

Set 5
These Are Powers|Little Sisters of Beijing|Terrific Seasons|Hoss

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Saturday, October 20, 2007 (S-C-hipster-ism)

Set 1
Neal Creque|Rafiki|Creque|Muse
Bob Azzam|Batucada Por Favor|Batucada Por Favor|Mr. Bongo
Mike Theodore Orchestra|High on Mad Mountain|High on Mad Mountain|Westbound
A Touch of Class|Anything|I'm in Heaven|Midland
Willi Williams|Unification Part 1 & 2|From Studio One to Drum Street

Bckground Music: Harmonicats|South American Nights|Mercury

Set 2
Diana Rogerson|Mother|The Lights Are On But No One Cares|United Jnana
Mother Tongue|Rewording|Touch 25|Touch
Lee Hazelwood|It's Dark in My Heart|Its Cause & Curse|Water
Richard Leo Johnson & Greg Bendian|Shack in the Back|Who Knew Charlie Shoe?
White Magic|Shine on Heaven|Dark Stars|Drag City
Pantaleimon|We Love|Mercy Oceans|Durtro Jnana

Somerville Speakout Music: Bert Kaempfert| that|Decca

Set 3
Tom Recchion|Cara Mia|Chaotica|Birdman
Nick Didkovsky|Rise|Ice Cream Time|New World
Taylor Deupree|Field|Landing|Room40
Tarentel|All Things Vibrations|Ghetto Beats on the Surface of the Sun|Temporary Residence

Set 4
??|Nunca Nunca (??)|mp3
Jackie & Roy|The Word|Changes|Verve
Serge Gainsbourg|Les Soucettes|Je T'Aime|Fontana
Robert Gorl|Psychohoring|Psycho Therapie

Set 5
Blood Lines|Only the Holy|Social Registry|SR web site

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Saturday, October 12, 2007 (Demanding a Recount By Hand of Nobel vote)

Set 1
Rose Royce|First Come, First Served|Strikes Again|Whitfield
Fatback Band|Disco Crazy|Night Fever|Spring
Ocho|La Batanga|Ocho II|WS Latino
Mandrill|'Drill in the Bush|Mandrilland|Polydor
Class Action feat. Chris Whiltshire|Weekend (Larry Levan mix)|Sleeping Bag records 12"
Ticklah|Scratch to Win|Ticklah v. Axelrod|Easy Star

Background Music: Perez Prado meets Arhur Murray|RCA

Set 2
Mitchell Akiyama|Palindrone.2|Hope That Lines Dont Cross|Substractif
Thomas Fehlman|Andrea is Delighted|lowflow|
Nick Didkovsky
Flying Lotus|Tea Leaf Dancers|Reset ep|Warp
Nicole Willis & the Soul Investigators|Invisible Man|Keep Reachin' Up|Light In the Attic

Somerville Speakout Music: Bert Kaempfert|.....Love That|Decca

Set 3
Crescent|Little Waves|Little Waves|Fat Cat
Propinquity|And I A Fairy Tale Lady|s/t|*/Numero
Roy Harper|Composer of Life|Folkjokeopus
Sam Amidon|Wedding Dress|All is Well|Bedroom Community
Trees|Road|Garden of Jane Delawny|mp3

Concert Report Music: Liberace Presents Trinidad Tripoli Steel Band|Forward Records

Set 4
Philip Jeck|Jah Wobble|Jaki Liebezeit|Track 4|Live in Leuben|30 Hz/
Gud Money|Tectonic white label cd

Set 5
Pere Ubu|Lonesome Cowboy Dave|Terminal Tower - An Archival Collection|Rough Trade
Health|Girl Attorney|s/t|Lovepump United
Coco|The End|Plays Drum + Bass|K

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Saturday, October 6, 2007 (Ordinary Rendition)

Set 1
Bohannon|Pimp Walk|Stop & Go|Dakar
Jackie Moore|Hows Your Love Life Baby|Columbia 12"
Lara Taylor|Lady Scorpio|Tk Disco 12"
Suzi Lane|No One Home in the City|Ooh La La|Elektra [Giorgio Morodor produced,]
Little John|I'm Gonna Make You Mine|Ghetto Youth

Background Music: Swtiched-on-Bacharach|MCA

Set 2
Trees|Snail's Lament|Garden of Jane Delawney
Sam Amidon|Sugar Baby|All is Well|Bedroom Community
Picastro|Hortur|Whore Luck|Polyvinyl
Richard Leo Johnson & Greg Bendian|Jesus on a Tire Swing|Who Knew Charlie Shoe?|Cunieform
Harris Newman|Anamnesis|Decorated|Strange Attractors Audio House

Somerville Speakout Music:Bert Kaempfert|....Love That|Decca

Set 3
Taylor Deupree|Landing|Landing|Room40/
Nick Didkovsky|Tube Mouth Bow String|
Susanna|Home Recording|Sontana Mix Dwarf Cosmos|Rune Grammofon
Ed Askew|My Love is a Red, Red Rose (radio broadcast)|Littel Eyes|De Stijl

Set 4
Jorge Ben|Descrpbi Que|Jorge Ben (1969)
Michael Rother|Klangkoerper|Fernwaerme
Gintas K|Kas Tai|13 Tracks|Percepts
Zoviet France|Al'Ud|Loh Land|
Mad Professor|English Connection|Beyond the Realms of Dub|RAS

Set 5
Johanna Went|Moquito & Continuum|Club Years|

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Saturday, September 29, 2007 (Are there fluffers at the Fluff festival?)

Set 1
Les Baxter|Hot Wind|Hell's Belles|Sidewalk
Lighthouse|Sing Sing Sing|One Fine Morning|GRT
ADC Band|Fire Up|Cotillion 12"
Orquesta Novel|Que Viva el Son Montuno|Que Viva El Son Muntuno|Fania
Tito Rodriguez|Yo Soy tu Dolor|Latin Twist|
Johnny P|Panty Meat|Jump & Spread Out|King Jammys

Background Music: Enoch Light|Tempestuous Latin Dance|Command

Set 2
Ticklah|Queen Dub|Ticklah v. Axelrod|Easy Star
Bongo Gene|Skyjack|More Pressure|Pressure Sounds
Scientist|Dark Side|Dub Landing Vol. 1 + 2|Auraluxx
Ranking Joe|World In Dub|World In Dub|M

Somerville Speakout music: Bert Kaempfert|Afrikan Beat|Decca

Set 3
Camaromance|Mostly Harmless|Different Paths|
Richard Hawley|Im Looking for Someone to Find Me|Lady's Bridge|Mute
Clara Nunes|Fala Viola|Clare Nunes
Crescent|Hey September|Little Waves|Fat Cat
Fred Gee|In a Place Called Chenengo|In a Place Called Chenango|Folkways
Nat King Cole|Quizas Quizas Quizas|Cole Espanol|Capitol

Background Music: Enoch Light|Tempestuous Latin Dance|Command

Set 4
Nancy Franklin|I Used to Try|Battle & Victory|Leaf
Metamorphosis|Unknown|Great Babel Gives Birth
Eric Richards|Finalbells|the bells themselves|New World (excerpt)
Ultralyd|Pentassonance II|Runeology 3|Rune Grammofon
Robert Horton|After the Other One|Sleep Wake Hope & Then|New Folk American Hero

Background Music: Joe Cowan|At the Twin Keyboards|Carrelan

Set 5
Steady B|Nothin But The Bass|Bring the Beat Back|Jive
Pressure|Money Honey (Version)|

Monday, September 24, 2007

Somerville Speakout Shuts Up?!

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Saturday, September 22, 2007 (Hoedown Whodunnit)

Set 1
Brian Auger & Trinity|I Wanna Take You Higher|Befour|RCA Victor
Danny White|Now That I Found You (part 1)|TK Disco 12"
Black Soul|Manguous Ye|s/t|Beam Junction Ltd. ("A Tom Moulton Mix")
Frankie Smith|Double Dutch II|Frills Records
Partners|Dance(Whoever You Are)|TK Disco 12"
Dennis Bovell w/Janet Kay|Close Dub|Dub Dem Silly|Arawak

Background music: Harmonicats|South American Nights|Mercury

Set 2
Dransfield|You Cant Change Me Now|s/t|Castle
John & Beverly Martyn|Auntie Aviator|
Terry Callier|Ho Tsing Meee|What Colour is Love|Cadet
Barbara Lewis|Anyway|Many Grooves Of|Stax
Maria Crueza|Ossain|s/t|mp3
Toyan|Tell Me Your Occupation|DJ Clash|Greensleeves

Somerville Speakout Music: Bert Kaempfert|Afrikaan Beat|Decca

Set 3
Prince Buster|Saladin|The Message|Prince Buster
Once11|Verifying People|Smile Hunter|The Agriculture
Controlled Bleeding|Track 8|Headcrack
Ken Butler|Mechanimal Magnetism (Double-Axe, Brush Axe)|Voices of Anxious Objects|Tzadik
Tiny Hairs|Iceland|Coldless|False Walls
Johann Johannson|Slfrthingur Deyr|Englaborn|Touch

Concert Report Music: Pedrito Altieri y su Banda De Acero|Morvair

Set 4
Pink Industry|47
Roots Control|Forward Roots|Below the Radar|Wordsound
Gal Costa|Pais Tropical|Gal Costa

Set 5
Great Plains|Black Box Scandal/What Are You Liv|Length of Growth|Old 3C

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Saturday, September 15, 2007 (Weather Report: MURDER)

Set 1
Boys & Girls Club|Summer in the City|
Giorgio Morodor|Oh Lamour|Nights in White Satin|Casablanca
Scritti Politti|Wood Beez (Version)|Warner Bros. 12"
Cha Cha Shaw|Chain Re-Action|Kingdom Come|Folkways
Weather Report|125th Street Congress|Sweetnighter|CBS
Charles Bobo Shaw + Lester Bowie|Cootie's Caravan Fan|Bugle Boy Bop|Muse
Earth Roots & Water|Awakening|Summer Records Anthology|Light in the Attic

Background Music: Cha Cha Cha & Mambo|Tops

Set 2
Elephant Micah|Detailed Cathedral|Alsatian Sunlight|LRRC
Dion|I Dont Believe My Race Is Run|Sit Down Old Friend|Warner
Takeshi Nishimoto|Interweave|Monologue|City Centre
Taken By Trees|Make 1,2|Four Songs By Arthur Russell|Rough Trade/
Arthur Russell|Make 1,2|Calling Out of Context|Audika
Unique Madoo (Ska Doo)|Call Me Nobody Else|Summer Records Anthology|Light In the Attic

Somerville Speakout: Bert Kaempfert|Warm & Wonderful

Set 3
Rachid Taha|Barra Barra|Made-in Medina|
Great Plains|Confetti|Length of Growth|Old 3C
Amoebas in Chaos|Nuclear Tofu|s/t|Hardly Music
Del-Byzanteens|Apartment 13|Lies to Live By|Don't Fall Off the Mountain
Faust|Track 1|V|
Todd Terry Project|The Circus|Fresh Records 12"

