Monday, June 18, 2012

KZME: Sunday, June 17, 2012

Sad Horse    Soft Mommy    Purple On Purple Makes Purple    Water Wing
    Monkey Bounce    Developmental Motor Skills for Self-Awareness    Kimbo
Brute Heart    Scritch Scratch    s/t   
Child Pornography    Cold Fingers    7"    OMS-B
Trini Lopez    Sunshine Of Your Love    The Whole Enchilada    Reprise
The Talley Ho's    Cotton Jenny    Meet the Talley Ho's    Charter
Ferrante & Teicher    Midnight Cowboy    Midnight Cowboy    United Artists
Alexander Tucker    Andromeon    Third Mouth    Thrill Jockey
Slaraffenland    Long Gone    We're On Your Side    Hometapes
Edikanfo    Blinking Eyes    African Super Band    Editions EG
Evolutionary Jass Band    Devotion    EJB Live @ Artistry    Soundcloud
Evangelist Loretta Myers    Jesus Will Never Say No    In the Storm So Long    Mississippi
Silver Fox    Waves On It    7"    M'Lady's
Vestals    Forever Falling    Forever Falling Toward the Sky    Root Strata
Seth Nehil    Knives-05    Knives    s/r
Mondo Lava    Sound of 30 Basketballs Dribbling    split cs   
Flower Corsano Hejnowski    Tilt    The Count Visits    Hot Cars Warp/Flowerhouse
Oren Ambarchi    Knots    Audience of One    Touch

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