Friday, December 28, 2012


Music that Inspired, Comforted, and/or Provided Insight or Happiness

Achiampong, Larry    Mogya & More Mogya    s/r
Amps for Christ    Circuit    Water Wing
Baird Sisters    Until You Find Your Green    Grapefruit
Barwick, Juliana    Sanguine    M'Lady's
Bebey, Francis    African Electronic Music, 1975-82    Born Bad
Bischoff, Jerek    Composed    Brassland/Leaf
Black to Comm    Earth    De Stijl
Brute Heart    Everything    Water Wing/Soft Abuse/Soundcloud
BVDub    First Day    Home Normal
Cacciapaglia, Roberto    Ann Steel Album    Half Machine
Concern     Misfortune    Isoundercore
Corley, Paul    Disquiet    Bedroom Community
Cotton Candy    Off the Hook & Out of Control    Teenbeat
Deep Time    Deep Time    Hardly Art
Eitzel, Mark    Don't Be a Stranger    Merge
Emerson, Donnie & Joe    Dreamin' Wild    Light in the Attic
Evans Pyramid    s/t    Cultures of Soul
Fischer, Marcus & Oo-ray    Tessellations    Optic Echo
Frost, Ben + DanĂ­el Bjarnason     Solaris    Bedroom Community
Grimes    Visions    4AD
Hangedup & Tony Conrad      The Unlucky Astronomer      Constellation
Holley, Lonnie    Just Before Music    Dust to Digital
Imbogodom    And Then They Turned Not When They Went    Thrill Jockey
Kidder, Jib    Steal Guitars & Steal Guitars: Fencing Partners    States Rights
Lambchop    Mr. M    Merge
Lucky Dragons    Exister    Swill Children
McMahon, F.J.    Spirit of the Golden Juice    Circadian Press
Micachu and the Shapes    Never    Rough Trade
Mirrorring    Foreign Body    Kranky
Ocean, Frank    Channel Orange    Def Jam
Plankton Wat    Spirits    Thrill Jockey
Polonaise    Trocadero    100% Silk
Psychic Feline    7"    Water Wing
Recchion, Tom    Proscenium    Elevator Bath
Sad Horse    Purple on Purple Makes Purple    Water Wing
Sally Smmit And her Musicians    Hangahar    Groovy
Saloman, Gabriel    Adhere    Miasmah
Stott, Andy    Luxury Problems    Modern Love
Strategy    Boxy Music    100% Silk
Swans    Seer    Young God
Sympathy Nervous    s/t    Minimal Wave
The Caretaker    Patience (After Sebald)    History Always Favours the Winners
The Orb (feat. Lee Scratch Perry)    The ORBSERVER in the Star House    Cooking Vinyl
Traxman    Da Mind of    Planet Mu
Turman, Robert    Flux    Spectrum Spools
Unrecognizable Now    Two Rooms    Kesh
v/a    Love Songs for Lamps    Believer
v/a    Songs on Conceptual Art    Marriage
v/a    Personal Space    Chocolate Industries
v/a    Best of Disco Demands    BBE
v/a    Music for Tom Carter   
v/a    NYC Popfest Mix Tape   
Woolen Men    Hair of the Night    Eggy
Youngs, Richard    Rurtain    Alter
Youngs, Richard    Core to the Brave    Root Strata

Monday, December 24, 2012

KZME: December 23, 2012 -- The Grand Finally

Groundislava    Suicide Mission feat. Baths (Octo Octo Remix)       
Sharon Redd    Love How You Feel    Love How You Feel    Prelude
Temples    One        Ecstasy
Milagres    Glowing Mouth        Kill Rock Stars
Tim Maia        Nobody Can Live Forever    Luaka Bop
Virgin Blood    Blue Christmas       
White Rainbow    Ring the Bells (Cat Xmas Song)       
Southroad Connection    Just Laying It Down        Mahogany
Etbonz    Dream Recall       
Martyn    Distortions    Ghost People    Ninja Tune
Sasac    Garden Sounds        Omega Supreme
Roy Montgomery    A Chorus of Comsats    Music from the film Hey Badfinger    Yellow Electric
Grouper    Vital    The Man Who Died in His Boat    Kranky
Vestals    Forever Falling        Root Strata
AnnaRoseCarter    Memor        Soundcloud
The Slaves    111    Spirits of the Sun    Digitalis
Sun Hammer + Radere    Lotophagen        Future Sequence
Jatun    December        Soundcloud
The Orb with Lee Scratch Perry    Golden Clouds    The Orbserver in the star house    Cooking Vinyl
Chris Watson    Warrigal Night        Room40
Between            12K

Monday, December 17, 2012

KZME: Sunday, December 16, 2012

artist    title    albumtitle    label                                   
All Tiny Creatures    Just Talk    Home Tapes                                   
A.C. Marias    Drop        Dome                                   
Ian Crause    Song of Phaethon pt 1-3        Bandcamp                                   
Monopoly Child Star Searchers    Double Call of Toucan Night    The Garnet Toucan    Pacific City Sound Systems                                   
Strategy    Valentine's Dub        Boomarm Nation                                   
The Orb with Lee Scratch Perry    Police & Thieves    The Observer in the House    Cooking Vinyl                                   
Pipas    Wells Street    All's Fair in Love  & Chickfactor    Enchante                                   
Quixotic    Ice Cream Sundae        Kill Rock Stars                                   
Gilmore Tamny    Simple & Fragrant    All's Fair in Love  & Chickfactor    Enchante                                   
Television Personalities    You Kept Me Waiting Too Long Long Long Long Long Long Long (E*Vax Remix)    My Dark Places Remixes    Domino                                   
Languis    Clouded Vision    Unithematic    Pehr                                   
Blondes    Water        Rvng Intl                                   
Daniel Menche    Glass Forest 3    Glass Forest    Important                                   
Black to Comm    Stille Nacht    Hasenbart                                   
Walker Brothers    Inside of You    Lines    GTO                                   
The Slaves    Seventeen    Ocean on Ocean    Helen Scarsdale Agency                                   
Non Boyd Rice    Turn Me On Dead Man    Back to Mono    Mute                                   
Fieldhead    Stolen    A Correction                                       
Ethernet    Correction    Opus 2    Kranky                                   
Everyday Loneliness    No Permission Sought or Given    false validations                                   
Loscil    Else    Air Texture Vol. II