Concert Report Music: Pedrito Altieri & His Steel Band|Morvair

Set 4
Metabolismus|Les Automates Spirituels|Terra Incognita|Black Jack
Mute Calm|Transcontinental Levitation|Beyond Entertainment|mp3
Our Brother the Claw|Nautical Spirits - Welcome to the Aquarium|FatCat
King Tubby|King of the Arena|King Tubby's Rastafari Dub|Clocktower

Background Music: Sandy Nelson|Superdrums|Imperial

Set 5
Underground Lovers|Leaves Me Blind (Demo)
Emma Pollock|Adrenaline|Watch the Fireworks|4AD
Covenant|He's the Man|The Simpsons Testify|Shout Factory
Dana Gillespie|London Social Degree|Foolish Seasons|Rev-Ola
Patron Saints|Relax|Fahhoh Bahoob|Time-Lag

Background Music: Los Grandes Maestros|En Samba|RGE

Set 6
Ni Hao|321 Explosion|Gorgeous!|Tzadik
Some Girls|Release the Bats|Release the Bats|31G

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Saturday, September 8, 2007 (Bye Bye Miss American Primitive)

Set 1
St. Ann Fife & Drum Band|John Canoe Music|Bongo Backra & Coolie|Smithsonian Folkways
Hallelujah Chicken Run Band|Mudzimu Ndringe|Take One|Analog Africa
Kolo Kot Matani|Band Teleu Nekaf|Music of Indonesia 20 - Indonesian Guitars|Smithsonian Folkways
(Smog)|37 Pushups|Rock Stars Kill|Kill Rock Stars
Rhys Chatham|Die Donnergotter (The Thundergods) (Intro)|An Angel Moves To Fast To See|Table of the Elements
Colonel Elliott & the Lunatics|Jumping Jupiter|Interstellar Reggae Drive|mp3

Background Music: Sandy Nelson|Superdrums|Imperial

Set 2
Kanye West|Flashing Lights|Graduation|mp3
Godflesh|Gift from Heaven (Heavenly)|Love & Hate in Dub|Godflesh
HRSTA|Beau Village|Ghosts Will Come & Kiss Our Eyes|Constellation
Richard Hawley|The Sea Calls|Lady's Bridge|Mute

Somerville Speakout Music: Bert Kaempfert|The World We Knew|Polydor

Set 3
Delta 5|Circuit|Singles & Sessions 1979-81|Kill Rock Stars
Interview with Mark E Smith by Mixing It on BBC 5
The Fall|Higgledy Piggledy|Mixing It Live Session
Ni Hao|Space|Gorgeous|Tzadik
Beenie Man/Ninjaman/Bounty Killer|People Dead|Ragga Jungle Dubs|Greensleeves

Concert Report Music: Hell's Gate Steel Band|This is Antigua|STAR

Set 4
Johann Johannson|Odi et Amo|Englaborn|Touch
Peter Scherer|Evil|Cronologica|Tzadik
Blue Gene Tyranny|CBCD Intro|Country Boy Country Dog|
Cosmic Jokers|Galactic Joke (b)|Cosmic Jokers|mp3

Background Music: Mexicali Brass|What Now My Love|Curtom

Set 5
Ultimate Force|I'm Not Playin'|Another Hit|Tuff City
Look Blue Go Purple|100 Times|compilation|mp3

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Sans Serif, Tuesday, September 4, 2007 (iPod Suffle)

Set 1
Joe Gibbs|Track B2|Dub Serial|Joe Gibbs
Doctor Alimtado|Dreadlock Dread|Born for a Purpose|Greensleeves

Set 2
Pale Saints|Sight of You|Comforts of Madness|4AD
Johnny Philko|Ital Jockey|Dancehall Techniques:Winston Riley|Pressure Sounds

Set 3
Gordon Giltrap|All Characters Fictitious|Gordan Giltrap & Portait|Essential
Bongo Gene|Rockin Universally|Basic Replay 12"

Set 4
Domenico + 2|Possibilidade|Sincerely Hot|Luaka Bop
Miguelito Valdes|Guagfuano Africano|Involvidables|Verve

Set 5
Power of Zeus|It Couldnt Be Me|White Lace & Strange|Psychic Circle
Wilson Simonal|Impossivel Acreditar que Perdi Voce

Set 6
Comsat Angels|Waiting for a Miracle|Time Reconsidered|RPM
Gordons|Spik & Span|1st Album|Flying Nun

Set 7
Double Exposure|I Got the Hots For Ya|My Love is Free|

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Saturday, September 1, 2007 (A Wide Stance)

Set 1
Gunter Kallman Choir|Daydream|Uncovered|Family
Isaac Hayes|Don't Let Go|Don't Let Go|Polydor
Amerie|Gotta Work|Columbia single
Madlib|Freeze|Beat Konducta Vol. 3/4|Stones Throw
Anthony B|Girls Buss|Diwali Rhythm|Greensleeves
J Dilla|Let's Take It Back-Inst|Ruff Draft|
Ray Rivera|Sumptin' Like Dat|
Derrick Harriot|Lion Dub|Scrub-a-Dub|Crystal

Background Music: Billy Strange|Plays the Hits|GNP Crescendo

Set 2
Dislocation Dance|We Can Work It Out|Music Music Music/Slip That|LTM
Young Marble Giants|Clicktalk|Colossol Youth & Collected Works|Domino
Pyrolator|Elefendisco|Auslander|Ata Tak
Limited Express (Has Gone?)|2X5=10|Feeds You!|Tzadik
Flin Flon|Chicoutimi|Chicoutimi|Teenbeat

Somerville Speakout Music: Bert Kaempfert Treasury|Longines Symphonette Society

Set 3
Megan Roberts|I Could Sit Here All Day|Women In Electronic Music|New Albion
Carlinhos Brown w/ Tata Monale|Aguaxire/Saleromi|Rough Guide to Brazil|World Music
Os Devancios|Embalo Differente|Brazilian Funk Experience|WEA
Tinariwen|Aldechen Manin|Rajaz Meter|s/r
Musica De Cabloco Tocado No Pifano|Muritsstadt Disco 2-Version
Bim Sherman|Life|Haunting Ground|Century

Concert Report Music: Halcyon|Pan In Harmony|King Midas

Set 4
Mekons|Dickie Chalkie & Nobby|Natural|Quarterstick
Patron Saints|Andrea|Fohhoh Bohob|Time-Lag
R. Stevie Moore|Right Perfume WRong Mouthwash|Everything|New Rose
Mel Torme|They Go To San Diego|California Suite|Bethlehem

Set 5
Huckleberry Hound|Huckleberry Hound|Huckleberry Hound w Stories and Songs of Uncle Remus|CSP

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Saturday, August 25, 2007 (Now Offering Sub-prime rates!)

Set 1
Malik Adouane|Get Up (I Feel Like Being A Sex/Rai Machine)|It's a James James James World!|wfmu (Doug Schulkind)
Spartacus|Mother Sucker|Super Disco Friends|Headphone Heroes
Kalyani|Dance Music From Bairaag|Sitar Beat Vol. 4|
Guy Pederson et son Grand Orchestre|We Love You|Rajaz Meter|s/r
Sassy|Theme From Disco '77 (pt 2)|TK Disco 12"
Dennis Alcapone|Spanish Omega|Hudson Affair|Trojan
Jon Lucien|Creole Lady|Song for My Lady|Columbia

Background Music: James Last|Non Stop Dancing 12|ZPolydor

Set 2
M'Boom|Rumble in the Jungle|M'Boom|Columbia
M'Boom|A Quiet Place|Collage|Soul Note
Art Ensemble of Chicago|Hello Chicago|Go Home
Voice of the Seven Woods|Valley on the Rocks|s/t|B-Music

Somerville Speakout Music: Longines Symphony Society|Bert Kaempfert Treasury

Set 3
M.I.A.|Paper Planes|Kala|Interscope
Pyrolator|Bacano, Brothercito!|Ausland|Ata Tak
Severed Heads|Adolf A Karrot|ComMerz|LTM
Lemon Kittens|Shakin' All Over|Spoonfed & Writhing
Prinzhorn Dance School|Crackerjack Docker|s/t|DFA
Shitmat|All Falls Down|Grooverider|Planet Mu

Concert Report Music: Bermuda Strollers|South Shore Bermuda|Edmark

Set 4
Slow Six|Echolalic Transitions|Nor'Easter|New Albion
Meisha|I Won't Worry|For Sayas|New American Folk Hero

Set 5
Angels of Light|The Visitor|We Are Him|Young God

Saturday, August 18, 2007

August 18, 2007 (Blues Control live performance)

Set 1
Susanna & Magical Orchestra|It's a Long Way to the Top|Melody Mountain|Rune Gramofon
AC/DC|What's Next to the Moon?|Powerage|Atco
Tussle|Connections|Tape Club Year, Pt. 2|Death Bomb Arc

Set 2
Blues Control live (engineered by Ramsey Tantawi)

Set 3
Barton Smith|Morcadu + Citi-Calm|Reelizations|Folkways/

Set 4
Owada|Thirty Thirty|Nothing|Piano
Prinzhorn Dance School|Lawyers Water Jug|s/t|Astralwerks
Marzipan Marzipan|Happy Blues|mp3
Tristan Palmer|Touch Me Make Me|Dancehall Box Set|Trojan
Conroy Smith|Original Sound|Sound Clash Vol. 1 & 2|20 Super Hits

Background Music: Alan Lorber Group|Lotus Palace|Verve

Set 5
Carrie Lucas|Are You Dancing?|In Danceland|Solar
Dennis Parker|Like An Eagle (Extended Version)|Like an Eagle
Undisputed Truth|Let's Go Down to the Disco|Method to the Madness|Whitfield
Kode9|Magnetic City|Box of Dub|Soul Jazz

Somerville Speakout Music: Bert Kaempfert|Decca

Set 6
Matteah Baim|Dark Ship|Baim|Gnomonsong
Big Youth|Hot Stock|Natty Universal Dread|Blood + Fire

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Tony Wilson - So Much To Answer For

August 11, 2007 (RIP Tony Wilson)

Special Theme Music: Durutti Column|Guitar & Other Machines|Venture

Tony Wilson v. God:

Set 1
Durutti Column|Sketch for Summer|Valuable Passages|Relativity
Durutti Column|Don't Think Your Funny|Guitar & Other Machines|Venture
Happy Mondays|Freaky Dancing|FAC 142
Happy Mondays|Ride On|Pills Thrills & Bellyaches|Elektra

Ju-Par Orchestra|Funky Music|Ju-Par 45
Jimmy Hocket|Get Down Happy People Pt 2|Flo-Feel 45
Loleataa Holloway|Only a Fool|Aware 45
Louranco Marques|African Rub "A" Dub|Studio 1

Background Music: Hugo Montenegro|Others By Brothers|RCA

Set 2
Blues Control|Migration|s/t|Holy Mountain
Entourage Music & Theatre|Composition for Viola, Electric Keyboard & Percussion|s/t|
Bruce Langhorne|Ending|Hired Hand (ost)|Blast First Petite
Pat Webb|Dulcimer Songs|Patt Webb-Guitar|Folkways

Somerville Speakout Music: Bert Kaempfert|Blue Midnight|Decca

Set 3
Filthybird|So Tired/Second Wind|Southern Skies|Red Strings
Nina Nastasia + Jim White|Odd Said the Doe|You Follow Me|Fat Cat
Chris Connelly|Mirror Lips|Episodes|Durtro Jana
Joey Pastrana|Cotique All-Stars|Joey

Concert Report Music: James Last|Beach Party|Polydor

Set 3
Missing Brazilians|Savanna Prance|Warzone|On U
Peter Grummich|Drymilk|Therapy ep|
Patton Oswalt|America Has Spoken|Werewolves & Lollipops|Sub Pop
Main Source|He Got So Much Soul (He Dont Need No Music)|Breaking Atoms|Wild Pitch
Eric Copeland|Tree Aliens|Hermaphrodite|Car Park

Set 4
Michael Dracula|Another Distressed Damsel|In the Red|Ze

Saturday, August 04, 2007

August 4, 2007 (Marriage is For Swingers!)

