Monday, July 02, 2012

KZME: Sunday, June 24, 2012


THEME: Dim Dim | Nutsy In Love | Whip | Audio Dregs

Frisky    Love at First Sight    Frisky    Vanguard
Axxess    Twilight Ride    Novels for the Moon    Medical
Keith Emerson    I'm a Man    Night Hawks    Backstreet
NFU    Mirror    Mirror    Optic Echo
Ras G    Side 3    Down to Earth    Ramp
Donnie & Joe Emerson    Don't Go Lovin' Nobody Else    Dreamin' Wild    Light in the Attc
Michael Chapman    The Banjo Song    Originals    Decca
Donovan Quinn    The Door Locks Itself    Your Wicked Man    Soft Abuse
Steve & Maria    People Got to Be Free    People Got to Be Free    FourMost
Sad Horse    Groots    Purple On Purple Makes Purple    Water Wing
Pulse Emitter    Bioluminescence        Immune
Sir Richard Bishop    Blood-Stained Sands    the freak of araby    Drag City
Rllrbll    Scythe    Murwa Mbwa    Silber
Plankton Wat    Redwood Coast    In Magical Light   
Concern    Young Birth    Truth & Distance    Digitalis

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