Saturday, March 24, 2007

Saturday, March 24, 2007 (The Amazing (G)Race - Glenn Jones performs live)

Set 1
John Fahey|Amazing Grace|America|Takmoa (CD reissue)
Gabor Szabo|Three King Fishers|Bacchanal|Skye
Luiz Bonfa|Sanctuary|Sanctuary|RCA
Davy Graham|Take Five|Guitar Player|Fledg'ling
Gilberto Gil|17 Leguas E Meia|s/t (Cerebrico Electronico)|Philips

Background Music: Santo & Johnny|United Artists

Set 2
Liz Eisenberg|Two Weeks Til the Midwest|Seeport|Leisure Class
Bert Jansch|Stepping STones|Vanguard
Takeshi Nishimoto|Rider|Monologue|Buro
Milton Nascimento|Ultimo Trem

Set 3
Cyclones|Meditations|Roots|Studio One
Johnny Clarke|Top Ranking|Dreader Dread:1976-1978|Blood + Fire
Yabby You|Silky Dub|Yabby U meets Sly & Robbie
Dock Boggs|Drunkard's Lone Child|Legendary Verve Folkways
Max Ochs|Raga|Contemporary Guitar|Takoma

Set 4
Glenn Jones|Freedom Raga|Live (12 String)
Max Ochs|Raga|Contemporary Guitar '67|Takoma
Harry Taussig|Water Verses|Contemporary Guitar '67|Takoma

Set 5
Glenn Jones|Richard Nixon Orchid|Live (Steel Guitar)
Robbie Basho (excerpt)|Contemporary Guitar '67|Takoma

Set 6
Glenn Jones |Barbeque Bob & Fishtown|Live (12-String)
Glenn Jones}David & the Phoenix|Live (12-String)

Set 7
#27/11 (aka Graham Lewis of Wire/He Said)|Oh How We Do|Brainwashed 7-inch

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Saturday, March 17, 2007 (Celebrate My Holiday w/ Leggo Dub Sound System & My Sister)

Set 1
Marc Aryan|Bete a Manger Du Foin|Pop! Pop! Pigalle!|Tous Des Reserves
Lee Akers|Lean Back|Heavy, Heavy, Heavy|Crown
Waterwheel|Cascade Florale|Noise Reduction II|Alley Sweeper
Jo Bossi|Your Love|Love Somebody|Marlin
Michael Rose|Throw Some Dub|African Dub|M

Somerville Speakout Music: Bert Kaempfert|In Love|Longines Symphonette Society & John Williams|Imperial March


Kristen's pick: Verdi's Requiem, Dies irae|Vienna Philharmonic

Set 2
Voice of Authority|Slipped Disco|On U/Cherry Red

Leggo Dub (Billy Set)
Carlton Livingston|100 lb of Colliweed|Jah Life
Early B|Visit of King Selassie|Reggae Goldmine
Israel Vibration|Mr. Taxman Dub|Israel Vibes
U Roy|Bury the Razor|The Lost Album-Right Time Rockers|
Sound Systems
Keith Hudson|Nuh Skin Up|Nuh Skin Up|Pressure Sounds

Background Music: Tony Allen|Ole (Maurizio)|Basic Channel

Leggo Dub 2 (Rob set)
Clive Hunt + Rasta Kashi|Drum Song|Wackie's 12"
Barry Brown|Nice Up the Session|King Culture 12"
Jacob Miller|False Rasta|Thompson Sounds 7"
Trinity|Gun Fever|Yabby U Meets Trinity @ King Tubby's Dub Station|Vivian Jackson-Record Profit
Welton Irie!|Ghetto Man Corner|Ghetto Man Corner|Pantomine

Background Music: Burial|Versus|Planet Mu

Leggo Dub Set 3 (Billy)
Courtney Melody|Bad Boyz|Techniques
Daddy Lizard|A Fi Fly Out|Techniques
Mundo|Standstill Rasta|Dub Assembly 10"
Benga|White Label
Mala|Bury da Bwoy|DMZ

Background Music: Hugh Mundell|Jah Fire|Black Arrow

Leggo Dub Set 4 (Rob)
Johnny Osbourne|No Sound Like We|Jammys
Cobra|See and No Talk|Jammys
Lone Ranger|M16|Channel One

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Saturday, March 10, 2007 (Guilty! Guilt! Guilty!)

