Friday, December 28, 2012


Music that Inspired, Comforted, and/or Provided Insight or Happiness

Achiampong, Larry    Mogya & More Mogya    s/r
Amps for Christ    Circuit    Water Wing
Baird Sisters    Until You Find Your Green    Grapefruit
Barwick, Juliana    Sanguine    M'Lady's
Bebey, Francis    African Electronic Music, 1975-82    Born Bad
Bischoff, Jerek    Composed    Brassland/Leaf
Black to Comm    Earth    De Stijl
Brute Heart    Everything    Water Wing/Soft Abuse/Soundcloud
BVDub    First Day    Home Normal
Cacciapaglia, Roberto    Ann Steel Album    Half Machine
Concern     Misfortune    Isoundercore
Corley, Paul    Disquiet    Bedroom Community
Cotton Candy    Off the Hook & Out of Control    Teenbeat
Deep Time    Deep Time    Hardly Art
Eitzel, Mark    Don't Be a Stranger    Merge
Emerson, Donnie & Joe    Dreamin' Wild    Light in the Attic
Evans Pyramid    s/t    Cultures of Soul
Fischer, Marcus & Oo-ray    Tessellations    Optic Echo
Frost, Ben + Daníel Bjarnason     Solaris    Bedroom Community
Grimes    Visions    4AD
Hangedup & Tony Conrad      The Unlucky Astronomer      Constellation
Holley, Lonnie    Just Before Music    Dust to Digital
Imbogodom    And Then They Turned Not When They Went    Thrill Jockey
Kidder, Jib    Steal Guitars & Steal Guitars: Fencing Partners    States Rights
Lambchop    Mr. M    Merge
Lucky Dragons    Exister    Swill Children
McMahon, F.J.    Spirit of the Golden Juice    Circadian Press
Micachu and the Shapes    Never    Rough Trade
Mirrorring    Foreign Body    Kranky
Ocean, Frank    Channel Orange    Def Jam
Plankton Wat    Spirits    Thrill Jockey
Polonaise    Trocadero    100% Silk
Psychic Feline    7"    Water Wing
Recchion, Tom    Proscenium    Elevator Bath
Sad Horse    Purple on Purple Makes Purple    Water Wing
Sally Smmit And her Musicians    Hangahar    Groovy
Saloman, Gabriel    Adhere    Miasmah
Stott, Andy    Luxury Problems    Modern Love
Strategy    Boxy Music    100% Silk
Swans    Seer    Young God
Sympathy Nervous    s/t    Minimal Wave
The Caretaker    Patience (After Sebald)    History Always Favours the Winners
The Orb (feat. Lee Scratch Perry)    The ORBSERVER in the Star House    Cooking Vinyl
Traxman    Da Mind of    Planet Mu
Turman, Robert    Flux    Spectrum Spools
Unrecognizable Now    Two Rooms    Kesh
v/a    Love Songs for Lamps    Believer
v/a    Songs on Conceptual Art    Marriage
v/a    Personal Space    Chocolate Industries
v/a    Best of Disco Demands    BBE
v/a    Music for Tom Carter   
v/a    NYC Popfest Mix Tape   
Woolen Men    Hair of the Night    Eggy
Youngs, Richard    Rurtain    Alter
Youngs, Richard    Core to the Brave    Root Strata

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