Monday, December 03, 2012

KZME: Subject to Change Playlist12/2/12

Dim Dim    Nutsy In Love    Whip    Audio Dregs
Traxman    Lifeeeeee Is For Ever    Da Mind of    Planet Mu
Larry Achiampong    Sore Soul    More Mogya   
Gulls    Deep Conga - DubPlate Version        Boomarm Nation
The Miracles Club    Chango    White Rainbow Mix   
Forever Sweet    True Blue    Geben & Nehman    Ladomat
Mahjongg    Selector Dub Narcotic - Groove Version    Dub Narcotic Disco Plate    K
Mary Lorson & Billy Cote    Turtle Song    Piano Creeps   
Efterklang & Sydney Sumphony Orchestra    The Ghost       
Bill Withers    Hope She'll Be Happier    Live at Carneige Hall   
Terry Callier    Dancing Girl    What Color is Love    Cadet
Larry Norman    Nothing Really Changes    Upon this Rock    Impact
Lamb    Hallelujah    III    Messianic
Grasslung    Scarred Hands We Drift    Sincere Void    Root Strata
Strategy    VidM    Boomarm Nation
Paul Richardson    Ooh Wee Babe    Under the Influence Vol. 2    Z
Mark Stewart    Gang War    The Politics of Envy    Future Noise
Jah Warrior    African King        Zam Zam
Grapefruit    Stereo Scissors    Escaper    AM Discs
Black Hat    Jaune    Covalence    Field Hymns
Gabriel Saloman    2    Adhere    Miasmah
Weatherexposed    How Many Dead or Alive
Wire    Pink Flag    It's All In the Brochure    Pink Flag

Thursday, November 22, 2012

KZME: November 4, 2012 - with special selectah Raf Spielman of Eggy/Woolen Men

Mad Nanna    My Two Kids    7"    Soft Abuse
Brian Crook    Living Death    Bathysphere    Meds
Null & Void    Our New Life    Possibilities (Discoverable Thoughts)    Bunker Pop
Jonathan Halper    Leaving My Old Life Behind        Puck
Living Eyes    Ways to Make a Living        Anti-Fade
Krauss    Pangs of Lorna        Palto Flats
Scott & Charlene's Wedding    Two Weeks        Night People
Sic Alps    Baby's in a Coma        Drag City
Chris Knox    Not Given Lightly    Not Given Lightly    Communion
Garbage and the Flowers    Alamo Rose        Skull Tones
Mallard    Mansion    Yes on Blood    Castleface
Psychic Feline    White Walls        Water Wing
Bo Diddley    Aloha    Bo Diddley is Loose    :Checker"
Hooded Hags    Hide        Stank House
Formica Man    Brutal Women        s/r
Woolen Kits    Out of Whack        RIP Society
Woolen Men    West Coast    s/t    Eggy
Opal    Indian Summer        Chemical Imbalance
Tronics    TV on In Bed    Love Wedding    What's Your Rupture?
Mole House    Hey Come My Way    7"    Quemada
Great Unwashed    Hold Onto the Rail    Clean Out of Our Minds    Exiled
Unit Four    Rules    FM-BX Society Tapes    S-S
Scrotum Poles    Pick the Cat's Eyes Out        Dulcitone

KZME: November 18, 2012 Playlist (Special thanks to guest Paul Dickow/Strategy!)

Strategy Bolly Valve Reduction
Strategy Luna
Laika Marimba Song Silver Apples of the Moon Too Pure 

Solenoid Pharoah Acid Community Library
Strategy Seeds of Paradise 

O'Rang Herd of Instinct Echo Label 
Strategy Waiting for the Soup
Rob Walmart Q. Foghorn Made in Canada

Adrian Sherwood Semistoned

Soft Metals Psychic Driving (Xander Harris Remix) The Remixes Sweating Tapes
Lovers Without Borders Gentle Reminder Dog Daze Tapes
Jib Kidder My Baby (Slowfeel Coasting Mix) Steal Guitars: Fencing Partners States Rights
Talk It Metro Gnome Cluck-Cluck Teenbeat 
Inca Ore Adventure of Light Silver Sea Surfer School Not Not Fun
Ricardo Donoso Equivalence of the Thirteen (Downtempo Edit) Assimilating the Shadow Digitalis
Posture Wayfarer

SunnO))) & Pan Sonic Che Safe as Banana Suicide WFMU
Grapefruit Escaper Escaper Amdiscs

KZME: November 11, 2012 Playlist

Dim Dim Nutsy In Love Whip Audio Dregs
Salazar 1-2-3 Salazar First American
The Miracles Club U&Me (Nile Delta Mix) U & Me Cutters
Brenda Ray Moonbeams D'ya Hear Me!: Naffi Years, 1979-1983 EM
Vanilla Hammer Cro Magnum (Karen Dwyer remix) Kaleidoscope
Shock Get Off Lucky
Susumu Yokota Red Planet 1999
Jib Kidder The American Dream Steal Guitars States Rights
Jib Kidder Yesterday's Gone (White Rainbow) Steal Guitars-Fencing Partners States Rights
Bugskull Hazy Window Communication Digitalis
Mint Julep Horrorhead (Curve cover)

Scientist Rocking Dub The Best Dub Album in the World Important
Haxan Cloak Observatory Observatory
Squim Ev

Conjurerpdx Intro

Gabriel Saloman 1 Adhere Miasmah
Mark McGuire Beheld Nightshade

Monopoly Child Star Searchers Avery's Black Satin Stargate Garnet Toucan Pacific City Sound Systems
Tom Fazzini Castle of Wheels Loophamystern
Alter Eagle Side A If I Could Study the Future Eggy Records
Sam Gas Can ?? Death By Cheerios Eggy Records
White Magic Poor Harold Dark Stars Drag City
Mark Eitzel The Bill is Due Don't Be A Stranger Merge Records
ooray Barriers
Nite Lite Springingtime Megrez Desire Path
Black Sky Chant 67 km of Capricorn Aguirre

Monday, October 29, 2012

KZME: October 28, 2012

artist    title    albumtitle    label
Dim Dim    Nutsy In Love    Whip    Audio Dregs
Jah Warrior    African King Dub    7"    Zam Zam
Factums    Amanita    Gilding the Lilies    Assophon
Street Gnar    Strout the Town    World with a Stick   
Heat Stroke    F Dot S Dot    Private Collections    Amdiscs
Sigha    Scene Couple        Hot Flush
Skream    Lemon Drive    100k FREEIZM   
Strategy    SWIC10        Boomarm Nation
Finally Punk    Johnny Dep v. Gator    Casual Goths    M'Lady's Records
Gem Jones    No Why    Exhaust EP    Night People
Tobi Vail    Free Pussy Riot
Textural Sounds    Wild Thing       
Cat's Orchestra    Turned Off With a Clap        Field Hymns
The Slaves    River        Digitalis
Motion Sickness of Time Travel    The Dream    s/t    Spectrum Spools
Sunken Colony    Rites of the New Flesh       
Benjamin Dauer    Lingering       
Heathered Pearls    Loyal    Beach Shelter    Ghostly
Brute Heart    Untitled Track from The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari    The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari    Moon Glyph
Yacht    So Post All'Em    Halleluwah    Yeti
Group Doueh    Zayna Jumma    Zayna Jumma    Sublime Frequencies
Stick Insect    Insect    Circular Scratch    Teenbeat
The Great Unwashed    Thru the Trees        Exiled