Set 1
Eduardo Davison|Mueva El Dinero|Le Chien|Mp3
Arif Sag|Bahi Sabah|Lambaya Puf De|
Bennie Man|Crucifixion|All the Best|Peter Pan int'l
Dana Dane|Cinderfella Dana Dane|Best of|Arista
Ralpl McDonald|Calpyso Breakdown|
Orchestra Harlow|Mi Madre|Orchestra Harlow|Fania

Background Music: Hot Butter|Popcorn|Castle

Set 2
Henry Flynt|Leather High in A|Vol. 3-Hillbilly Music|Recorded
Simon Fisher Turner|Pennliess in Pescara|Caravaggio|Cherry Red
John Morton|Through the Wall|Solo Traveler|Innova
Chas Smith|Hollister|Nakadia|Arc Light mixed with...
Phil Kline|Holy City of Ashtabula|Glow in the Dark|CRI

Somerville Speakout Music: Bert Kaempfert|in Love|Longines Symphonette Sociey

Set 3
The Fall|(Birtwistle's)Girl in a Shop|We Wish You a Protein Christmas|
TV Personalities|She Can Stop Traffic (Black Dice Mix)|My Dark Places Remixes|Domino 12"
Danse Society|Somewhere|Society Records 12"
Boots for Dancing|Pop:aural 12"
Suns of Arqa w/ Prince Far I|Nam-Myoho-Renge-Kyo|Live w/ PFI|

Background Music: Kay Bova|At the Hammond X-66|St. George Int'l

Set 4
Sylvia Telles|Samba
Giant Sunflower Band|Oh Mary Green|Blood of the Sunworm|Soft Abuse
Cavaliers|It's a Beautiful Game|Too Good To Be True|El Records

Set 5
Lootpack|Crate Diggin'|Soundpieces:Da Antitode|Stones Throw

Saturday, March 03, 2007

March 3, 2007 (It's March Seasonaly Affective Disorder!)

Set 1
101 Strings|Astral-Freakouts|Astro-Sounds|Alshire
Kalyanji Anandji|Theme From Don|Sitar Beat Vol. 1|Guerilla
Yma Sumac|Medicine Man|Miracles|London
Roxy Music|Bogus Man|For Your Pleasure|Warner Bros.
Massive Attack|Karmacoma (Napoli Trip)|Karmacoma cd-5|Virgin
Jah Iny|El Rockers Chapter 1|Rockers International

Background Music:Ronnie Aldrich| Here Come the Hits!|Phase4Stereo

Set 2
Giant Sunflower Band|Lice of Rainbows|Blood of the Sunwarm|Soft Abuse
Lech Janjowski|Hymn.Coda.Choral|Institute Benjamenta|Ronnick
Hijack|Nightmarez|Tectonic Plates 04 12"
Flying Saucer Attack|Since When (Three)|Harmony of the Spheres|Drunken Fish
Seefeel|Plainsong (sine bubble embossed dub)|Polyfusia|Astralwerks
Relay|Prill|Still Point of Turning|Bubblecore

Somerville Speakout Music: Bert Kaempfert|Lights Out, Sweet Dreams|Decca

Set 3
Pink Military|Clown Town 12"
Pylon|Weather Radio|Gyrate|DB Rec
Clint Eastwood & Gen'l Saint|Cant Take Another World War|Two Bad DJ|Greensleeves
General TK|Coke & Crack|I-Spy|Greensleeves
Cabaret Voltaire|Why Kill Time (when you can kill yourself)?|mp3

Background Music: Richard Groove Holmes|Star Wars

Set 4
Drimble Wedge & Vegetations (aka Peter Cook)|Bedazzled|Bedazzled OST|
The Nightengales|Whys of Acknowledgment|Hysterics|Cherry Red
Diagram Brothers|Discardo|Some Marvels of Modern Science|LTM
Sun City Girls|Dry City|Jukebox Buddha|Staubgold

Set 5
Biz Markie|Benny & the Jets|Cold Chillin'