Saturday, September 01, 2012

KZME: August 19, 2012


THEME: Dim Dim    Nutsy In Love    Whip    Audio Dregs
Airsports    hype    Airports    Amdiscs
Instruments of Science & Technology    Old Handshakes    Library Music    Asthmatic Kitty
Eats Tapes    Dinosaur Days        Community Library
Seekersinternational    InVoice Dub       
Conrad Schnitzler    Wer Sinn Wir Dinn    Con 3   
Mad Professor    John Peel Dub
Jeannie & Joannie    Peace, Is It Just A Word?    Look Around You    Supreme
Jherek Biscoff    The Secret of the Machines        Brassland
Virgin Blood    John I'm Only Dancing
John Maus    Rights For Gays    Love Is Real    Upset! The Rhythm
Old Night    Old Night    Love Songs for Lamps    The Believer
The Polyps    Fennel's Daughter        Eggy
Orca Team    If....    Restraint    Cassingle & Loving It
Reynosa    Carnito        M'Lady's
SE Rogie    Easy Baby    African Guitar Box    Mississippi
Bernie Leighton    I'll Never Fall in Love Again    Rhythmic Parachute Play    KBH Production
OO-Ray    Autumn    Astoria   
Derek Monypeny    Learned Helplessness    Limerance   
Rafael Anton Irisarri    Catch Me As I Fall    The Demo Vault (Two)    Bandcamp
Fennesz & Irisarri    Live 2010
Ladyshapes    Live at Ella Street
Richard Youngs    I'm In (California)    Amaraminthe    MIE
H.    Oregon Fir    The Finest Tree I Ever Did See    WFMU
Margo Eggplant    Chump Change
Jungle Odyssey    Elephant Drums        Evolution

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