Set 1
Mel Torme + Bob Thompson|Pepsi is for Swingers|
Mad Dog Fire Department|Cosmic Funk|TK 12"
Count Coolout|Here To Stay (Me And My Double R.R.)|WMOT 12"
North By Northwest|Disco Unusual|
U.N.|Hot Lover|s/t|Prelude 2x12"
Foo Fighters|Drive Me Wild|Colour & the Shape|RCA

Background Music: Chico Arnez|Sounds Of|Contour

Set 2
Quintento Temura|Ele e Ela|s/t|
Beenie Man|Tell You Why Me Know|A Live Session w/ King Stur Hi Fi|Live & Earth
Delena|Sylvers|81 Sessions|Ariwa
Little Annie & Legally Jammin'|Well?|Italic
Andy Fairley|False Starts|System Vertigo|On U

Somerville Speakout music: Bert Kaempfert|Warm & Wonderful|Taragon

Set 3
Doc Watson|Am I Born To Die|Harlan County USA|Rounder
Avey Tare|
AMP|Left It (Too Late)|All of Yesterday Tomorrow|AMPbase
Polmo Polpo|Dreaming (is Real)|Saturday Morning Empires|Intr_Version
Pigbag|Brian on the Snail|Dr. Heckle & Mr. Jive|Stiff
Rip Rig & Panic|Take a Donkey to Mystery|I Am Cold|Virgin

Concert Report music: Hell's Gate Steel Band|This is Antigua|Star

Set 4
Ekkehard Ehlers|Woolf Phase|Music for William Forsythe|Whatness

Set 5
Styrenes|Transmorgify|City of Women|Rent a Dog

BONUS TRACK:Public Image Limited|Socialist|Second Edition|Virgin

Saturday, July 14, 2007

July 14, 2007 (It Is My Executive Privilege To Serve You)

Set 1
Venus Gang|Take Me Back To My Plant+ Evil Times|Galactic Soul|Hapna
Volcano Suns|Malomondo|Thing of Beauty|SST
Jurgen Paape + Boy Schaufler/Gesang|We Love|Total 8|Kompakt
Black Strobe|Buzz Buzz Buzz|Burn Your Own Church|Playlouder/Beggars
Soul Dazz Band|Dazz|Kings of Diggin'|BBE
Scientist|One- Two|Heavyweight Dub Champion

Background Music: Popular Music Hit Parade|Downright Fun|Readers Dugest

Set 2
Barry Andrews|Pages of My Love|Rossmore Road 7-inch|Mp3
Francois Hardy|Tue Resembles A Tous....|Soleil
Cecile Grandin|Le Scaphrandre blanc|Ultra Chicks Vol. 4: Ye-Ye Girls
Mikel Rouse|Como Eu Estive Cego|International Cloud Atlas|Exit Music
Jon Lucien|Dindi|Song For My Lady|Columbia
Clara Nunes|Tempo a Bossa|Clara, Clarisse, Clara

Somerville Speakout Music|Bert Kaempfert|Blue Midnight|Decca

Set 3
R Keenan Lawler|
RST|Lords of Space (excerpt)|Axes|Last Visible Dog
Erik Enockson|Dusk Settles In|Farval Falkenberg|Kning
Solaris BC|Polaris Function|Lo Fibre Compilation|Invisible
Von Sudenfed|Flooded|Tromatic Reflexxions|Domino

Concert Report music: Trinidad Tripoli Steel Band|Liberace presents|Forward

Set 4
Derrick Harriott|Slave|Riding the Roots Chariot|
Undivided Roots|England Cold Pt. II|Disco Plates Collection 2|On U
Prince Far I|Reggae Music|Free From Sin

Background Music: Living Strings|Play Music From "Popi" & Other Cinema Gems|RCA

Set 5
Death Vessel|Deep in thye Horchata|Stay Close|North East Indie
El Jesus de Magico|Indian Giver|Columbus Discount Records 7"
Necropolis|Van V. Art|Columbus Discount Records 7"

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Buggin Out

July 7, 2007 (Ignored Live Across All Seven Continents)(Area C + Eyes Like Saucers special guests)

Set 1
Graciela Salgado|La Gallina|Columbie|
George Coleman|Eloise|Bongo Joe|Arhoolie
Hydro|K.I.C.: Keep It Coming (Instrumental)|Unidisc 12"
Roots Underground|Disco Reggae Rock|Tribeman Assault|Wackies
Lone Ranger|Keep A Dance Coming|On the Other Side of Dub Deluxe|Heartbeat

Somerville Speakout: Bert Kaempfert|With a Sound In My Heart|Decca

Set 2
The Bug|Night Steppa|Pressure|
Dennis Alcapone|Midnight Version|Forever Version Deluxe Edition|Heartbeat
Panda Bear|Ponytail|Person Pitch|Paw Tracks

Set 3
Area C live

Set 4
Nonloc|Piano Stream|Between Hemispheres|Strange Attractors Audio House

Set 5
Eyes Like Saucers live

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Non-Stop Ecstatic Screaming July 5, 2007 (Nick Schillace + Mike Tamburo super secret guests)

Last minute fill-in

Set 1
Woodenspoon|Folk & Blues Guitar Of...|Bo'Weavil

Set 2
Nick Schillace live set

Set 3
Pentangle|Onec I Had a Girlfriend|Anthology|Castle

Set 4
Mike Tamburo live set (on hammered dulcimer)

Set 5
Area C + Eyes Like Saucers|Recorded live @ WMBR By Ramsey Tantawi
Marhaug-Asheim|Track 5|Grand Mutation|Touch
Earwig|All Scraped Out|Under My Skin I Am Laughing

Set 6
Robert Horton|Solstice|Sleep, Wake, Hope & Then|New American Folk
Dub Trio|jack Bauer|Cool Out & Coexist|ROIR
Loop|Mother Sky|Loop (Italian ed)|mp3

Set 7
OV|Noctilucen5t Cloud|Noctilucent Valleys|Soft Abuse

Saturday, June 30, 2007

Saturday, June 30, 2007 (Can I Get That Funnel Cake in Whole Wheat?)

Set 1
Sunny Ade & His Green Sports Band|Nw'Qba|African Songs 7-inch
Bill Ravi Harris & the Prophets|Ravi's Theme|Funky Sitar Man|mp3
Paul Horn & Nexus|Capetown|Paul Horn + Nexus|Columbia
Marta Acuna|Dance, Dance, Dance|Deep Disco Culture|Suss'd
Kongas|Gimme Some Lovin (excerpt)|Africanism|Polydor
Danny Browne|Heavy Metal|Main St. 7"
Noel Davy|Version|Firehouse Revolution|Pressure Sounds
Sister Nancy|Bam Bam|One Two

Background Music: Paul Mauriat|Midnight Cowboy|Philips

Set 2
Pentangle|I've Got a Feeling|Anthology|Castle
Nick Schillace|Green Green Grass|Box Canyon|American Sketch
Astral Social Club|Part 1|Astral Social Club|VHF/
Rapoon|Cold Sun Rising|From Shadows Sleep

Somerville Speakout Music: Bert Kaempfert|With a Sound in My Heart|Decca

Set 3
General Levy|Wikkeda!|This is Jungle|
Doo Dew Kidz|Whos In the House|
Robert Roena|Que Se Sepa|Apollo Sound V
Wareika Hill Sounds|Coconut Head Special|s/t|Honest Jons
Wilson Simonal|Impossivel Acreditar que Perdi Voce|Joia, Joia

Concert Report Music: Bermuda Strollers|South Short Bermuda|Edmark

Set 4
Zeena Parkins|Vita Futuristica|No Way Back|
Todd Clark|2,0000 Light Years From Home|Nova Psychedlica|Anopheles
Burial|Exit Woundz|Ghost Hardware ep|
Minit|Winged Life|Jukebox Buddha|Staubgold

Background Music: Doc Severinson|Doc|RCA

Set 5
Essenden Airport|I Feel A Song Coming On|Cant Stop It II|Chapter
If-Then-Else|The Wedge|Warhead|mp3

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Lost & Found, June 27, 2007 (The Summer of Love @ Studio 54)

Set 1
Back in Time|El Condor Pasa|s/t|Cotillion
Bruce Ruffin|Ceclia|Rain:The Best Of|Trojan
U Roy|Hard Feeling|With a Flick of My Wrist|Trojan
Esso Steel Band|Bridge Over Troubled Water|s/t|Earmark

Background Music: Jackie Mittoo|In London|Studio One

Set 2
Joe Torres|Eleanor Rigby|Latino Con Soul|Pacific Jazz
Willie Bobo|Yesterday|Feeling So Good|Verve
Caetano Veloso|Help|Joia|Polygram
Gilberto Gil|Can't Find My Way Home|s/t (1971)|Polygram
Gilberto Gil|Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band|s/t
Ella Regina|Golden Slumbers|Ela|Philips

Background Music: Bola Sete|Workin' On a Groovy Thing|Paramount

Set 3

Trammps|99 1/2 Won't Do|Where The Happy People Go|Atlantic
Anthony White|Cant Turn You Loose|Salsoul 12"
Martha Reeves|Skating In the Street|Gottwa Keep Moving|Fantasy
Chubby Checker|Move It|Amherst 12"

Background Music: jackie Mittoo

Set 4
Chosen Few|I Second That Emotion|Midnight Train to Georgia|Trojan
Delroy Wilson|Get Ready (12" mix|Darker Than Blue|Blood + Fire
Generation Gap|War|On a Funky Trip|Motion
Pat Kelly|Tammy|Soulful Love|Trojan

Background Music: Sly + Robbie|Peter Gun Theme|The Sting|Moving Target

Set 5
Easy Going|Suzie Q|Easy Going|Banana
Mary Wells|Boy from Ipanema|Best of Brazil 2|WEA import

Background music: Living Strings & Living Voices|Everything Is Beautiful|RCA

Set 6
Johnny Hallyday|Hey Joe|Au Palais Des Sports|
??|Hey Joe
Ronnie & the Rhythm Boys|Hey Joe|Primitive Calculators & Friends|Chapter
Esso Steel Band|Whats Going On|"Sunshine"|Earmark

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Saturday, June 23, 2007 (Pushing Too Hard...In the Bush)

Set 1
Paul Parker|Pushin Too Hard|Megatone 12"

Musique|In the Bush|Keep On Jumpin'|Prelude
Joe Cuba Sextette|Push Push Push|Bang! Bang! Push! Push!|Fania
Nervous Genders|Push Push|Beelezebub Youth|Subterranean
Hoyt Axton|The Pusher|Joy to the World|Capitol

Background Music: Paul Desmond|Summertime|A&M

Set 2
Eyes Like Saucers|Ideas of Reference|Still Living in the Desert|Last Visible Dog
Piano Magic|Dutch Housing (Sybarite Mix)|Writers Remixed|4AD
Silvester Anfang|De Gal Komt in mijn Mond|Snapshot|Domino
Vince Martin|Yonder Comes the Sun|If the Jasmime Don't Get You... The Bay Breeze Will|Rev-Ola

Somerville Speakout Music: Bert Kaempfert|Lights Out, Sweet Dreams|Decca

Set 3
Paul Dresher|Liquid & Stellar Music|This Same Temple|New Albion

Concert Report Music: Halcyon|Pan In Harmony|King Midas

Set 4
Masta Ace|Me & the Biz|Take a Look Around|Cold Chillin
Nightmarez on Wax|Keep On|Matador 12"
Renegade Soundwave|mash-up|Mute 12"
Bumps|A Dumb Month|Bumps|Stones Throw
Sip a Cup Meets Negus Roots|Conducter of Dub|Firehouse Dub Vol. 1|Gussie
Prince Fatty|Milk & Honey|

Background Music: Nightmarez on Wax|Keep On (Instr)

Set 5
Plants|A Hidden World Exposed|Photosynthesis|Strange Attractors Audio House

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Saturday, June 16, 2007 (Happy Father's Day, Oedipus!)