Monday, October 22, 2012

KZME: October 21, 2012 Playlist

Elliot Thomas    Emx v.s. rm1x        Soundcloud
Pete Swanson    Pro Style (VIP)    Pro Style    Type
Sympathy Nervous    Quick Starttype    Plastic Love    Minimal Wave
Factrix    Anemone Housing    Scheinot    Superior Viaduct
???    ????    Cumbias from myspace    s/r
Mike Jedilicka    Tabor    split    Optic Echo
Bob Williams & Lynda Standell    Oh Happy Day    Happiness Is...    s/r
free design    Can You Tell Me How to Get to Sesame Street    Sing for Very Important People    Light in the Attic
Bridge    Hey I'm A Believer    Azusa Pacific College    Mark
Cairo Gang    Everybody Knows    The Corner Man    Empty Cellar
Alvarius B.    El Mirage        Abduction
George Cromarty    Wooden Soldier    The Only One...   
Grouper    Sleep (fragment)        Filip Editions
Rafael Anton Irisarri    interstitials        Soundcloud
Valet    Babylon 4 Eva    Naked Acid    Marriage
irr. app. (ext.)    Irrelative Density        Soundcloud
Ilyas Ahmed    In Desire    Music for Tom Carter    Root Strata
Kevin Costner Suicide Pact    Organ Donor       

KZME: October 14, 2012 Playlist


Dim Dim    Nutsy In Love    Whip    Audio Dregs
DeViere    My Kingdom for a Time Machine        Mathematics

Strategy    Friends and Machines    s/t    Peak Oil
Evans Pyramid    Never Gonna Leave You    s/t    Cultures of Soul
Gulls    Sung Flies        Soundcloud
Alpha Omega feat Dr. Israel    Dub in the City        ZamZam
Ensemble Economique    I Light My Cigarette I See YOU There        Soundcloud
Grass Magic    Side B    s/t    Earjerk
FNL    ep3 b01 Solo        NadaCDR
Marcus Fischer    Breaking + Broken at Arbor Suite        Soundcloud
Richard Youngs    Rurtain (Keyomarno)    Rutain    Alter
Ardon & Patti Lockyer    Put Your Hand in the Hand    If That Isn't Love    Golden Sunrise
sister rosetta tharpe    Lily of the Valley    s/t    Parade
Ornette Coleman    Music News    In All Languages    Caravan of Dreams
Johann Johannsson    The Cause of Labor is the Hope of the World    The Miners Hymns    FatCat
Valgerir Sigurdsson    Big Reveal    Architecture of Loss    Bedroom Community
Blouse    Into Black        Captured Tracks
Jean Bosco Mwenda    Massanga (Congo)    African Guitar Box    Mississippi
Sir Richard Bishop    Kamakhya    Salvador Kali   
Jefre Cantu-Ledesma & Peter Broderick    Koan for Tom Carter    Music for Tom Carter    Root Strata
Concern    The Wandering Boy        Orindal
Timmy's Organism    Oafeus Clods    Rise of the Green Gorillas    Sacred Bones

KZME: Subject to Change Playlist -- October 7, 2012 - Robert Ham Version

Andy Partridge        Fuzzy Warbles   
Scritti Politti    Skank Bloc Bologna    7"    Rough Trade
Bear in Heaven    Sinful Nature    I Love You Its Cool    Home Tapes
Serge Gainsbourg    Sous Le Soleil Excitement    Anna    Universal
Tim Kinsella        Pine Cone    Landland
Mirrorring    Drowning the Call    Foreign Body    Kranky
Augustus Pablo    Sleeping Chariots    Valley of Jehosphat   
Brian Eno    Seedpods    Drums Between the Bells    Warp
Sir Richard Bishop    Augmentations    Graviton Polarity Generator    Social Music
Beefeater    Satyagrana    Plays for Lovers & House Burning Down    Dischord
Regular Music    Four Hemispheres    Buddy Cops    RFRC
Can    Splash    Soon Over Babulama    Mute
Silver Apples    Lovefingers    Silver Apples    Kapp
Eternal Tapestry    Wholeodome    Dawn In 2 Dimensions    Thrill Jockey
Brass Bed    Strangers    Melt White   
Troubled By Insects    Sew Leather Patches on my Elbows        soundcloud

Monday, October 01, 2012

KZME: Sunday, September 30, 2012

Dim Dim    Nutsy In Love    Whip    Audio Dregs
Arrington de Dionyso    Fix the System with the Broken Riddim
Harvey Scales    Hot Foot (Theme)    Hot Foot    Casablanca
Conjurerpdx    Wet Dream
Andy Stott    Numb       
Pye Corner Audio    Electronic Rhythm Number Three    Black Mill Tapes Vol. 1 & 2    Type
Robert Henke    [Diagonal]    Atom/Document   
Matt Carlson    Mycelium    Dissociative Synthesis: Synthesator Vol. 3    Borft
Angel Eyes    Dire Dish
Sally Smmit    1    Soundtrack of the film Hangahar    Drag City
Grrl Friend    Balcony    Balcony   
The Mekons    The Devil at Rest    Ancient & Modern    Bloodshot
Coasting    Same Old, Same Old    You're Never Going Back    M'Lady's Records
Yellow Fever        Yellow Fever    M'Lady's Records
Julianna Barwick & Ikue Mori    Rejoinder    s/t    Frkwys
Bjerga-Iverson    Muntin    Five Things You Never Knew Had Names    Control Valve
Deep Listening Band    Enguinity    Then & Now Now & Then    Taiga
Panabrite    Night Sweats       
Simon Whetham    Inertia, Rising (Below the Radar Mix)    Below the Radar 10    The Wire
Nodolby    Inception/Aftermath        Field Hymns
Grapefruit    Hyphen Sunrise       

Monday, September 24, 2012

KZME: Sept 23, 2012 Playlist

Dim Dim Nutsy In Love Whip Audio Dregs
Bobby Birdman Only For Awhile New Moods Fryk Beat
White Rainbow Machine Brukks Infinite Mix Tape s/r
Mike Simonetti Everybody Dub edit Italians Do It Better
The Eight Minutes I Can't Get No Higher BBE
Strategy Hardware Dub 7" Zam Zam
JD Twitch feat Killa P Sleng Teng Sleng Teng Soundcloud
Xoki & Hieronymous Journey Home Dub Zam Zam
Yellow Fever Bermuda Triangle M'Lady's Records

