Thursday, November 22, 2012

KZME: November 4, 2012 - with special selectah Raf Spielman of Eggy/Woolen Men

Mad Nanna    My Two Kids    7"    Soft Abuse
Brian Crook    Living Death    Bathysphere    Meds
Null & Void    Our New Life    Possibilities (Discoverable Thoughts)    Bunker Pop
Jonathan Halper    Leaving My Old Life Behind        Puck
Living Eyes    Ways to Make a Living        Anti-Fade
Krauss    Pangs of Lorna        Palto Flats
Scott & Charlene's Wedding    Two Weeks        Night People
Sic Alps    Baby's in a Coma        Drag City
Chris Knox    Not Given Lightly    Not Given Lightly    Communion
Garbage and the Flowers    Alamo Rose        Skull Tones
Mallard    Mansion    Yes on Blood    Castleface
Psychic Feline    White Walls        Water Wing
Bo Diddley    Aloha    Bo Diddley is Loose    :Checker"
Hooded Hags    Hide        Stank House
Formica Man    Brutal Women        s/r
Woolen Kits    Out of Whack        RIP Society
Woolen Men    West Coast    s/t    Eggy
Opal    Indian Summer        Chemical Imbalance
Tronics    TV on In Bed    Love Wedding    What's Your Rupture?
Mole House    Hey Come My Way    7"    Quemada
Great Unwashed    Hold Onto the Rail    Clean Out of Our Minds    Exiled
Unit Four    Rules    FM-BX Society Tapes    S-S
Scrotum Poles    Pick the Cat's Eyes Out        Dulcitone

KZME: November 18, 2012 Playlist (Special thanks to guest Paul Dickow/Strategy!)

Strategy Bolly Valve Reduction
Strategy Luna
Laika Marimba Song Silver Apples of the Moon Too Pure 

Solenoid Pharoah Acid Community Library
Strategy Seeds of Paradise 

O'Rang Herd of Instinct Echo Label 
Strategy Waiting for the Soup
Rob Walmart Q. Foghorn Made in Canada

Adrian Sherwood Semistoned

Soft Metals Psychic Driving (Xander Harris Remix) The Remixes Sweating Tapes
Lovers Without Borders Gentle Reminder Dog Daze Tapes
Jib Kidder My Baby (Slowfeel Coasting Mix) Steal Guitars: Fencing Partners States Rights
Talk It Metro Gnome Cluck-Cluck Teenbeat 
Inca Ore Adventure of Light Silver Sea Surfer School Not Not Fun
Ricardo Donoso Equivalence of the Thirteen (Downtempo Edit) Assimilating the Shadow Digitalis
Posture Wayfarer

SunnO))) & Pan Sonic Che Safe as Banana Suicide WFMU
Grapefruit Escaper Escaper Amdiscs

KZME: November 11, 2012 Playlist

Dim Dim Nutsy In Love Whip Audio Dregs
Salazar 1-2-3 Salazar First American
The Miracles Club U&Me (Nile Delta Mix) U & Me Cutters
Brenda Ray Moonbeams D'ya Hear Me!: Naffi Years, 1979-1983 EM
Vanilla Hammer Cro Magnum (Karen Dwyer remix) Kaleidoscope
Shock Get Off Lucky
Susumu Yokota Red Planet 1999
Jib Kidder The American Dream Steal Guitars States Rights
Jib Kidder Yesterday's Gone (White Rainbow) Steal Guitars-Fencing Partners States Rights
Bugskull Hazy Window Communication Digitalis
Mint Julep Horrorhead (Curve cover)

Scientist Rocking Dub The Best Dub Album in the World Important
Haxan Cloak Observatory Observatory
Squim Ev

Conjurerpdx Intro

Gabriel Saloman 1 Adhere Miasmah
Mark McGuire Beheld Nightshade

Monopoly Child Star Searchers Avery's Black Satin Stargate Garnet Toucan Pacific City Sound Systems
Tom Fazzini Castle of Wheels Loophamystern
Alter Eagle Side A If I Could Study the Future Eggy Records
Sam Gas Can ?? Death By Cheerios Eggy Records
White Magic Poor Harold Dark Stars Drag City
Mark Eitzel The Bill is Due Don't Be A Stranger Merge Records
ooray Barriers
Nite Lite Springingtime Megrez Desire Path
Black Sky Chant 67 km of Capricorn Aguirre