Set 1
La Drivers Union Por Por Group|Por Por Awkaaba Welcome|Por Por Honk Horn Music of Ghana|Smithsonian Folkways
King Midas Sound|Surround Me|Box of Dub|Soul Jazz
Edwin Starr|Contact|Best of|20th Century
Lyn Collins|Rock Me Again & Again & Again|Mama Feelgood|Umvd
Lonnie D|Dream on (Instrumental)|Third Unheard Vol. 2|Stones Throw
Edwin Starr|Rapper Dapper Snapper|Salsoul Classics Vol. 3&4|Salsoul

Background Music: Pete Fountain|Make Your Own Kind Of Music|Coral

Set 2
Nonloc|Between Hemispheres|Clearing|Strange Attractors Audio House
Stephen Vitiello & DavidTronzo|Long Walk (for a Slow Loris)|Scratchy Monsters, Laughing Ghosts|New Albion
Dub Trio|Extract|Cool Out & Coexist|ROIR
Muslimgauze|Dish Poison|Silknoose|mp3
Sylford Walker|Lambs Bread|Lambs Bread International|Blood + Fire

Somerville Speakout Music: Bert Kaempfert|Warm & Wonderful and his Orchestra|Taragon

Set 3
Barry Adamson|The Reckoning|Album Club Exclusive|mp3
Primitive Calculators|and friends 1979-82|Do That Dance|Chapter
Dark Day|Me, Myself & I|Exterminating Angel|Lust/Unlust
Pad Anthony|Death To A Sound|Digital-B Selections|Digital B
Tom Ze|Cartilha De Parceiros|Jogos Da Amar

Concert Report Music: Chapare + David Cunningham|Extreme Possibilities|Lo

Set 4
Dale Hawkins|LA-Memphis-Tyler|La, Memphers & Tyler Texas|Rev-Ola
Santa Maria|Every Time|s/t|
That Dog|Ms. wrong|Totally Crushed Out|Geffen
Silver Daggers|Displacement|New High & Ord|Load
Birds & Brass|Soundsational|American Woman|mp3
Vicky|A Bord D'un Appollo|Zoom sur Vicky|RCA

Set 5
Camberwell Now|Green Lantern|All's Well|ReR

Friday, June 15, 2007


Jurgen Habermas on Richard Rorty: "Asked at the end of his life about the "holy," the strict atheist answered with words reminiscent of the young Hegel: "My sense of the holy is bound up with the hope that some day my remote descendants will live in a global civilization in which love is pretty much the only law."

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Sigtronica Playlist June 12, 2007 (More like Yeeech-tronica)

Programmed by my iPod Shuffle

Set 1
Et Ret|Run On A Head|Gasworks|Western Vinyl

Set 2
Docto Alimantado|Sitting in the Park|Born for a Purpose|Greensleeves

Set 3
Low|Shame|Long Division|Virgin

Set 4
v/a|Pirim Pim Pim|Baile Funke:Agore e Moda
Nine Horses|Birds Sing for Their Lives|Money for All|Samadhi Sound

Set 5
Double Exposure|Ten Percent (Walter Gibbon's Mix)|My Love is Free:The Best of|Koch

Set 6
JDilla|Gobstopper|Donuts|Stones Throw
Durutti Column|Mercy Three|Domo Arigato|Factory

Set 7
Scientist|Weep & Wail|Scientist Meets the Roots Radics|Soundsystem
Susumu Yokota|Re|Baroque|United Sounds of Blue

Set 8
Giant Skyflower Band|Oh Mary Green|Blood of the Sunworm|Soft Abuse
King Tubby|Just Say Who Dub|30 Years of Dub Music On the...|Rhino

Sweet and Salty

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Saturday, June 9, 2007 (I Was Born This Way)

Set 1
Carl Bean|I Was Born This Way (Original Instrumental 12" Mix)|West End 12"
Sylvester|I Need Somebody To Love Tonight|Sylvester's Greatest Hits: Nonstop Dance Party|Fantasy
Al Chem|No Nopper|Coming Home|Stereo Deluxe
Junior Reid|Junior Nature|See How Me Black, See How Me Sine|JR records/

Background Music:Kid Stuff Reperatory Co|YMCA and Other Disco Hits|Kids Stuff

Set 2
A Sunny Day in Glasgow|Panic Attacks Are What Make Me 'Me'|Scribble Mural Comic Journal|Notenuf
David Pavkovic|Molly 01 Part 02|Music From & inspired by My Name is Molly|
Marhaug-Asheim|Phoneuma(excerpt)|Grand Mutation |Touch

Somerville Speakout Music: Bert Kaempfert|Blue Midnight|Decca

Set 3
Camberwell Now|Greenfingers|All's Well|ReR
Diagram Brothers|I'm Not Going to Fight For Oil|Some Marvels of Modern Science|LTM
Wild Dog Rodeo|Charging the Lighthouse|Can't Stop It II|Chapter Music
Dan Bao Vietnam|Ghost Riders in the Sky (live)|Rough Guide to Vietnam|World Music

Background Music: Raymond Lefevre|Soul Coaxing|4 Corners

Set 4
Cinematic Orchestra|To Build a Home|Ma Fleur|Ninja tune
David Kilgour|Sun God|the Far Now|Merge
Meg Baird|All I Ever Wanted|Dear Companion|Drag City

Background Music: Raymond Lefevre|Soul Coaxing|4 Corners

Set 5
Joe Gibbs|State of Emergency|State of Emergency|mp3
Joseph Cotton|Drifter|Dancehall Days|Moll Selekta
Fawn|The Stoke|NovaMute 12"

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Saturday, June 2, 2007 (Flying to Your Town)

Set 1
Red Atkins|Hunk of a Punk|Presages|4AD
Stargard|Three Girls|s/t|MCA
Bullwackies All Stars|Space Age|Aires|Wackie's
Matthew Dear|Elementary Lover|Asa Breed|Ghostly Intl
Stargard|Theme From "Which Way Is Up"|s/t|MCA
Future Conditional|Cryings What You Need|We Don't Just Disappear|LTM

Background Music: Living Strings & Living Voice|WEverything Is Beautiful|RCA

Set 2
Avril Lavigne feat Lil Mama|Girlfriend (remix)|Mp3
Wax Tailor|Positively Inclined|Hope & Sorrow|Decon
Masters of Ceremony|Master Move|Dynamite|
(Alvin Ranglin)??|Loving Dub|Rootsman Dub|Heartbeat

Somerville Speakout music: Bert Kaempfert|Blue Midnight

Set 3
Pamela Kurstin|London Live Event 2|
OV|Centaur in Saturn|Noctuliucent Valleys|Soft Abuse
R.Keenan Lawler|One of these Days|VHF
Baden Powell|Canto de Ossanha|O Som de Baden Powell|mp3

Background Music: Mexical Brass|What Now My Love|Crown

Set 4
Rodd Poole|Excerpt of Dark Light Approaching Reason|Poop Alley Tapes|W.I.N.
Big Bill Broonzy|Louise Louise|Sings Country Blues|Folkways

Concert Report Music: Santo & Johnny|Around the World|Canadian American

Set 5
Adam & the Ants|Nine Plan Failed|Dirk Wears White Sox|Columbia
Amon Duul 2|Wolf City|Wolf City|United Artist
Brrr Cold|Mothers at War|Cant Stop It II|Chapter
Blast Off Country Style|Lake Eerie|Cmon &|Teenbeat

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Saturday, May 19, 2007 (Official World Bank Nominee Edition)

Set 1
Betty Davis|I Will Take That Ride|s/t|Light in the Attic
Darondo|Let My People Go|Let My People G|Luv n Haight
NCCU|Sleepy Time Is Over|Super Trick|United Artists
Rimshots|Dancin Girl|Soul Train|Castle
Sly Dunbar & Jazzwad|Bimma|E Records 7"
Gudrun Gut|The Land|I Put a Record On|Monika
Master Jay & Michael Dee|TSOB|Numero 12"

Background Music:Santo & Johnny|Around the World|Canadian American

Set 2
James Blackshaw|Running to the Ghost|Cloud of Unknowing|Tompkins Square
Robbie Basho|Roses & Snow|bashovia|Fantasy
Lavendar Diamond|Like An Arrow|Imagine Our Love|Matador

Somerville Speakout Music: Bert Kaempfert|Living It Up!|Decca

Set 3
Hellers|And Now the News|Singers...talkers....|Fallout
ThesOne|Bob Cat|Lifestyle Marketing|Tres
Dettinger|Oasis 7|Oasis|mp3
Ben Frost|Theory of Machines|Theory of Machines|Bedroom Community
Boyd Rice & Friends|Registered Three|Registered Three|
Del Ray King & Sun Kings|Men & Maggots (Extended Version)|Battleship Potemkin|trakwerx

Concert Report Music: Gershon Kinglsey|Gershwin Alive & Well Underground|Avco

Set 4
Go Betweens|Clouds|Live from Snap!|Beggars
Silmari|Windbridge|Voyage of Icarus|Locust
Rick Hayward|Light in the Sky|Sunbeam
Jozef Van Wissem|The Lowering|Stations of the Cross|Incunabulum
Wayne Jarrett|True Love|Chin Up|Greensleeves

Set 5
Reports|Move & Glow (pt 2)|Inman Square

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Saturday, May 12, 2007 (If I Feel Like A Motherless Child, Do I Stil Have to Celebrate Mother's Day?)