Arthur Verocai Balada 45 Timeless Mochilla
Slave Snap Shot Show Time Cotillion
Holy Other Held Soundcloud
Sir Richard Bishop Al-Darazi Salvador Kali s/r
Softlight Reveries Side A s/t s/r
Gunter Schickert Uberfalling Uberfalling Bureau B
Jeff Witscher/Cody Brant Untitled Textured Sounds
Alura Une Dybbuk Dybbuk Wave Guide
Ethernet Rain Elemental Into the Woods Tamarack
Exusamwa A Man Called Horst Excusez-Moi 100% Breakfast
Exusamwa Greektown Excusez-Moi 100% Breakfast
Father Finger Temper Soundcloud
Explode Into Colors Paper Quilts M'Lady's Records
Cut Hands Black Mamba

Monday, September 03, 2012

KZME: Sunday, September 1, 2012

THEME: Dim Dim    Nutsy In Love    Whip    Audio Dregs

Set 1
V West    Catching Me Cold    So Click Heels    Sweating Tapes
Ignatius    Plunk    Gossamer    Buried in Time
Future Shuttle    Astro Curio    In To It    New Images
MSHR    Nocturnal Textural Temple    Inward Conch-Inward Spiral   
Stag Hare    Holy Persons    Sandpaintings    Bandcamp
Secret Drum Band    Live        Bandcamp

Bed: Mike Jedilicka    ISM1    Leaving Baja    Optic Echo

Set 2
Mars Water    Forever    Tempus Fugit   
Cosmetics    Sleepwalking    7"    Captured Tracks
DeepMagic    Motionless    Closed Eyes    Debacle
O Yuki Conjugate    Flute Cloud    Primitive    Soleilmoon
Neptune Skyline    Housing Spiders    The Personality Disorder Temperance League   

Set 3
Glenn Yarbrough    What the World Needs Now    It's Gonna Be Fine    RCA
Connie Francis    Walk On By    Sings Hal David & Burt Bacharach    Philips
Frances Moore-Lee & Burning Bush    Out Here On the Road    I Love You, Jesus    New Birth

Set 4
Marcus Fischer + the OO-Ray    Tessellate    Tessellations    Optic Echo
Sleeping with the Earth    Loave        myspace
Rene Hell    Meta Concrete    Split LP    NNA Tapes

Set 5
High Wolf    Raagini    Atlas Nation    Holy Mountain
Astral Social CLub    Tempo Rubber    Magic Smile    Wonderyou
Bastian Void    Flourescent Bells        Field Hymns

Set 6
Black Pus    Off With His Head    Pus Mortem   

Saturday, September 01, 2012

KZME: August 26, 2012 - M'Lady's Festivus

Thanks to Brett of the almighty M'Lady's for being the Selectah:

THEME: Dim Dim    Nutsy In Love    Whip    Audio Dregs
Brian Crook        Bathysphere    Medicine
Old Wars    Rough Spot        Cassingle & Loving It
Grass Widow    Disappearing Industries        M'Lady's
Tyvek    Give it Up    Fast Metabolism    M'Lady's
Coasting    Portland    You're Never Going Back    M'Lady's Records
Golden Awesome    A Thousand and One Nights    Autumn    M'Lady's
Talk Normal    Love General        M'Lady's Records
Brute Heart    In Limbo        M'Lady's Records
Nature    Work Out        M'Lady's
Julianna Barwick    Untitled    Sanguine    M'Lady's Records
Minor Threat    Screaming at a Wall        Dischord
Make UP    Untouchable Sound    I Want Some    M'Lady's Records
Bobby Smith    Now He's Gone       
Terry Dean & the Nite Beats    If I Can       
Joe Maneri    Paniots Nine    Paniots Nine    Tzadik
Francoise Hardy    Je N'Attends Plus Personae    The Vogue Years   
Chain and the Gang    Certain Kinds of Trash    In Cool Blood    K
George Perkins & The Silver Stars           
Tobi Lark    Lots of Heart       
Honey Duo Twins    Kiss Me        Yambo
Ronnie Love    Detroit Michigan       
Masquerders    How       
Dinosaur L    Kiss Me Again (Nicky Siano edit)       
Wipers    Lonely One    Over THe Edge   
Finally Punk    Primary Colours    Casual Goths    M'Lady's Records

KZME: August 19, 2012


THEME: Dim Dim    Nutsy In Love    Whip    Audio Dregs
Airsports    hype    Airports    Amdiscs
Instruments of Science & Technology    Old Handshakes    Library Music    Asthmatic Kitty
Eats Tapes    Dinosaur Days        Community Library
Seekersinternational    InVoice Dub       
Conrad Schnitzler    Wer Sinn Wir Dinn    Con 3   
Mad Professor    John Peel Dub
Jeannie & Joannie    Peace, Is It Just A Word?    Look Around You    Supreme
Jherek Biscoff    The Secret of the Machines        Brassland
Virgin Blood    John I'm Only Dancing
John Maus    Rights For Gays    Love Is Real    Upset! The Rhythm
Old Night    Old Night    Love Songs for Lamps    The Believer
The Polyps    Fennel's Daughter        Eggy
Orca Team    If....    Restraint    Cassingle & Loving It
Reynosa    Carnito        M'Lady's
SE Rogie    Easy Baby    African Guitar Box    Mississippi
Bernie Leighton    I'll Never Fall in Love Again    Rhythmic Parachute Play    KBH Production
OO-Ray    Autumn    Astoria   
Derek Monypeny    Learned Helplessness    Limerance   
Rafael Anton Irisarri    Catch Me As I Fall    The Demo Vault (Two)    Bandcamp
Fennesz & Irisarri    Live 2010
Ladyshapes    Live at Ella Street
Richard Youngs    I'm In (California)    Amaraminthe    MIE
H.    Oregon Fir    The Finest Tree I Ever Did See    WFMU
Margo Eggplant    Chump Change
Jungle Odyssey    Elephant Drums        Evolution

Monday, August 06, 2012

KZME: Sunday, August 5, 2012 Playlist


THEME: Dim Dim    Nutsy In Love    Whip    Audio Dregs

Set 1
Der Plan    Einfacheit, Brot, Klarheit, Liebe    Normalette Surprise    Medical
Monoton    Pi    Eight Lost Tracks    Oral
G.R.I.T.S.    Strychnine (mosquito mix)       
Giraffage    Moments
Bert Kaempfert    Rebel Rouser    Fabulous Fifties....And New Delights    MCA

Set 2
Stay Calm    Take What You Need   
Tipsy    Midnight Party    Buzzz    Ipecac
Maga Bo    Random (Fletcher's Deepest Darkest Dub)       
Regular Music    Street of Space        Soundcloud
Great Unwashed    Boat With No Ocean    Collection    Medicine
Caribbean    Siamese Sons    Plastic Explosives    HomeTapes
The Orange    No Reason to Hide    Fruit Salad Lives    Flying Nun

