Monday, June 18, 2012

KZME: Sunday, June 17, 2012

Sad Horse    Soft Mommy    Purple On Purple Makes Purple    Water Wing
    Monkey Bounce    Developmental Motor Skills for Self-Awareness    Kimbo
Brute Heart    Scritch Scratch    s/t   
Child Pornography    Cold Fingers    7"    OMS-B
Trini Lopez    Sunshine Of Your Love    The Whole Enchilada    Reprise
The Talley Ho's    Cotton Jenny    Meet the Talley Ho's    Charter
Ferrante & Teicher    Midnight Cowboy    Midnight Cowboy    United Artists
Alexander Tucker    Andromeon    Third Mouth    Thrill Jockey
Slaraffenland    Long Gone    We're On Your Side    Hometapes
Edikanfo    Blinking Eyes    African Super Band    Editions EG
Evolutionary Jass Band    Devotion    EJB Live @ Artistry    Soundcloud
Evangelist Loretta Myers    Jesus Will Never Say No    In the Storm So Long    Mississippi
Silver Fox    Waves On It    7"    M'Lady's
Vestals    Forever Falling    Forever Falling Toward the Sky    Root Strata
Seth Nehil    Knives-05    Knives    s/r
Mondo Lava    Sound of 30 Basketballs Dribbling    split cs   
Flower Corsano Hejnowski    Tilt    The Count Visits    Hot Cars Warp/Flowerhouse
Oren Ambarchi    Knots    Audience of One    Touch

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

KZME: Sunday, May 27, 2012 (20 Years of Chickfactor! celebration)

Dim Dim    Nutsy In Love    Whip    Audio Dregs
Belle and Sebastian    Chickfactor    Boy with the Arab Strap    Jeepster Records
Clientele    Haunted Melody    7"    Merge
Pulp    There Was...    Schooldisco    El
Grenadine    Gillan (except sometimes)    7"    Teenbeat
Dusty Trails    You Freed Yourself    Dusty Trails    Warner Bros
Colin Blunstone    Her Song    one year    Columbia
Joyce    Snor    Tardes Cariocas    Far out
Caetano Veloso    Nine out of Ten    Transa    Vinyl Lovers
Free Design    I'm a yogi    Stars/Time/Bubbles/Love    Light In The Attica
Doris Day    Let's Fly Away    Cuttin Capers    Columbia
willie mitchell    that drivin beat    The Hi Masters    Hi
True Love Always    Mediterranean    Spring Collection    Teenbeat
Versus    Never Be Okay    Two Cents Plus Tax    Teenbeat
pernice brothers    Bryte Side    World Won't End    sub pop
Lois    Darvey    Butterfly Kiss    K
beat happening    In Between    Jamboree    K
Lorelei    Stop Doing What You're Doing    Why Popstars Can't Dance    Slumberland
The Aislers Set    Mission Bells    12"    Suicide Squeeze
The Softies    About You    Winter Pageant    K
Go Betweens    Head Full of Steam    Liberty Belle    Jetset
Wedding Present    Shatner    Peel Sessions    Dutch East
Hot Pursuit    Timonium Two Step    Teenbeat 20th    Teenbeat
St. Etienne    Hit the Brakes    Good Humor    Sub Pop
Sarah Dougher    The Walls Ablaze    The Walls Ablaze    K
Richard Davies    Papillon    Telegraph    Sub Pop
The Sixths    San Diego Zoo    Wasps Nests    London
Adventures in Stereo    Waves On    7"    Bobsled
Stereolab    You Used To Call Me Sadness    7"    Lissys

KZME Playlist: June 3, 1012 (Featuring Creative Music Guild)

Special Dedicated to Creative Music Guild!

Thuja    Side 2    s/t    Important
Common Eider, King Eider    Ennui    Worn    Root Strata
Dragging An Ox Through Water    Plaisir D'amour       
The Tenses    Quiet Jelly    Follow the Reindeer    Poobah
The Tenses    Fun Bells    Follow the Reindeer    Poobah
Smegma    Swampdick    7"    Sympathy for the Record Industry
Hangedup & Tony Conrad    Gentil The Unlucky Astronomer        Constellation
Jordan Dykstra    Formal Art    Songs on Conceptual Art    Marriage
Jackie-O Motherfucker    Blood of Life    Benefit for the Recovery in Japan   
Dragging An Ox Through Water    One Usually Understands....    Songs on Conceptual Art    Marriage
Davis Redford Triad    Apocalypse Greeting Card    Ewige Blumenkraft    Holy Mountain

KZME Playlist: June 10, 2012

THEME SONG: Dim Dim    Nutsy In Love    Whip    Audio Dregs

Set 1
Priceless    Love in Your Life    Wheedle's Groove    Light in the Attic
Jo Bisso    Don't Think About It    The Best Disco In Town   
Bruce Kelly's New Oregon Singers    Spinning Wheel    Volume 2   
Cybotron    Cosmic Raindance    Clear    Fantasy
Pyrolator    Danger Cruising    Inland    Bureau B
Polonaise    Trocadero    12"`    100% Silk

Set 2
Northern Lights    Worried About You    Vancouver Dreaming    Natural Resources
The Singers Unlimited    I Don't Know Where I Stand With You    A Capella 2    BASF
Nudge    Down Comes Light    As Good As Gone    Kranky
Inez Lightfoot    Leaving the Owsla        soundcloud

Set 3
The Beakers    Red Towel    4 Steps Toward a Cultural Revolution    K Records
A Frames    Archaelogy    2   
Set 4
The Punks    Terrified Lights    Unanimous Bangers    5RC
Eyvind Kang    Usnea    The Narrow Garden    Ipecac
Nalle    First Eden Sank to Grief    The Sirens Wave    Locust

Set 5 (collage)
Monopoly Child Star Searchers    Untitled    Aqueducts of Child Island    Pacific City Sound Systems
Lucky Dragons    Shape Tape (Side a)    Shape Tape   
Duane Pitre    Side 2    Organized Pitches Ocurring in Time    Important