Set 1
??|Carnaval in Cuba|Folkways Smithsonian
John Gibbs|J'Ouvert|
Os Brazoes|s/t|Philips
Paula Lima|Me Guerda Chuva
Claudja Barry|Boogie Woogie Dancing Shoes|Chrysalis 12"
Fats Comet (aka Doug Wimbish)|Don't Forget That Beat (Alternative Dub Mix)
My Robot Friend|Dial 0 (Modeselektor Mix)|Soma 2006

Set 2
Essie Jain (recorded live @ WMBR) X 2

Somerville Speakout Music:Bert Kaempfert

Set 3
Santa Maria|Dogs|Santa Maria|Slottet
Snatch|Red Army|Shopping for Clothes
Venus Bogardus|Motorman|Wire Tapper 17|The Wire
M Beat w/ General Levy|Incredible|Rumble in the Jungle|Soul Jazz
MC Shan|The Bridge (a capella)|Down by Law|Cold Chillin'
Barrington Levy|Reggae Music Dub|In Dub-Lost Mixes from King Tubby's Studio|Auralux

Concert Report Music: Don Elliot Octet|Jamaica Jazz|ABC-Paramount

Set 4
Essie Jain Performance (recorded live at WMBR) X 2
Quest|Come Out|Mesmer Variations 2|Ash
Area C|Circle Attractor|Haunt|Last Visible Dog
Fennesz Sakamoto|Track 5|Cendre|Touch
Chrystall Bell Scrodd|Immanence|Beastings

Set 5
Pale Saints|Sea of Sound|Comforts of Madness|4AD

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Saturday May 5, 2007 (The White Castle Experience)

Set 1
Wganda Kenya|Tifit Hayed|Colombia!|Sound Way
Junkanoo Band|Key Lime Beat - Instrumental|Junkanoo Band - Key West|Folkways
Positive Force|People Get On Up|s/t|Sugarhill
Emilio Santiago|Nega Dina|s/t|Whatmusic/
Lloyd Robinson|Cus Cuss|Rare Reggae Grooves from Studio One|Heartbeat

Background Music: Mexicali Brass|Michelle|Crown

Set 2
Fursaxa|Alone in the Cape Wood|Alone in the Cape Wood|ATP
Frances Marie Utti|Philia's Dream for Cello & synthesizer|Jonathen Harvey, Cello Concerto|Mp3
John Adams|Grand Pianola Music - 3rd Movement|Solisti New York|EMI Angel

Somerville Speakout music: Bert Kaempfert|Living it Up|Decca

Set 3
Flocking Associates|Noh| associates
Poem Rocket|Muse Thrower|invasion!|Atavistic
Family Fodder|Der Leierman|
Simple Minds|Naked Eye|Reel to Reel Cacophony|Virgin
Silver Dagger|New High & Ord|New High & Ord|Load
The Pope|Chocolate Babies|Sports|Wantage USA

Background Music: Little Beaver|Black Rhapsody|Top Cat

Set 4
Armaggeddon Experience|One Way|Jesus Sound Explosion|Creative Sound
Sylvia Telles|Samba Torto|The Voice I Love|El
Marley Marl|Symphony Pt II|In Control Vol. II|Cold Chillin'
Up Bustle & Out|Mundo Insolito|Mexican Sessions|Collission
Hombres|Am I High?|Work It Out|Verve

Concert Report Music: Bamboushay Steel band|Folkways

Set 5
Thomas Fehlman|Soziale Warme|Kompakt
Antigua Automatica Mexicano|Co.Opt|Kraut Slut| Mp3
Guitar|Just Like Honey|Dealin with Signal & Noise|Hausmusik

Set 6
Barry Brown|Bum Ball|Just the Vibes|Moll-Selekta

Saturday, May 5, 2007 (A DUI On the Lost Highway)

Set 1
Waltons|Lost Highway|Thrust of the Vile|Anagram
Al Caiola|Your Cheatin Heart|Golden Guitar|United Artists
Tim Hardin|Tribute to Hank Williams|Verve

Background Music: Guy Lombardo & His Royal Canadians|Lombardo Country|Country

Set 2
Lonesome Valley Singers|Sneaky Radar|Truck Driving Songs|Diplomat
Clay Edgar|My Guitar & I|Olden Goldies|Crown
Lon Harmon|Waiting for An Answer|Just a Little Lovin Will Go A Long Away|Crown
Mickey Barnett|Kentucky Rain|Bridge Over Troubled Water|Pickwick
Guitars Unlimited|Don't Rob Another Man's Castle|Songs Made Famous By Eddy Arnold|Nouveau
Lawanda Lindsey|Wave Bye Bye to the Man|Jamboree USA|JUSA
Scotty Howard & the Truck Drivers|We're Going To Be Married Tomorrow|More Truck Driving Songs|Custom

Background Music: Jerry Cole & the Stingers|Guitars a Go Go Vol. 2|Crown

Set 3
Essie Jain|Glory|We Made It Ourselves|Ba Da Bing
Richard Hawley|
Autumn Shade|Seagarden|Ezra Moon|Strange Attractors Audio House
Peggy Honeywell|Content & Happy|Green Mountain|Ohio Star
Pearl & Brass|Waterfall|Two Million Tongues Festival
Bill Callahan|The Wheel|Woke On a Whaleheart|Drag City

Background Music: Arthur Fiedler + Boston Pops|Play the Neil Diamond Songbook

Set 4
The Fall|White Line Fever|Reformation Post-TLC|Narnack
Merle Haggard|Little Ole Wine Drinker Me|Mama Tried|Capitol
Tina Turner|Good Hearted Woman|Country My Way|
Cisco Houston|Cat Came Back|passing Through|Verve Folkways

Background Music: Danny Davis & Nashville Brass|You Ain't Heard Nothing Yet|RCA

Set 5
Jim Reeves|But You Love Me Daddy|Jim Reeves Connection|Bear
Paula Frazer + Tarnation|Augusts Song|Now Its Time|Birdman
Tara Jane O'Neil|Blue Light Room|In Circles|Quarterstick
PG Six|Bless These Blues|Slightly Sorry|Drag City
Elephant Micah|Feedback, So Long|Embarassment of Riches|LRRC

Background Music: 14 Impactos Juveniles|Dicesa

Set 6
Gilberto Gil|Can't Find My WayHome|Gilberto Gil (1971)|Polygram
Townes Van Zandt + Willie Nelson|Marie|Legend|Charly
Steve Yerkey|Dark & Bloody Ground|Metaneonatureboy|World's Fair

Set 7
Johnny Cash|I See Men As Trees Walking|Jesus Sound Explosion

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Saturday, April 28, 2007 (Veto Proof)

Set 1
Jimmy Castor Bunch|Don't Do It!|s/t|Cotillion
Bohannon|Maybe You Can Dance|On My Way|Mercury
Soul President|Got To Have It|Eccentric Soul: Big Mack label|Numero Group
The Lion|Mary Ann Calpyso|Caribbean Connections: Black Music in Britain Vol. 2|Charly
Barrington Levy|Bounty Hunter|Bounty Hunter

Background Music: Cha Cha Cha & Mambo|Tops

Set 2
Alexander String Quartet|Bucephalus (by Martin Bresnick)|CRI

Somerville Speakout Music: Living Strings w/ Trumpet|Plays Bert Kaempfert|RCA

Set 3
Essie Jain|Indefinable|We Made This Ourselves|Ba Da Bing
North Sea|Cover Me With Knives|Exquisite Idols|Type
Guitar|Live at Hotel Palestine|Dealin' w/ Signal & Noise|onitor
Controlled Bleeding|Track 9|Headcrack|mp3
Dead Texan|La Ballade de Alain George|s/t|Kranky

Concert Report music:Liberace presents Trinidad Tripoli Steel band|Forward

Set 4
Judy Mayhan|Rockin the Cradle|Folk Songs of Old Eire|Tradition
Rio En Medio|you Can Stand|Bride of Dynamite|Gnomonsong
Autumn Shade|River|Strange Attractors Audio House
Thee OhSeeus|Sucks Blood|Sucks Blood|Castle Face
John Martyn|Spencer the Rover|Sunday's Child|Island
Alpha|Dim|Impossible Thrill|Astralwerks

Set 5
Dillinger|Fountain on the Mountain|Ready Nattie Dredie|Mp3
White Mice|Youths of Today|s/t|Basic Replay

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Saturday, April 21, 2007 (Is It As Taxing For You As It is For Me?)

Set 1
Miami Disco Band feat. Beverly Barkley|(I Wanna) Go Home With You ("A Tom Moulton Mix")|Salsoul 12"
Stephanie Mills|You Can Get It Over|20th Century Fox 12"
Black Devil Disco Club|On One Foot|28 After|Lo
Anthony Red Rose|Tempo|Firehouse Revolution|Pressure Sounds
Timmy Thomas|Take Care of Home|Why Can't We Live Together|Glades

Background Music: Buddy Rich|Best of|Pacific Jazz

Set 2
Caetano, Gal, Gil + Bethania|O Seu Amor|Doce Barbaros|mp3
Jorge Ben|Pourque e Prohibido Pisar Na Grama|Revisitado|Universal
Jards Macale|Imagens|Aprendar a Nadar|
Astrud Gilberto|O Ganso|Shadow of Your Smile|Verve
Paulo Diniz|Flicidade|Quero Voltar pra Bahia|Universal
Edu Lobo|Upa, Neguinho|Millenium|Universal

Somervilel Speakout Music|Living Strings + Trumpet|Plays Bert Kaempfert|RCA

Set 3
King Sporty|A Year Full Of Sundays|A Year Full of Sundays|Trojan
Durutti Column|For Loreatta|Sporadic Three|Kooky
Privacy|Pining|Without Mercy|Marriage
Woob|Strange Air|Woob|Emit
Chas Smith|False Clarity|Descent|Cold Blue Music
Dennis Duck|Nice Shave|Goes Disco|Poo Bah
Jem Fine + Andrew Kotting|Rockaway|Rough Trade Shops Counter Culture|Rough Trade
Biting Tongues|Track 18|Compressed|LTM

Concert Report music: Bamboushay Steel Band|Folkways

Set 4
To Live & Shave in LA 2|Rose Holding Wench|X+ Z=0
Lucky Dragons|Summer Swans|Widows|Marriage
Rekkid|Diamond Black|Soul Jazz 12"
Apachie Scratchie|Link Up|Ah Wah|Shelly's

Set 5
Look Blue Go Purple|Cactus Cat|mp3

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Saturday, April 14, 2007 (All Apologies to Rutgers Ping Pong Team)

Set 1
Star City|I'm A Man (A Jim Burgess Mix)|I'm A Man|Marlin
Love Committee|Just As Long As I've Got You|Disco Forever|
George Duke|Once Over|Feel It|BASF
Pedro Laza y Sus Pelayeros|Fandango en Percussion|Colombia!|Sound Way
Grupo Folklorico y Experimental Nuevayorquino|Anaboca|Conecpts in Unity|Salsoul Salsa
Scientist|Drumalee Style|Mach 1: Beyond the Sound Barrier|Black Solidarity

Background Music: Mystic Moods Orchestra|Mexico!|bainbridge

Set 2
Popul Vuh|Singet, Denn Der Gesang...|Herz au Gas/Coeur de Verre|
Del Raye & the Sun Kings|A Dead Man Calls For Justice|Battleship Potemkin|Trakwerx
Adrian Sherwood|Home Sweet Home|Becoming A Cliche|Real World

Somerville Speakout Music: Living Strings Plus Trumpet|Play Bert Kaempfert|RCA-Camden

Set 3
The Field|Little Heart That Beats Fast|From Here We Go Sublime|Kompakt
Muslimgauze|Rebiana Sand Sea|Melt|BSI
Chateau Flight|Red Morning|
Tracey Thorn|Get Around To It|Out of the Woods|Astralwerks
Keith Hudson|National Anthem|Brand|Pressure Sounds
The Field|Little Heart That Beats Fast|From Here We Go Sublime|Kompakt

Concert Report Music: Bamboushay Steel Band|Folkways

Set 4
The Fall|The Wright Stuff|Reformation-Post TLC|Narnack
JME|Pence|Warrior Dubz|Planet Mu
L.I. Force feat. MC Snow + DJ Whiz|Dedication to Hip Hop (Stail Dub Mix)|Sonic Sounds Records 12"
SPK|Will to Power|Desire 12"

Set 5
Future Pilot AKA|City of Lights|Secrets from the Clockhouse|Creeping Bent
Bewitched|Mold|Brain Eraser|No. 6

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Saturday, April 7, 2007 (Are Those Easter Eggs In Your Basket Or Are You....?))

