Monday, July 30, 2012

KZME: Sunday, July 29, 2012 Playlist

artist    title    release label
THEME: Dim Dim    Nutsy In Love    Whip    Audio Dregs

Michael Bruce    Saw 2-3Ball    Aphex Twin v. DJ Eric Rincon v. DJ Sheeqo Beat
Francis Bebey    Wuma Te    African Electronic Music 1975-1982    Born Bad
Gay Cat Park    I'm a Vocoder    Synthetic Woman    Medical
Makers    Don't Challenge Me    Personal Space: Electronic Soul 1974-1982    Chocolate Industries
Pete Swanson    Far Out    Man With Potential    Type
Thug Entrancer    Love & Happiness    Born Again for the First Time    Digitalis
Copper Plated Integrated Circuit    Love Child    Plugged In Pop    Command
Lovers Without Borders    Athena from Bow    Love Songs for Lamps    The Believer
Mansion Music    Maps    Love Songs for Lamps    The Believer
Trumans Water    Ride the No Wave    Singles 1992-1997   
Sister Slacks    Clockwork    With a Saw    Free Music Archive
Campfires    Amelia    Chicago    Twosyllables
Sandwitches    Pearl        Hardly Art
Plankton Wat    Orange Clouds    Spirits    Thrill Jockey
Rose City Singers    Requiem for a Little Boy    On the Move    NVVI
Jherek Biscoff    Counting (with Carla Bozulich)    Composed    Brassland
Matt Carlson    ??    ??   
Peter Broderick & Machinefabriek    Planes    Black Grey Canvas Sky    Fang Bomb
Ben Frost & Daniel Bjarnason        Solaris    Bedroom Community
Benoit Pioulard    Calder    Benoit Piolard Plays Thelma    Desire Path
Donnie & Joe Emerson    Love Is    Dreamin' Wild    Light in the Attic
The Golden Bears    Coda    Wall to Wall   
CWK Jones    Minore Mane    On a Steady Diet of Hash, Bread & Salt    Free Music Archive
Panabrite    Spetses    The Barogue Atrium    Preservation
Concern    Seven Billion Lives At Once    Misfortune    Isounderscore
Jari Pitkanen    Shift to Mirror    Sirin   

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