Set 3
Sarin Smoke    Untitled Two    Live at the Yacht Club    Three-Lobed

Set 4
Badgerlore    We Are All Hopeful Farmers    We Are All Hopeful Farmers We Are All Scared Rabbits    Xeric
Illuha    Rokuu    s/t    12K
Rutger Zuydervelt & Espen Reinersten    Windtunnel       

Set 5
Roy Montgomery    Tarkovsky Tone Poem        Grapefruit

Set 6
Nucular Aminals    Comeuppance
Nature    Workout        M'Lady's
Northvalley Subconscious OrchestraMoving Through Wood The Right Kind of Nothing  Ghostly

Monday, July 30, 2012

KZME: Sunday, July 29, 2012 Playlist

artist    title    release label
THEME: Dim Dim    Nutsy In Love    Whip    Audio Dregs

Michael Bruce    Saw 2-3Ball    Aphex Twin v. DJ Eric Rincon v. DJ Sheeqo Beat
Francis Bebey    Wuma Te    African Electronic Music 1975-1982    Born Bad
Gay Cat Park    I'm a Vocoder    Synthetic Woman    Medical
Makers    Don't Challenge Me    Personal Space: Electronic Soul 1974-1982    Chocolate Industries
Pete Swanson    Far Out    Man With Potential    Type
Thug Entrancer    Love & Happiness    Born Again for the First Time    Digitalis
Copper Plated Integrated Circuit    Love Child    Plugged In Pop    Command
Lovers Without Borders    Athena from Bow    Love Songs for Lamps    The Believer
Mansion Music    Maps    Love Songs for Lamps    The Believer
Trumans Water    Ride the No Wave    Singles 1992-1997   
Sister Slacks    Clockwork    With a Saw    Free Music Archive
Campfires    Amelia    Chicago    Twosyllables
Sandwitches    Pearl        Hardly Art
Plankton Wat    Orange Clouds    Spirits    Thrill Jockey
Rose City Singers    Requiem for a Little Boy    On the Move    NVVI
Jherek Biscoff    Counting (with Carla Bozulich)    Composed    Brassland
Matt Carlson    ??    ??   
Peter Broderick & Machinefabriek    Planes    Black Grey Canvas Sky    Fang Bomb
Ben Frost & Daniel Bjarnason        Solaris    Bedroom Community
Benoit Pioulard    Calder    Benoit Piolard Plays Thelma    Desire Path
Donnie & Joe Emerson    Love Is    Dreamin' Wild    Light in the Attic
The Golden Bears    Coda    Wall to Wall   
CWK Jones    Minore Mane    On a Steady Diet of Hash, Bread & Salt    Free Music Archive
Panabrite    Spetses    The Barogue Atrium    Preservation
Concern    Seven Billion Lives At Once    Misfortune    Isounderscore
Jari Pitkanen    Shift to Mirror    Sirin   

Monday, July 23, 2012

KZME: Sunday, July 22, 2012


Dim Dim    Nutsy In Love    Whip    Audio Dregs
The Sojourners    He Touched Me    Volume IV    Creative Sound
Grapefruit    Arp 2    Grapefruit    Field Hymns
Michael Bruce    Shting Stang    Skwee Cruise    Poisonous Gases
Cloud One    Funky Track    Hits Hits Hits    P&P
Gloria Jones    Bring on the Love (Why Can't We Be Friends Again?)    Windstream    Capitol
Tunnels    Vampire's Thinking Cap    On a Body of Nothing But Radiance
La La Vasquez    Buoy    EP    M'Lady's
Halo Halo    Mananaggal    7"    M'Lady's
Deep Time    Horse    s/t    Hardly Art
Sad Horse    Take It    Purple On Purple Makes Purple    Water Wing
Unrecognizable Now    Two Rooms (Simon Scott Remix)    Two Rooms    Kesh
Giggles Feat. Like a Villain    #26    Songs on Conceptual Art    Marriage
Psychic Paramount    Microphone    Origins & Primitives    No Quarter
Mark McGuire    Luminous Black Sky        Soundcloud
Inez Lightfoot    Phloxomoxoa    Born Again for the First Timw    Digitalis
Foton    The Way to Omega    Omega    Field Hymns
PTA's    Woo-Guy After Dark    Ongaku 80: Alternate Waves from Japan   
Imperial Teen    Last To Know    Feel The Sound    Merge Records
Lavender Mirror    Gay Lights on A Bridge        myspace
XYX    Simulador    Teatro Negro    Monofun Press
Weekend    Carnival Headache    La Variete    Sire
Detainee    Speed Demon    Vital Organs    Field Hymns
Brian Crook    Psychic Surgery    Bathysphere    Medical
Gilberto Gil    O Rouxinol    Refazenda    Philips

Sunday, July 15, 2012

KZME: Sunday, July 8, 2012

Dim Dim | Nutsy In Love | Whip | Audio Dregs
Apartment Fox | Both Ends  |
Bob Chance | It's Broken!| It's Broken! | Trunk
VST & Company | Awitin Mo At Isasayaw Ko | s/t | Vicor
Lagowski | The Psychophon (Dead Mix) | Total  | Soleilmoon
Privacy | Tom Blood's Poem | Songs | Marriage
Baird Sisters | Looking At Things Up Close | Until You Find Your Green | Grapefruit
Zelienople | The Real Devil | The World is a House on Fire | Type
Chrome Wings | Dream Club | Time Patterns | AM
Maggi Payne |  Gamelan | Ahh Ahh | Root Strata
Gulls | Ob Snaxx | Boomarm Nation
Psychic Reality | Calisma (excerpt)       
Hornet Leg | Covered in Blood | Blood Trilogy | K
Zomes | Petroglyphs | Zomes | Holy Mountain
Peter Zummo | Song IV | Zummo with an X | Optimo
Master Musicians of Bukkake | Cascade Cathedral | Totem One | Important
Axxess | Kissing the Desert Ghost | Novels for the Moons | Medical

Monday, July 02, 2012

KZME: Sunday, July 1, 2012


THEME: Dim Dim    Nutsy In Love    Whip    Audio Dregs                                       

Set 1
Gulls    Cherish the Body        Boomarm                                       
Niama Makalou et African Soul Band    Kognokoura        Mixtape Riot                                       
Prince Charles & The City Beat Band    In the Streets    Gang War    Virgin                                       
les georges leningrad    Clean Up    Split 7"    5RC                                       
Enoch Light    Song Sung Blue    Big Hits of the 70s    Project 3                                       

Set 2
Grant High School Vocal Music Department    Walk on  By    1969-1970    Sound Productions            Monade    Change of Destination    Monstre Cosmic    Drag City                                       
A Minority of One    Full Spectrum Dominance    Bathe in Fiery Answer                                           
Daniel Menche    Zarinn    You Are Not Alone II    Touch                                       
LA Ladies Choir    30    Songs on Conceptual Art    YU                                       
Edward Larry Gordon    Bethlehem    s/t    Universal Sound                                       