Set 1
Ed Lincoln|Sack O'Woe|s/t|
Sabata|Music for My Lady (re-edit)|Numero 12"
Willie Williams|Addis A baba|Studio One Roots|Soul Jazz
Aldo Caponi|Samba|Songs from the 90s & 70s|
Beaugard, Violetti & St. Claire|Ce Soir|

Background Music|Ennio Morricone|Il Clan Dei Sicillani + Roberto Delgado|Pan-Americana|Polydor

Set 2
Pantaleimon|Cloudburst|Cloudburst ep|Durtro
Wooden Spoon|Dead Shrimp|The Folk Blues Guitar Of|Bo'Weavil
Jason Bill + Jack Rose|Flood Stage|Via St. Louis|
Ekkehard Ehlers|Nie Wieder Schnell Sagen|A Life Without Fear|Staubgold
Pantaleimon|Numinosum|Cloudburst ep

Somerville Speakout Music: Bert Kaempfert|With a Sound In My Heart|Decca

Set 3
Annette Pointdexter & Pieces of Peace|Mama|Eccentric Soul: Twilight's Lunar Rotation|Numero
J Dilla|Crushin'|Stones Throw 7"
Locust|Your Selfish Ways (Boom Boom Satellites remix)|Apollo Cd-5
Sparky Dee|He's My DJ (Dub)|NIA 12"
Mad Profssor|Nuclear Dub|'82 Sessions|

Concert Report music: Modern Sounds of Steel|Caribbean Extravaganza|Ark

Set 4
David Sylvian w/ Nicola Alesini & Pier Luigi|Marco Polo|
Current 93 (w/ Shirley Collins)|All The Pretty Horses|Judas As Black Moth|Durtro
Peggy Honeywell|Oh Lordy Lordy|Green Mountain|Ohio Star Music
Autumn Shade|Seagarden|Ezra Moon|Strange Attractors Audio House
Mary Margaret O'Hara|When You Know Why You're Happy|Miss America|Koch

Set 5
Circle X|Tender|s/t|Dextar's Cigar

Set 6
New Flesh|More Dull Irony|Vessel|Heart Break

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Saturday, March 31, 2007 (Is That Your Teen Beat Or Are You Happy To See Me?)

Guest DJ Mark Robinson

Set 1
TwistTeenbeat|Living Guitars Teenbeat Discotheque|Camden
Heatwave|Boogie Nights|Too Hot to Handle|Epic
The Nightingales|Crafty Fag 7"|Ink
A A Milne|The Heffalump|Winne-the-Pooh and Friends|Pathways of Sound

Background Music: Clam|Do the Clam|Living Guitars Teenbeat Discotheque|Camden

Set 2
Xao Seffcheque und Freunde|Good Friends|Deutschland Deutschland |Das Buro/Cachalot
UV Protection|Space Elevator|Clean Modern Comfortable|UV Protection
Mr. Magoo intro|Jim Backus|Magoo in Hi-Fi|RCA Victor
Jefferson Airplane|Embryonic Journey|Bark|RCA
Die Doraus und Die Marina|Fred vom Jupiter|Deutschland Deutschland |Das Buro/Cachalot
Fehlfarben|14 Tage|Glut und Asche

(Speakout) Background Music: Bert Kaempfert|Orange Colored Sky

Set 3
Abwarts|Auf Einem GartenHaus|Deutschland Deutschland |Das Buro/Cachalot
King Crimson|Mars (live)|Epitaph|Discipline
Tijuana Brass|Winter Wonderland|Something Festive|A & M
Steve Reich|Pulses|Music for 18 Musicians|Nonesuch
Bobby & Val|Wordsound|Rock Steady Original|Next Step

(Speakout) Background Music: Bert Kaempfert|Orange Colored Sky

Set 4
Damon & Naomi|Eta|More Sad Hits|Sub Pop
more Mr. Magoo|Jim Backus|Magoo in Hi-Fi|RCA Victor
David Shire|The Money Bag|the Taking of Pelham One, Two, Three soundtrack|Metro Goldwyn Mayer
Butch Willis|Here I Am|Love
David Shire|The Pelham's Moving Again Blues|the Taking of Pelham One, Two, Three|soundtrack|Metro Goldwyn Mayer

(Speakout) Background Music: Bert Kaempfert|Orange Colored Sky

Set 5
Smack Dab|Guardian Angel|Majestic Root|Homestead
Are You from Dixie|Top Ten Barbershop Quartets of 1968|MCA
Uncle Wiggly|Hey Julie|Across the Room|Shimmy-Disc
Thursdays|Sittin' on the Dock of the Bay| Earcom 2|Fast
Zongamin|Make Love Not War|Flesh/XL
Ralph Carney and Dave Thomas|Sunset in Hibernia|Bowling Balls from Hell|Clone

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Saturday, March 24, 2007 (The Amazing (G)Race - Glenn Jones performs live)

Set 1
John Fahey|Amazing Grace|America|Takmoa (CD reissue)
Gabor Szabo|Three King Fishers|Bacchanal|Skye
Luiz Bonfa|Sanctuary|Sanctuary|RCA
Davy Graham|Take Five|Guitar Player|Fledg'ling
Gilberto Gil|17 Leguas E Meia|s/t (Cerebrico Electronico)|Philips

Background Music: Santo & Johnny|United Artists

Set 2
Liz Eisenberg|Two Weeks Til the Midwest|Seeport|Leisure Class
Bert Jansch|Stepping STones|Vanguard
Takeshi Nishimoto|Rider|Monologue|Buro
Milton Nascimento|Ultimo Trem

Set 3
Cyclones|Meditations|Roots|Studio One
Johnny Clarke|Top Ranking|Dreader Dread:1976-1978|Blood + Fire
Yabby You|Silky Dub|Yabby U meets Sly & Robbie
Dock Boggs|Drunkard's Lone Child|Legendary Verve Folkways
Max Ochs|Raga|Contemporary Guitar|Takoma

Set 4
Glenn Jones|Freedom Raga|Live (12 String)
Max Ochs|Raga|Contemporary Guitar '67|Takoma
Harry Taussig|Water Verses|Contemporary Guitar '67|Takoma

Set 5
Glenn Jones|Richard Nixon Orchid|Live (Steel Guitar)
Robbie Basho (excerpt)|Contemporary Guitar '67|Takoma

Set 6
Glenn Jones |Barbeque Bob & Fishtown|Live (12-String)
Glenn Jones}David & the Phoenix|Live (12-String)

Set 7
#27/11 (aka Graham Lewis of Wire/He Said)|Oh How We Do|Brainwashed 7-inch

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Saturday, March 17, 2007 (Celebrate My Holiday w/ Leggo Dub Sound System & My Sister)

Set 1
Marc Aryan|Bete a Manger Du Foin|Pop! Pop! Pigalle!|Tous Des Reserves
Lee Akers|Lean Back|Heavy, Heavy, Heavy|Crown
Waterwheel|Cascade Florale|Noise Reduction II|Alley Sweeper
Jo Bossi|Your Love|Love Somebody|Marlin
Michael Rose|Throw Some Dub|African Dub|M

Somerville Speakout Music: Bert Kaempfert|In Love|Longines Symphonette Society & John Williams|Imperial March


Kristen's pick: Verdi's Requiem, Dies irae|Vienna Philharmonic

Set 2
Voice of Authority|Slipped Disco|On U/Cherry Red

Leggo Dub (Billy Set)
Carlton Livingston|100 lb of Colliweed|Jah Life
Early B|Visit of King Selassie|Reggae Goldmine
Israel Vibration|Mr. Taxman Dub|Israel Vibes
U Roy|Bury the Razor|The Lost Album-Right Time Rockers|
Sound Systems
Keith Hudson|Nuh Skin Up|Nuh Skin Up|Pressure Sounds

Background Music: Tony Allen|Ole (Maurizio)|Basic Channel

Leggo Dub 2 (Rob set)
Clive Hunt + Rasta Kashi|Drum Song|Wackie's 12"
Barry Brown|Nice Up the Session|King Culture 12"
Jacob Miller|False Rasta|Thompson Sounds 7"
Trinity|Gun Fever|Yabby U Meets Trinity @ King Tubby's Dub Station|Vivian Jackson-Record Profit
Welton Irie!|Ghetto Man Corner|Ghetto Man Corner|Pantomine

Background Music: Burial|Versus|Planet Mu

Leggo Dub Set 3 (Billy)
Courtney Melody|Bad Boyz|Techniques
Daddy Lizard|A Fi Fly Out|Techniques
Mundo|Standstill Rasta|Dub Assembly 10"
Benga|White Label
Mala|Bury da Bwoy|DMZ

Background Music: Hugh Mundell|Jah Fire|Black Arrow

Leggo Dub Set 4 (Rob)
Johnny Osbourne|No Sound Like We|Jammys
Cobra|See and No Talk|Jammys
Lone Ranger|M16|Channel One

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Saturday, March 10, 2007 (Guilty! Guilt! Guilty!)

Set 1
Eduardo Davison|Mueva El Dinero|Le Chien|Mp3
Arif Sag|Bahi Sabah|Lambaya Puf De|
Bennie Man|Crucifixion|All the Best|Peter Pan int'l
Dana Dane|Cinderfella Dana Dane|Best of|Arista
Ralpl McDonald|Calpyso Breakdown|
Orchestra Harlow|Mi Madre|Orchestra Harlow|Fania

Background Music: Hot Butter|Popcorn|Castle

Set 2
Henry Flynt|Leather High in A|Vol. 3-Hillbilly Music|Recorded
Simon Fisher Turner|Pennliess in Pescara|Caravaggio|Cherry Red
John Morton|Through the Wall|Solo Traveler|Innova
Chas Smith|Hollister|Nakadia|Arc Light mixed with...
Phil Kline|Holy City of Ashtabula|Glow in the Dark|CRI

Somerville Speakout Music: Bert Kaempfert|in Love|Longines Symphonette Sociey

Set 3
The Fall|(Birtwistle's)Girl in a Shop|We Wish You a Protein Christmas|
TV Personalities|She Can Stop Traffic (Black Dice Mix)|My Dark Places Remixes|Domino 12"
Danse Society|Somewhere|Society Records 12"
Boots for Dancing|Pop:aural 12"
Suns of Arqa w/ Prince Far I|Nam-Myoho-Renge-Kyo|Live w/ PFI|

Background Music: Kay Bova|At the Hammond X-66|St. George Int'l

Set 4
Sylvia Telles|Samba
Giant Sunflower Band|Oh Mary Green|Blood of the Sunworm|Soft Abuse
Cavaliers|It's a Beautiful Game|Too Good To Be True|El Records

Set 5
Lootpack|Crate Diggin'|Soundpieces:Da Antitode|Stones Throw

Saturday, March 03, 2007

March 3, 2007 (It's March Seasonaly Affective Disorder!)

