Monday, September 24, 2012

KZME: Sept 23, 2012 Playlist

Dim Dim Nutsy In Love Whip Audio Dregs
Bobby Birdman Only For Awhile New Moods Fryk Beat
White Rainbow Machine Brukks Infinite Mix Tape s/r
Mike Simonetti Everybody Dub edit Italians Do It Better
The Eight Minutes I Can't Get No Higher BBE
Strategy Hardware Dub 7" Zam Zam
JD Twitch feat Killa P Sleng Teng Sleng Teng Soundcloud
Xoki & Hieronymous Journey Home Dub Zam Zam
Yellow Fever Bermuda Triangle M'Lady's Records

Arthur Verocai Balada 45 Timeless Mochilla
Slave Snap Shot Show Time Cotillion
Holy Other Held Soundcloud
Sir Richard Bishop Al-Darazi Salvador Kali s/r
Softlight Reveries Side A s/t s/r
Gunter Schickert Uberfalling Uberfalling Bureau B
Jeff Witscher/Cody Brant Untitled Textured Sounds
Alura Une Dybbuk Dybbuk Wave Guide
Ethernet Rain Elemental Into the Woods Tamarack
Exusamwa A Man Called Horst Excusez-Moi 100% Breakfast
Exusamwa Greektown Excusez-Moi 100% Breakfast
Father Finger Temper Soundcloud
Explode Into Colors Paper Quilts M'Lady's Records
Cut Hands Black Mamba

Monday, September 03, 2012

KZME: Sunday, September 1, 2012

THEME: Dim Dim    Nutsy In Love    Whip    Audio Dregs

Set 1
V West    Catching Me Cold    So Click Heels    Sweating Tapes
Ignatius    Plunk    Gossamer    Buried in Time
Future Shuttle    Astro Curio    In To It    New Images
MSHR    Nocturnal Textural Temple    Inward Conch-Inward Spiral   
Stag Hare    Holy Persons    Sandpaintings    Bandcamp
Secret Drum Band    Live        Bandcamp

Bed: Mike Jedilicka    ISM1    Leaving Baja    Optic Echo

Set 2
Mars Water    Forever    Tempus Fugit   
Cosmetics    Sleepwalking    7"    Captured Tracks
DeepMagic    Motionless    Closed Eyes    Debacle
O Yuki Conjugate    Flute Cloud    Primitive    Soleilmoon
Neptune Skyline    Housing Spiders    The Personality Disorder Temperance League   

Set 3
Glenn Yarbrough    What the World Needs Now    It's Gonna Be Fine    RCA
Connie Francis    Walk On By    Sings Hal David & Burt Bacharach    Philips
Frances Moore-Lee & Burning Bush    Out Here On the Road    I Love You, Jesus    New Birth

Set 4
Marcus Fischer + the OO-Ray    Tessellate    Tessellations    Optic Echo
Sleeping with the Earth    Loave        myspace
Rene Hell    Meta Concrete    Split LP    NNA Tapes

Set 5
High Wolf    Raagini    Atlas Nation    Holy Mountain
Astral Social CLub    Tempo Rubber    Magic Smile    Wonderyou
Bastian Void    Flourescent Bells        Field Hymns

Set 6
Black Pus    Off With His Head    Pus Mortem   

Saturday, September 01, 2012

KZME: August 26, 2012 - M'Lady's Festivus

Thanks to Brett of the almighty M'Lady's for being the Selectah:

THEME: Dim Dim    Nutsy In Love    Whip    Audio Dregs
Brian Crook        Bathysphere    Medicine
Old Wars    Rough Spot        Cassingle & Loving It
Grass Widow    Disappearing Industries        M'Lady's
Tyvek    Give it Up    Fast Metabolism    M'Lady's
Coasting    Portland    You're Never Going Back    M'Lady's Records
Golden Awesome    A Thousand and One Nights    Autumn    M'Lady's
Talk Normal    Love General        M'Lady's Records
Brute Heart    In Limbo        M'Lady's Records
Nature    Work Out        M'Lady's
Julianna Barwick    Untitled    Sanguine    M'Lady's Records
Minor Threat    Screaming at a Wall        Dischord
Make UP    Untouchable Sound    I Want Some    M'Lady's Records
Bobby Smith    Now He's Gone       
Terry Dean & the Nite Beats    If I Can       
Joe Maneri    Paniots Nine    Paniots Nine    Tzadik
Francoise Hardy    Je N'Attends Plus Personae    The Vogue Years   
Chain and the Gang    Certain Kinds of Trash    In Cool Blood    K
George Perkins & The Silver Stars           
Tobi Lark    Lots of Heart       
Honey Duo Twins    Kiss Me        Yambo
Ronnie Love    Detroit Michigan       
Masquerders    How       
Dinosaur L    Kiss Me Again (Nicky Siano edit)       
Wipers    Lonely One    Over THe Edge   
Finally Punk    Primary Colours    Casual Goths    M'Lady's Records

KZME: August 19, 2012


THEME: Dim Dim    Nutsy In Love    Whip    Audio Dregs
Airsports    hype    Airports    Amdiscs
Instruments of Science & Technology    Old Handshakes    Library Music    Asthmatic Kitty
Eats Tapes    Dinosaur Days        Community Library
Seekersinternational    InVoice Dub       
Conrad Schnitzler    Wer Sinn Wir Dinn    Con 3   
Mad Professor    John Peel Dub
Jeannie & Joannie    Peace, Is It Just A Word?    Look Around You    Supreme
Jherek Biscoff    The Secret of the Machines        Brassland
Virgin Blood    John I'm Only Dancing
John Maus    Rights For Gays    Love Is Real    Upset! The Rhythm
Old Night    Old Night    Love Songs for Lamps    The Believer
The Polyps    Fennel's Daughter        Eggy
Orca Team    If....    Restraint    Cassingle & Loving It
Reynosa    Carnito        M'Lady's
SE Rogie    Easy Baby    African Guitar Box    Mississippi
Bernie Leighton    I'll Never Fall in Love Again    Rhythmic Parachute Play    KBH Production
OO-Ray    Autumn    Astoria   
Derek Monypeny    Learned Helplessness    Limerance   
Rafael Anton Irisarri    Catch Me As I Fall    The Demo Vault (Two)    Bandcamp
Fennesz & Irisarri    Live 2010
Ladyshapes    Live at Ella Street
Richard Youngs    I'm In (California)    Amaraminthe    MIE
H.    Oregon Fir    The Finest Tree I Ever Did See    WFMU
Margo Eggplant    Chump Change
Jungle Odyssey    Elephant Drums        Evolution