Set 3
Colin Roach    Hey Yo        Prince Jammys                                       
Psychic Reality    Calisma    New Realities CS                                           
Osman Ismen                                                   
City Center    Summer School    s/t    Type                                       

Tony Mottola    Time & Love    Warm Feelings    Project 3                                       

Set 4
C.E. Searle    This Distance Will Only Make Our Love Grow Fonder        Bandcamp                                   Eternal Tapestry    Forever Lazy    Split cs                                           

Set 5
Hap & Martha Palmer    Space Explorer    Witches Brew    Educational Activities, Inc.                               
Concern    Mending    Caesarean    Arbor
Afro Soultet Le Berber Afrodesia

KZME: Sunday, June 24, 2012


THEME: Dim Dim | Nutsy In Love | Whip | Audio Dregs

Frisky    Love at First Sight    Frisky    Vanguard
Axxess    Twilight Ride    Novels for the Moon    Medical
Keith Emerson    I'm a Man    Night Hawks    Backstreet
NFU    Mirror    Mirror    Optic Echo
Ras G    Side 3    Down to Earth    Ramp
Donnie & Joe Emerson    Don't Go Lovin' Nobody Else    Dreamin' Wild    Light in the Attc
Michael Chapman    The Banjo Song    Originals    Decca
Donovan Quinn    The Door Locks Itself    Your Wicked Man    Soft Abuse
Steve & Maria    People Got to Be Free    People Got to Be Free    FourMost
Sad Horse    Groots    Purple On Purple Makes Purple    Water Wing
Pulse Emitter    Bioluminescence        Immune
Sir Richard Bishop    Blood-Stained Sands    the freak of araby    Drag City
Rllrbll    Scythe    Murwa Mbwa    Silber
Plankton Wat    Redwood Coast    In Magical Light   
Concern    Young Birth    Truth & Distance    Digitalis

Monday, June 18, 2012

KZME: Sunday, June 17, 2012

Sad Horse    Soft Mommy    Purple On Purple Makes Purple    Water Wing
    Monkey Bounce    Developmental Motor Skills for Self-Awareness    Kimbo
Brute Heart    Scritch Scratch    s/t   
Child Pornography    Cold Fingers    7"    OMS-B
Trini Lopez    Sunshine Of Your Love    The Whole Enchilada    Reprise
The Talley Ho's    Cotton Jenny    Meet the Talley Ho's    Charter
Ferrante & Teicher    Midnight Cowboy    Midnight Cowboy    United Artists
Alexander Tucker    Andromeon    Third Mouth    Thrill Jockey
Slaraffenland    Long Gone    We're On Your Side    Hometapes
Edikanfo    Blinking Eyes    African Super Band    Editions EG
Evolutionary Jass Band    Devotion    EJB Live @ Artistry    Soundcloud
Evangelist Loretta Myers    Jesus Will Never Say No    In the Storm So Long    Mississippi
Silver Fox    Waves On It    7"    M'Lady's
Vestals    Forever Falling    Forever Falling Toward the Sky    Root Strata
Seth Nehil    Knives-05    Knives    s/r
Mondo Lava    Sound of 30 Basketballs Dribbling    split cs   
Flower Corsano Hejnowski    Tilt    The Count Visits    Hot Cars Warp/Flowerhouse
Oren Ambarchi    Knots    Audience of One    Touch

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

KZME: Sunday, May 27, 2012 (20 Years of Chickfactor! celebration)

Dim Dim    Nutsy In Love    Whip    Audio Dregs
Belle and Sebastian    Chickfactor    Boy with the Arab Strap    Jeepster Records
Clientele    Haunted Melody    7"    Merge
Pulp    There Was...    Schooldisco    El
Grenadine    Gillan (except sometimes)    7"    Teenbeat
Dusty Trails    You Freed Yourself    Dusty Trails    Warner Bros
Colin Blunstone    Her Song    one year    Columbia
Joyce    Snor    Tardes Cariocas    Far out
Caetano Veloso    Nine out of Ten    Transa    Vinyl Lovers
Free Design    I'm a yogi    Stars/Time/Bubbles/Love    Light In The Attica
Doris Day    Let's Fly Away    Cuttin Capers    Columbia
willie mitchell    that drivin beat    The Hi Masters    Hi
True Love Always    Mediterranean    Spring Collection    Teenbeat
Versus    Never Be Okay    Two Cents Plus Tax    Teenbeat
pernice brothers    Bryte Side    World Won't End    sub pop
Lois    Darvey    Butterfly Kiss    K
beat happening    In Between    Jamboree    K
Lorelei    Stop Doing What You're Doing    Why Popstars Can't Dance    Slumberland
The Aislers Set    Mission Bells    12"    Suicide Squeeze
The Softies    About You    Winter Pageant    K
Go Betweens    Head Full of Steam    Liberty Belle    Jetset
Wedding Present    Shatner    Peel Sessions    Dutch East
Hot Pursuit    Timonium Two Step    Teenbeat 20th    Teenbeat
St. Etienne    Hit the Brakes    Good Humor    Sub Pop
Sarah Dougher    The Walls Ablaze    The Walls Ablaze    K
Richard Davies    Papillon    Telegraph    Sub Pop
The Sixths    San Diego Zoo    Wasps Nests    London
Adventures in Stereo    Waves On    7"    Bobsled
Stereolab    You Used To Call Me Sadness    7"    Lissys

KZME Playlist: June 3, 1012 (Featuring Creative Music Guild)

Special Dedicated to Creative Music Guild!

Thuja    Side 2    s/t    Important
Common Eider, King Eider    Ennui    Worn    Root Strata
Dragging An Ox Through Water    Plaisir D'amour       
The Tenses    Quiet Jelly    Follow the Reindeer    Poobah
The Tenses    Fun Bells    Follow the Reindeer    Poobah
Smegma    Swampdick    7"    Sympathy for the Record Industry
Hangedup & Tony Conrad    Gentil The Unlucky Astronomer        Constellation
Jordan Dykstra    Formal Art    Songs on Conceptual Art    Marriage
Jackie-O Motherfucker    Blood of Life    Benefit for the Recovery in Japan   
Dragging An Ox Through Water    One Usually Understands....    Songs on Conceptual Art    Marriage
Davis Redford Triad    Apocalypse Greeting Card    Ewige Blumenkraft    Holy Mountain

KZME Playlist: June 10, 2012

THEME SONG: Dim Dim    Nutsy In Love    Whip    Audio Dregs

Set 1
Priceless    Love in Your Life    Wheedle's Groove    Light in the Attic
Jo Bisso    Don't Think About It    The Best Disco In Town   
Bruce Kelly's New Oregon Singers    Spinning Wheel    Volume 2   
Cybotron    Cosmic Raindance    Clear    Fantasy
Pyrolator    Danger Cruising    Inland    Bureau B
Polonaise    Trocadero    12"`    100% Silk