Set 1
101 Strings|Astral-Freakouts|Astro-Sounds|Alshire
Kalyanji Anandji|Theme From Don|Sitar Beat Vol. 1|Guerilla
Yma Sumac|Medicine Man|Miracles|London
Roxy Music|Bogus Man|For Your Pleasure|Warner Bros.
Massive Attack|Karmacoma (Napoli Trip)|Karmacoma cd-5|Virgin
Jah Iny|El Rockers Chapter 1|Rockers International

Background Music:Ronnie Aldrich| Here Come the Hits!|Phase4Stereo

Set 2
Giant Sunflower Band|Lice of Rainbows|Blood of the Sunwarm|Soft Abuse
Lech Janjowski|Hymn.Coda.Choral|Institute Benjamenta|Ronnick
Hijack|Nightmarez|Tectonic Plates 04 12"
Flying Saucer Attack|Since When (Three)|Harmony of the Spheres|Drunken Fish
Seefeel|Plainsong (sine bubble embossed dub)|Polyfusia|Astralwerks
Relay|Prill|Still Point of Turning|Bubblecore

Somerville Speakout Music: Bert Kaempfert|Lights Out, Sweet Dreams|Decca

Set 3
Pink Military|Clown Town 12"
Pylon|Weather Radio|Gyrate|DB Rec
Clint Eastwood & Gen'l Saint|Cant Take Another World War|Two Bad DJ|Greensleeves
General TK|Coke & Crack|I-Spy|Greensleeves
Cabaret Voltaire|Why Kill Time (when you can kill yourself)?|mp3

Background Music: Richard Groove Holmes|Star Wars

Set 4
Drimble Wedge & Vegetations (aka Peter Cook)|Bedazzled|Bedazzled OST|
The Nightengales|Whys of Acknowledgment|Hysterics|Cherry Red
Diagram Brothers|Discardo|Some Marvels of Modern Science|LTM
Sun City Girls|Dry City|Jukebox Buddha|Staubgold

Set 5
Biz Markie|Benny & the Jets|Cold Chillin'

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Saturday, February 24, 2007 (PETER WALKER PERFORMANCE & INTERVIEW)

Set 1
Danny James|Soul & Wine|Boogie in the Mud|Ace
Milton Hamilton|My Love Supreme|Disco Fever
Bo Diddley|bad Trip|Where It All Began|Chess
Tappa Zukie|King Alpha in School|Escape from Hell|Trojan

Background Music: Xavier Cugat|Cha-Cha-Cha|Philips

Set 2
Somei Satoh|Birds in Warped Time IIPortraits|New Albion
Lee Ricky|Music|De Stijl
Bear + Pieces|People Here Aren't You|Baltimore|LRRC

Somerville Speakout Music: Bert Kaempfert|Wonderland by Night|Decca

Set 3
The Fall|Fall Sound|Advance Single|
Boo Radleys|Smile Fades Fast|Everything's Alright Forever|Creation

Background Music: Peter Walker|Rainy Day Raga|Vanguage

Set 4
Interview and Performance with Peter Walker

Concert Report Background Music: Kitch|Spirit of Carnival|BWIA

Set 5
Big Daddy Kane|Set it Off|Marley Marl's House of Hits|Cold Chillin'
DJ Sandrinho|montagem Percuca|Baile Funk Masters #1|Man
Louie Culture|Fire Bun|Flag Flown High|Maximum Pressure

Set 6
Friction|Cool Fool|Friction|MP3

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Saturday, Fenruary 17, 2007 (TARA JANE O'NEIL LIVE RECORDING) (You're My Winter Wonderwall

Set 1
Jimmy Witherspoon|Kansas City|Evenin' Blues|Riverside
Earl Stanley & the Stereos|Happy Organ|Roots: Rock n Roll Source
Rare Essence|Disco Fever|Atlantic 12"
Peter Jacques Band|Devil's Run|Peter Jacques Band|Prelude
Cloud One|Patty Duke|Sounds of New York (w/ excerpts from Patty Duke Fanzine comp superimposed)
Tafari All-Stars|Prophecy Dub it Up|Packin' House|Pressure Sounds

Background Music: Tony Mottola|Tony & Strings|Project 3

Set 2
Lou Harrison|Threnody for Carlos Chavez|Drums Along the Pacific|New Albion
Joan Jeanrenaud|Altar Piece|Metamorphosis|New Albion
Bola Sete|Meu Ogum|Ocean Memories|Dancing Moon

Somerville Speakout Music:Bert Kaempfert|Love that!|Decca

Set 3
Tara Jane O'Neil Recorded Live 10/06
Herta Marshall|I Never Will Marry|To You With Love|Smithsonian Folkways
Mystical Unionists|My Heart is a Heart of Golden Sun|Sketches for the Craft of Conciousness|s/r
Rio el Medio|Everyone is Someone's Sweet Little Baby||Gnomonsong

Concert Report Background Music: Paul Mauriat|Have You Ever Been Mellow?|MGM

Set 4
The La's|Timeless Melody|BBC Sessions
Mothman|Afghan Dub|In Dub Daze|On-U
Cookie Crew|Pick Up On This|Born This Way|ffrr
Larry Marshall|Still in Pressure|I Admire You In Dub|Motion
The Bug/Rootsman|Problem Version|Killing Sound|Razor X Productions

Background Music: Paul Mauriat|Have You Ever Been Mellow?|MGM

Set 5
Ney Matogrosso|Idade Do Ouro|Agua Do Ceu Passaro
Brain Donor|Where Do We Take You?|Drained Bonor|Invada

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Saturday, February 10, 2007 (MV & EE LIVE RECORDING)

Set 1
Roosevelt Franklin|Roosevelt's Alphabet|My Name Is Roosevelt Franklin|Sesame Street
Soul Swingers|Ca-Ba-Dab|Wheedle's Groove|Light in the Attic
Group Duoeh|Wazam Shamat|Guitar Music from the Western Sahara|Sublime Frequencies
B+|B-Beat (Vocal)|B-Beat Classic|West End
Fannypack|Things|So Stylistic|Tommy Boy
Positive K|I Got a Man|Skillz Dat Pay Da Billz|Island
MIA|Bird Flu|Mp3

Background Music: v/a|Mambo Fever|Capitol

Set 2
David Toop & Max Eastley|Telematic Nomads|Buried Dreams|Sub Rosa
Mark Templeton|Tentative Growth|Standing On A Hummingbird|Anticipate
Heralds Quartet|Motherless Child|Something Within Me|Imperial
Circle X|Prehistory II|Index

Somerville Speakout Background Music: Bert Kaempfert|My Way of Life|Decca

Set 3
MV/EE & Bummer Road Live Performance
1. Drone Trailer
2. Suspension in the Sky
3. The Burden
4. ??

Concert report Background Music: Floyd Cramer Plays the Monkees|RCA

Set 4
Ednardo|Beira Mar|Pessoal Do Ceara
Glenn Yarbrough|They Are Gone|Honey & Wine|Brass Dolphin

Set 5
Lily Allen|LDN|Alright, Stil....|Capitol

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Saturday, February 3, 2007 (Doing The Puppy Bowl Shuffle)

Set 1
Aretha Franklin|Rocksteady|Young, Gifted & Black|Atlantic
Margo Williams|God Save & Protect Our Children|Danny Krivit Introduces....P&P Records|Suss'd
Lulu|Love Loves to Love|Best of Sampled
Mystic Moods|Cosmic Sea|From Burbank to Bay Area|WEA
Doug Davies|Lola|Cinema de Funk 3|Electrostatic
Fairfax High School Marimba Band|Popcorn|
Karl Berger|Vibes First|We Are You|Calig

Background Music: John Williams|Changes|Polydor

Set 2
Big Boys|Prison|Fat Elvis|Touch & Go
UT|Mosquito Botticelli|In Gut's House|Mute
Surplus Stock|Capitals|Dance Ersatz ep|Rough Trade
Goldfinga|Stress|Now Thing|Mo'Wax
Tackhead|Mind at the End of a Tether|On-U 12"

Somerville Speakout Music: Bert Kaempfert|My Way of Life|Decca

Set 3
Sally Hopkins|Cello Chi (by Alan Lamb)|Austral Sounds|New Albion
Mountains|Sewn Two|Sewn|Apestaartje
Phelan Shepard|Tjarno|Harps Old Master|Leaf
Mi & Lau|Older|s/t|Young God
Loren Dent|Shoot the Piano Player|Empires & Milk|Contract Killers

Concert Report Background Music:

Set 4
William S. Fischer|Circle|Circles|Water
Chas Mtn|Salad of Flies|Hugs|Western Vinyl
Kevin Ayers|Shooting at the Moon|Shooting at the Moon|Water
Ornette Coleman|Turnaround Matador|Sound Grammar|Phase Text

Background Music: Hustle Factory Presents Do the Hustle|Realm

Set 5
Tools You Can Trust|A Blaze of Shame|Dynamo 12"
King Tubby & Aggrovators|Money Lover Dub|Foundation of Dub|Trojan

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Saturday, January 27, 2007 (1-2-3-4! This Radio Show Is Such a Bore!)

Set 1
Gene Marshall|Jimmy Carter Says Yes!|Off The Charts|Red Rock
Salsoul Orchestra|You're Just The Right Size|Cuichi Cuichi|Salsoul
Charanga 76|Ain't No Stopping Us Now|Disco Spectrum|BBE
Canciones Infantiles De Cuba|Dona Jico|Y Ahora ....Los Yoyo|Foton
Brazilian Girls|Last Call (Carl Craig Remix Instrumental)|Verve
Caetano Veloso|Homem|Ce|Nonesuch

Background Music: Xavier Cugat|Cgi's Cocktails|Mercury

Set 2
Scatter|Go Down Joe Downey Pt 2|Jar|Pickled Egg
Canciones Infantiles De Cuba|Doce Mulitos|Y Ahora ....Los Yoyo|Foton
Future Pilot AKA|A-N-U-R-U-D-H|Sectes from the Clockhouse|Creeping Bent
Caution Curves|Christmas + Malgorzata|A Little Hungry|Sockets

Somerville Speakout Music: Bert Kaempfert|Orange Coloured Sky|Decca

Set 3
Genders|Apes|Lets Lazertag Sometime|Tigerbeat6
Bracken|Safe Safe Safe|We Know About the Need|Anticon
Christopher Petersen w/ Eric Cook|Live on WCBN|
Autumn in Halifax|A Quiet Long Enough|Kites With Broken Strings|Carbon

Concert Report Music: Trinidad Steel Band|s/t|Peters Int'l

Set 4
The Pope|Ascendo Tuumi|Ascendo Tuumi
Child Bite|Wink Wave (with A)|Wild Feast|Suburan Sprawl
Crawl Space|Erotic Neurotic|Spirit of '76|Gulcher
Glaxo Babies|Promised Land|Dream Interrupted|Cherry Red
Canciones Infantiles De Cuba|Dona Jico|Y Ahora ....Los Yoyo|Foton

Set 5
African Head Charge|Primal One Drop|My Life in the Bush of the Ghosts|On U
Mustafa Ozkent|Burcak|Genclik Ile El|Finders Keepers
Wackie All Stars|Betrayers Call|Wackies

Set 6
Coachmen|Estampie Terrible|Coachmania!|ct!