Set 2
Northern Lights    Worried About You    Vancouver Dreaming    Natural Resources
The Singers Unlimited    I Don't Know Where I Stand With You    A Capella 2    BASF
Nudge    Down Comes Light    As Good As Gone    Kranky
Inez Lightfoot    Leaving the Owsla        soundcloud

Set 3
The Beakers    Red Towel    4 Steps Toward a Cultural Revolution    K Records
A Frames    Archaelogy    2   
Set 4
The Punks    Terrified Lights    Unanimous Bangers    5RC
Eyvind Kang    Usnea    The Narrow Garden    Ipecac
Nalle    First Eden Sank to Grief    The Sirens Wave    Locust

Set 5 (collage)
Monopoly Child Star Searchers    Untitled    Aqueducts of Child Island    Pacific City Sound Systems
Lucky Dragons    Shape Tape (Side a)    Shape Tape   
Duane Pitre    Side 2    Organized Pitches Ocurring in Time    Important

Sunday, April 29, 2012

KZME: April 15, 2012

THEME: Dim Dim | Nutsy In Love | Audio Dregs
Thomas Mapfumo Nyoka Musa Mixtape Riot
Super Khoumeissa Zololo Split Series No. 21 Fat Cat
Simon Fisher Turner Sur Soundescapes Mute
Richter Band Dance II Richter Band
Stella Chiweshe Live on "Passport" Mixtape Riot
Derek Monypeny Asuf Limerence Bandcamp
Larry Nored She Works Hard for the Money Disco Sickness
Dee Dee Sharp Easy Money Strange Games & Funky Things II BBE
Dan Boadi & the African Internationals Money is the Root of All Evil Money is the Root of All Evil
Spontaneous Overthrow All About the Money All About the Money New-Ark
Disco Dub Band For the Love of Money
Common Eider, King Eider Earth Liver Worn Root Strata
Mirroring Silent From Above Foreign Body Kranky
Artifice Dreams Facebook
Adderly Canyonly Fed Back Asuuna Field Hymns
Dirty Beaches The Singer 7" Soft Power
The Units iNight 7"
Futurians Venus Faktory! Soft Abuse
Sean Sumler Bleeding Hearts (Dream of God) A Compilation, Volume 1: Portland Sweating Tapes
Shirley Nanette Give & Take Never Coming Back Satara
Jimmy Witherspoon Money is Gettin Cheaper Easy Livin' OJC
Dillinger The Fool & His Money Answer Me Question
Roy Ayers Fast Money
 Uno Melodic
Don Julian Lay It On Your Head Savage Money
Arborea Blue Crystal Fire Important
Rob St John Your Phantom Limb The Wire Tapper 28 The Wire

KZME: April 1, 2012

THEME: DimDim | Nutsy In Love | Audio Dregs
Rev. Johnny L. Jones Jesus I Love Him / Up & Down Journey Jesus Christ From A to Z Parlortone
Amal Saha Lahmami (nass el ghiwane) Ecstatic Music of The Jemaa El Fna Sublime Frequencies
Mohammed "Jimmy" Mohammed Desse Iay Ililta - New Ethiopian Dance Music Terp
Gospel Keynotes Ain't No Stopping Us Now Deviere Edit
The Congos Congoman Chant Heart of The Congos Blood and Fire
Dayone Multiply (Version) Duppy Gun
Sun Araw December Houston Abstros Monofonus Press
White Fold White Materia "Feral" / "Free" Swill Children
Arthur Russell Lucky Cloud (Return) Another Thought Point
White Hinterland Lucky Cloud
Skrill Meadow feat. Karl Blau Rock with U Hard Water
Julianna Barwick Sanguine Sanguine M'Lady's
Courtney Love Second Most Beautiful Girl in the World K
Vomit Launch What Cross (DIW2)
Della Reese Get Together Black is Beautiful AVCO Embassy
Ural Thomas Pain is the Name of Your Game Uni
Operative Pulse Ecstasy Sepalcure Your Love Fleur Hot Flush
Andy Stott Posers We Stay Together Modern Love
Resoe Nachhall The Black Void of Space Echochord
Lotus Plaza Redoakway (What Nothing Looks Like Mix by Warm Ghost) Lotus Plaza Remixes
The-Drum Baze Audralignt
Inez Lightfoot Weavers on the Evening Greenway

KZME: April 29, 2012

Dim Dim Nutsy In Love
Audio Dregs
Bombino Ahoulaguine Akaline King Britt Mix
Design Deep Fog Hangin' 100% Silk
Mi Ami Free of Life Decade 100% Silk
Emotion II Emotion NYE
Ecstasy Blog
CasioKids Fot I Hose Topp Stemning Pa Lokal Bar PolyVinyl
Tunnels Another Way Out A Compilation: Vol 1., Portland Sweat Tapes
jan jelinek Music To Interrogate By La Nouvelle Pauvrete
Sandpebbles of Barbados Suntan Best of Disco Demansd BBE
Delegation Where is the Love We Used to Know The Promise of Love
Jenny Hoyston Bring Back Art Isle Of
Sock Puppets Because I Told You So Odd Box Weekender 2012
Love of Diagrams Forever Nowhere Forever
Colin Meloy I Drew My Ship Sings Shirley Collins
Shirley Collins The Cruel Mother Sweet Primroses
John Jacob Niles I Had A Cat I Wonder As I Wander Tradition
AGF/Craig Armstrong The Queen Orlando
Skygreen Leopards Hobo Sparrow's Dream Child God In the Garden of Idols Soft Abuse
Slaffenland Falling Over We're On Your Side Hometapes
Lee Noble Ghost of Structure Horrorism
Mike Wexler Pariah Stash Mexican Summer
Harris Newman A Quarter to Call The Ambulance Accidents with Nature and Each Other Strange Attractors Audio House
Head of Wantatisquet Seven Stone Stomp Mortagne Yod
Frances Marie Utti Philia's Dream Philia's Dream
Neil Campbell & Robert Horton Panharmonicon Particle Radio The Wire Tapper Vol.28 The Wire
Rev. J.W. Neely Don't Let Nobody Turn You Around This Could Be My Last Time Singing Tompkins Square
Brute Heart Satellite Decorated Soft Abuse
Sleetmute Nightmute In White Rooms Night of the Long Knives Fast Weapons

KZME: April 22, 2012 Playlist

Dim Dim Nutsy In Love
Audio Dregs
The Rimshots Soul Train Pt 1 Down to Earth + Soul Train Sequel
Soul Train Gang My Cherie Amour 12" Soul Train Records
Carrie Lucas I Gotta Keep Dancin (remix) 12" Soul Train Records
O'Bryan Soul Trains Are Comin' You & I
Strategy Starry Boxy Music 100% Silk
School Of Seven Bells Chain (Seefeel Extraction) My Cabal Ghostly International
Hype Williams White Flight Reflix The Attitude Era
Oregon Painting Society Love in Hawaii