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Saturday, January 20, 2007 (The State of the Radio is Subject to Change)

Set 1
Kashmere Stage Band|Thank You|Texas Thunder Soul|Stones Throw-Now Again
Sesso Matto|Sessomatto (1976 Jim Stuard Disco Mix)|West End
David Newman|Groovin' to the Music|Mr. Fathead|Warner Bros.
Hamara Adhikar|Bum Pam Bum Pa Ra Ra|Bombshell baby of Bombay|Bombay Connection
Billy Boyo|Janet Sinclair feat. Little John|Very Best of Me|SVLP

Background Music: Don Alessi|Guitar Spectacular!|Tiffany

Set 2
Ensemble|Summerstorm|Ensemble|Fat Cat
Future Pilot AKA|Festival of Lights|Sects from the Clockhouse|Creeping Bent
Incredible String Band|Dreams of No Return|hard Rope & Silken Twine|Reprise
Wizz Jones|Willie Moore|Legendary Me|Sunbeam
Mark Kozelek|Tiny Cities|Little Drummer Boy Live|Caldo Verde

Somerville Speakout Music: Bert Kaempfert|Afrikaan Beat|Decca

Set 3
Love Joys|How Long|Reggae Vibes|Wackies
Lord Kitchener|Alphonso in Town|London is the Place for Me Vol. 4|Honest Jon's
Tumba Francesca|Tambores 1|Afro-Cuba|Soul Jazz
Sand|Summer Lightning Pt 2|Dalton Shroud|Soul Jazz

Concert Report Music|Arthur Fiedler & BSO|Gotta Travel On|Polydor

Set 4
Max Richter|Time Passing + Sunlight|Songs from Before|Fat Cat
Johann Johannsson|Part 2/IBM1403|IBM1401 User Manual|4AD
Clint Mansell-Mogwai-Kronos Quartet|Death is the Disease|The Fountain|Nonesuch
Holger Czukay|Epilogue|Canaxis|Caroline

Background Music: Walter Murphy|Phantom of the Opera|Private Stock

Set 5
Faintest Ideas|You're Beautiful|What Goes Up, Must Calm Down|Magic Marker

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Saturday, January 13, 2007 (Surge Protector)

Set 1
Solomon Burke|Maggie's Farm|Blues & Soul Power|WEA UK
Sisters Love|Give Me Your Whisper|HEAVYbreathing Vol. 2|Normal
Ismael Rivera Con Kako Y Su Orquesta|Cantar Marvailloso|Lo Ultimo En La Avenida|Fania
Funkadelic|Bettino's Bounce|Kings of Techno|BBE
Kongas|Kongas Fun|Cerrone by Sinclair|Recall
Spires That In the Sunset Rise|Sea Shanty|This is Fire|Secret Eye

Background Music: Caravelli Orchestra|Don't Go Breaking My Heart|By Request|Peters

Set 2
Main|Feed the Collapse|Hydra-Calm|Situation 2
Blue in Heaven|Sometimes|All the God's Men|Island
MV & EE w/ the Bummer Road|Canned Happiness|Green Blues|Ecstatic Peace

Somerville Speakout music: Bert Kaempfert|With a "Sound" in my Heart|Decca

Set 3
Uncle Woody Surrender & Ken Davis|A Tunnel, Imposed|Tempest is Over|Dead CEO
Pan Sonic w/ David Cunningham|Rude Mechanic|Piano
Aemae|Cryptocrystalline|Helical Word|Isoundercore
Daniel Patrick Quinn|Weight of History|Severed from the Land|Suilven

Somerville Speakout BONUS music: Bert Kaempfert|With a "Sound" in my Heart|Decca

Set 4
General Echo|Rapping Dub Style|Big Apple Rapping|Soul Jazz
J Dilla|Wild|Ruff Draft|
Shabba Ranks|Woman Run Me Down|Best Baby Father|Digital-B
U Brown|Nu Kill Fi Dunza extended|Train to Zion|Blood + Fire

Set 5
Martin Creed|I Like Things|
Glaxo Babies|Maximum Sexual Joy|Dreams Interrupted|Cherry Red

Monday, January 08, 2007

Breakfast of Champions, Monday, January 8, 2007

* = Keith

Set 1
*Pere Ubu, I Will Wait|Datapanik In year Zero|DGC
Ken Boothe|Best of Studio One|Hearbeat

Set 2
*Dodgy|Trust in time|Free Peace Sweet|A&M
Augustus Pablo|Dubbing in Africa|Pressure Sounds

Set 3
*Martin Newell|Let's Build a House|Greatest Living Englishmen|Humbug
Nancy Priddy|My Friend Frank|You've Come This Way Before|Rev-Ola

Set 4
BOTW: Devo|Through Being Cool|New Traditionalists|Virgin
*Momus:Jeff Koons|Harpsichord 2|SHADO
Eddie Palmierei|African Twist|Explosivos!

Set 5
Brokeback|After the Internationals|Field Recordings from the...|Thrill Jockey
*Mark Eitzel|Some Bartenders Have the Gift of Pardon|60 Watt Silver Lining

Set 6
Ryan Teague|Track 8|Coins & Crosses|Type
Matt Pond PA|Canadian Song|Green Fury|Polyvinyl

Set 7
Climax Golden Twins|Heavy Hippie Shit|s/t|Anomolous
*The Cure|Mr. Pink Eyes|Join the Dots|Fiction

Concert Report

Set 8
Bright|Grand Mal|Blue Christian|Darla
*Genesis|Silver Rainbow|Genesis|Atlantic

Set 9
Peter Zummo|Sevenths|Zummo with an X|New World
*Orwell|Clair|Following Days|Hidden Agenda

Set 10
Cut Chemist|Spat|Audience's Listening|Warner Bros.
*Cocteau Twins|Pearly Dewdrops Drops (alt take)|Lullabies to Violane Vol. 1|4AD

Set 11
Section 25|Process|From the Hip|LTM
*Wipers|Misfit|Wipers Box Set (is this Real?)|Zeno

Set 12
Simon Fisher Turner|Sleepthru|Lara Lana Lata|Mute UK
*Contrast|She's Been Here Berfore|Mystery #1|Rainbow Quartz

Set 13
Alvarius B|Mystery Altitude|s/t|Abduction
*Sandy Salisbury|Spell on Me|Sandy|Poptones

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Saturday, January 6, 2006 (James Brown, still dead)

Set 1
James Brown|Funky Men|Soul Syndrome|TK Records
Bobby Byrd|Hang Ups We Don't Need|I Need Help|Polydor
Bunny Sigler|Let Me Party With You (Party-Party-Party)|Let Me Party With You|Gold Mind
Last Poets|James Brown|Doing the James Brown|Harmless
African Brothers|Self-Reliance|Ghana Soundz|Sound Way

Background Music: Marty Gould|Skin Tight|RCA Victor

Set 2
Bird Show|Field on Water|And to the disciples...|Amish
Alexander Tucker|Panemaker Doms|Furrowed Brow|ATP
Maximum Joy|Silent Street|Unlimited|Crippled Dick Hot Wax
Brother Culture|Fiyah Well Hot - Ext mix|Better Mus' Come|M 10"

Background Music: George Benson|Last Train to Clarksville|Shape of Things to Come|CTI/A&M

Set 3
Tuxedomoon|Triptych|Bardo Hotel Soundtrack|Crammed
Spirit Girls|Anthem For Ophelia|Foreever Free|Trakwerx
Amerie|Money in the Bank|Amerie Mix Tape|mp3
Black Taj|Closing Credits|And to the Disciples|Amish
Jesse Sparhawk|Super Deluxe Unorthodox Detox|s/r

Set 4
Jane & Barton|It's a Fine Day|A Fine Day|Cherry Red
Psychic Paramount|Solo Electric Guitar & Pre-Recorded Drums|Origins & Primitives Vol. 1-2|No Quarter
Boogie Down Productions|Hope Beats|Criminal Minded|B-Boy
Ghostface Killah|Ghost is Back|More Fish|Def Jam
Lugworm|Disco|A Souvenir from Glasgow|Earworm

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Guest Host Mark Robinson Playlist, Saturday, December 23, 2006

Set 1
Midlake|Roscoe|The Trials of Van Occupanther|Bella Union
A G.I.'s Germany in Sound and Music|(excerpt)|Sounds of Documentary
S2C olde school theme
Tirez Tirez |Uptight|12"|Sire
The Three Suns |Beautiful Isle of Somewhere|Lead, Kindly Light|Camden

Background Music: The Three Suns|Lead, Kindly Light|Camden

Set 2
Jerry Goldsmith|Main Title|Soundtrack to Capricorn One|Warner Brothers

Somerville Speakout: Music|Bert Kaempfert|?|Decca

Set 3
Donna Summer|The Wanderer|The Wanderer|Geffen
The Three Stooges|The Three Stooges and the Time Rocket|The Three Stooges|Peter Pan
Henry Mancini|The Theme from Peter Gunn|Music from Peter Gunn|Lion

Somerville Speakout: Music|Bert Kaempfert|?|Decca

Set 4
The Ballet|In My Head|Mattachine!|self-released
Mel Tillis and Nancy Sinatra|Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer|Christmas Country|Elektra
Spike Jonze|The Man of the Flying Trapeeze
Munich Machine|A Whiter Shade of Pale|A Whiter Shade of Pale|Casablanca

Background Music: Munich Machine|A Whiter Shade of Pale|Casablanca

Set 5
Christian Marclay|Martin Denny|More Encores|No Man's Land
Maanam|Karuzela Marzen|Maanam|Wifon
Alan Funt|Veteran's Views|Alan Funt's Candid Microphone|Harmony
Abba|King Kong Song|Waterloo|Atlantic

Somerville Speakout: Music|Bert Kaempfert|?|Decca

Set 6
Abecedarians|Benway's Carnival|Smiling Monarchs|Factory
New England Whalers|The Whalers Story|Score Whalers|Mark
Public Image Limited|Fodderstompf|First Issue|Virgin
Latin Hustle|Ho Ba La La|demo
New England Whalers|The Whalers Story|Score Whalers|Mark

Somerville Speakout: Music|Bert Kaempfert|?|Decca

Set 8
Modern English|Incident|Swans on Glass single|4AD
Altered Images|See Those Eyes|Pinky Blue|EMI
Edward R. Murrow....