Mike Cooper Paumalu (Sunset Beach) Rayon Hula Room40
Inner Tube Hardbodies Inner Tube Pacific City Sound Systems
Old Wars Strange the Night Broken Bones
Planton Wat Islands
Bro Zen Friendless Summer -- IIb Friendless Summer Bandcamp
Sunhiilow Path of Time From Here to There
Swahili Fallout Swahili
Paper/Upper/Cuts Digital Stone

Robert Turman Flux-Part 1 Flux Spectrum Spools
Shirley Nanette Sometimes Never Coming Back Satara

Sunday, March 25, 2012

KZME: Sunday, March 18, 2012 - Happy Birthday, Mutant


THEME: Dim Dim Nutsy in Love Whip Audio Dregs [PDX label]

Set 1 [Dedicated to Mutant Disco,3/29 @ Lovecraft Bar]
Don Armando I'm and Indian Too (Pilooski Mix) Zevolution: Ze Records Re-Edited Ze
Mathematiques Modernes Disco Rough Disco Rough Celluloid
White Fold End of Now Feral/Free Swill Children
Fhloston Paradigm The Simple Things Fiction Science s/r
Quantic T.R.O.Y. Hip Hop En Cumbia Tru Thoughts

Set 2 [Dedicated to Cumbia Cumbia @ Holocene]
Paper/Upper/Cuts Glacial Palms (Gulls Pure Love remix) Boomarmation
Aniceto y Sus Fabulosos Mi Gran Noche Cumbia Beat Vol. 1 Vampi Soul
Cumbia Moderna de Soledad Tetero Palenque Palenque Soundway
Banana Clipz Coupe Cumbia Bersa Discos

Set 3
Raincoats Baby Song Odyshape DGC [Star Ballroom @ 3/17]
Grass Widow Mannequin Milo Minute HLR [Star Ballroom @ 3/17]
The Whines Vacation Hell to Pay Meds [PDX Artist]
The Hangovers Drink Slow Dirty Tears Kill Rock Stars [Ex-Raincoats/PDX Label]

Set 4
Hall of Fame Nevada I Hall of Fame Amish [feat Theo Angell, of Oregon]
Eet Ceratotha Spookfish Free Music Archive [PDX artist]
Imbogodom Slate Grey Light And They Turned Not When They Went Thrill Jockey
Ian Nagoski Pipe Sketch Yeti 3 Yeti Media [PDX label]

Set 5
Cairo Gang Lover's Only / The World Outside Holy Clover 7" Empty Cellar
Bvdub Never In the Prison of Their Stars The First Day Home Normal

Set 6
Yuma Nora Make It To Another Day Tape Club: Year 1, Pt. 1 Deathbomb Arc [PDX artist]

KZME: Sunday, March 11, 2012 - Skate It Like You Mean It


THEME: Dim Dim | Nutsy's In Love | Audio Dregs [PDX label]

Set 1
Strategy Bolly Valve Reduction Boxy Music 100% Silk [PDX artist]
Shift Roller Rink Funk Super Disco Friends Headphone Heroes
Bob Esty Cunga Roller Boogie Casablanca
Hunt's Determination Rollerskate (Instrumental) 12" Earwax
Roller Disco Orchestra Deck the Halls Non-Stop Christmas Disco Pickwick

Set 2
KeyBoard Kid Ace of Based Munchies Lost Tapes s/r [SEA artist]
KeyBoard Kid Ace of Based Legend Munchies Lost Tapes s/r [SEA artist]
Samiyam Roller Skates 5 Years of Hyperdub Hyperdub
King Tim III Charley Says (Roller Boogie Baby) 12" Spring
Vaugn Mason & Crew Roller Skate 12" Brunswick
The Trammps That's Where the Happy People Go That's Where the Happy People Go Atlantic

Set 3
Onuinu Ice Palace [PDX artist]
Shabazz Palaces Emblazoned on Ice Big Orange Studios Daytrotter [SEA artist]
John Sebastian Roller Girl Skatetown USA
Crazy Dreams Band Asian Roller Crazy Dreams Band Holy Mountain [PDX label]

Set 4
Ethan Rose Bottom Oaks Holocene [PDX artist/label]
Not Me ntm (Loscil Mix) [Vancouver artist]
Skaters Untitled Physicalities of the Sensitibilities of Ingriential Strairways Eclipse [PDX artist]

Set 5
Sandy Bull & the Rhythm Ace Oud (edit) Live 1976 Drag City
Janek Schaefer Skate Skate LP/Rink CD AudiOH!

KZME: Sunday, March 25, 2012

Set 1
Julianna Barwick Int2 Sanguine M'Lady's [PDX label]
Flying Saucer Attack I Can Take You To the Sun Peel Session Internets
Child Readers Fortune Music Heard From Far Off Soft Abuse [PDX Artist]
Mirroring Cliffs Foreign Body Kranky [PDX artist]

Set 2
Quest Quest Katusja Occupied Territories Soleilmoon [PDX label]
Christina Vantzou And Instantly Take Effect (Loscil Remix) No1 Remixes s/r
NHK 638 Dance Classics, Vol. 1 Important
?? What Do I Want? [PDX artist]
Monty Luke Art, Love & War (C2 Version) Modular Music Vol. 1 Planet E

Set 3
Inner Tube Bali High Inner Tube Pacific City Sound Visions [PDX artist/label]

Set 4
Talk Normal Lone General 7" M'Lady's [PDX label]
Pram Cape St. Vincent The Stars Are So Big, The Earth Is So Small... Too Pure
Numbers Crows We're Animals Kill Rock Stars [PDX label]
Judy Nylon Sleepless Nights Pal Judy On U Sound
Ut Mouse Sleep Conviction Blast First
Nite Lite Cajon Marlene Stunned Records [PDX label]

Set 5
Pourhashimi Heepee Intercontinental Transmissions Vol. 1 Kala Bandar
Jacuzzi Boys Freakazoids Seahawks & Peacocks Social Music [PDX label]
Sic Alps Who Has TimeTo Protest Description of the Harbor Awesome Vistas [PDX label] Disco Warriors Cumbaya Disco Best of Disco Demands BBE
Jomac Cinema70 Days Explained...Beat Set 1 s/r
Disco Warriors Cumbaya Disco Best of Disco Demands BBE

Set 6
Angels of Light Black River Song We Are Him Young God Records [Miss Studios @ 3/23]
Larkin Grimm Paradise & So Many Colors Soul Retrieval s/r
Joyce Dia de Vittoria Curriculum

Set 7
Nite Lite Hana Marlene Stunned Records [PDX label]