Saturday, October 28, 2006

Saturday, October 27, 2006 (Halloweenie L'edition)

Set 1
Airto Moreira|Happy People|Beat pf Brazil 2|Warner Bros. UK
Randy Carlos|Guitar Mambo|Latin Cool Classics|mp3
Ralph McDonald|If I'm Still Around Tomorrow|The Path|TK Marlin
Slick|Space Bass|Smokin'|Fantasy
Inner Circle & Fatman Riddim Section|Frelimo|Blood & Fire

Background Music:Charlie Palmieri & Duboney Orchestra|Let's Dance the Charanga|UA

Set 2
Dean Martin|I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry|Country Style|Reprise
Skygreen Leopards|Egyptian Circus|Disciples of California|Jagjaguwar
Original Carter Family|God Gave Noah Rainbow|Great Sacred Sonsg
Trevor Dandy|Is there Any Love|Good God!|Numero Group
Jackson C. Frank|Blues Run the Game|s/t|Sanctuary
Domenico + 1|Solar |Sincerely Hot|Rykodisc

Somerville Speakout: Bert Kaempfert|Traces of Love|Decca

Set 3
DJ Sandrinho|Berimbau|More Favela Beats|Essay
Remarc|For Real Remix (feat. Schwarzanegger)|Sound Murderer
Sound Trooper|Death Before Dishnor 2006|Riddim mag mp3
Bus (feat. MC Soon-T)|Rose Specs|Feelin' Dank|~Scape
Tom n Jerry's Rockets|Sci Fi Boogie|s/t|Tom n Jerry (A Tom Moulton Mix)

Background Music: 101 Strings|Guitars Galore Vol. 2|Alshire

Set 4
Textile Ranch|Pinxton, 70s|Bird Heart in Wool|Very Friendly
Musica de Cabloco Tocada No Pifano|Capenga Sample (versao Dub)|Mauritsstadt Dub|Candeiro
Biting Tongues|Track 18|Compressed|
Blue Nile|From Rags to Riches|A Walk Across the Rooftops|Linn/A&M

Background music: Champion Steelbands of Trinidad|Cook

Set 5
Judy Nylon|Jailhouse Rock|New York Noise Vol. 3|Soul Jazz

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Saturday, October 21, 2006 (Dios Bueno!)

Set 1
Ocho|Hot Pants Road|Tres|Universal Sound
James Brown|Can't Take It With You|Get Offa That Thing|Polydor
JB's|Georgia Peach Disco|Groove Machine|Drive
Skin Flesh & Bones|Run Run Dub|Fighting Dub 1975-1979|Hot Pot

background Music: Larry Adler|Play [Classical]|Daronet

Set 2
Mu|We Love Guys Named Luke|Counter Culture 2004|Rough Trade
Rodney O + Joe Cooley|Supercuts (Yeah Boy)|Vol. 1-The Collection|
Chaka Demus|Original Kuff|Two Tough|mp3
Young jazz Rebels|Nino's Dead|Chrome Children|Stones Throw
??|War Song|Smithsonian Folkways mp3

Somerville Speakout music:Bert Kaempfert|(Bonus Tracks)|Warm & Wonderful|Taragon

Set 3
Tara Jane O'Neil|At the Thirty Third Turn+ Pearl Into Sand| + After Dark Seven|s/r
Stephan Basho-Junghans|Azure No. 3|Late Summer Morning|Strange Attractors Audio House
Peter Walker|Haleo Para Angela|A Raga for Peter Walker|Tompkins Square
Wooden Wand + Omen Bones Band|Ancestrl Mem'ry #4|Horus of the Horizon|3-Lobed
kaki King|Ahuvati|...until we felt red|Velour

Background Music: Champion Steelbands of Trinidad|Cook

Set 4
Mutantes|Jogo de calcada|A Divina Comedia|Polydor
Elephant Micah|Red Roving|Embarassment of Riches|LRRC
Elephant Micah & |Story of Expatriate Friends|Elephant Micah + the Agrarians|Time-Lag CD-R
Willie Williams|Master Plan|Six the Hard Way|heartbeat
Woody Woodmansey's U-Boat|Rock Show|s/t|Castle

Set 5
the good good|Tremblina|Furrows|Menlo Park

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Saturday, October 14, 2006 (Are You Sure Want to Execute This File?) (Jon Langford Live)

Set 1
Cloud One|Spaced Out|Atmosphere Strut|Octipi
Ripple|Get Off|Ripple|AG
Skin Flesh & Bones meets Revolutionaries|Scotch Dub|Fighting Dub|Hot Pot
Hortense Ellis|People Make the World Go Round|I'm Still In Love With You|Heartbeat
We the People|Function Underground|Eccentric Soul-Mighty Mike Lenaburg

Background Music: Nashville Country Strings|Mountain Dew Records

Set 2
Rufus Harley|Scotch & Soul|Scotch & Soul|Atlantic
Susumu Yokota|Laputa|Skintone
Tara Jane O'Neil|Need No Pony|In Circles|Touch & Go
Simon Fisher Turner|Walk & Fall|Lana Lara Lata|Mute
Jeff Alexander|Come & Wander With Me|Brown Bunny (OST)|Tulipik
Somerville Speakout Music: Bert Kaempfert|Magic Music|Decca

Set 3 Interview and Performance with Jon Langford
Tonight the Bottle Let Me Down (Alejandro Escovedo)
Tom Jones' Levitation
I Picked Up The Pieces

Set 4
Tom Greenhalgh|Angel of Death|Executioner's Last Songs Vol. 3|Bloodshot
Ronnie Hawkins|Lonely Weekends|The Hawk|Cotillion
Steve Jordan|Cumbia Con Salsa|La Camelia|Freddie
Tipica '73|La Candela|La Candela|Inca

Background Music: Nashville Country Strings|Mountain Dew Records

Set 5
Bunny General|Every Body Jump|Digital Selection Vol. 1|
Suspicion|Laughing Policeman|Obey the new Wave|
Corrina Repp|All|Caldo Verde

Set 6
Slugfuckers|Rhizome|Cacophony|Harbinger Sound

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Saturday, September 30, 2006 (Leggo My Dub!)

Special Guests - LEGGO DUB sound system
2nd/4th Tuesdays, Middlesex Lounge, Cambridge

Set 1 (blame me)
Love Committee|Love is Finally Coming My Way|Gold Mind 12"
New Bermuda Steelers|Soul Train|Edmark
Ranking Dread|Love a Dub|1981-1982 Dancehall|Greensleeves
Barrington Levy|Nor Fuss Nor Fight|Love Your Brother Man: Early Years|Trojan
Linval Thompson|Danger Rockers|Dont Cut Off Your Dreadlocks|Trojan


Set 2 (Billy set)
Prince Allah|I Can Hear the Children Singing 1975-1978|Blood & Fire
Willie Williams|Rocking Universally|Basic Replay 12"
Rhythm + Sound w/ Tikkiman|Dem Never Knew (Sleep Archive Mix)|Burial Mix
Kode 9| Samurai|Hyperdub
DMZ|Conference|Soul Jazz 12"
Stamma Rick|Taurus Special|Basic Replay 12"

Set 3 (Rob set)
Sugar Minott|Int'l Herb|Wackie's 10"
Clive Field Marshall|State Trooper|Poor House Rockers|Wackies
Lt. Stitchie|Learn Fi Red
Bossi B + Luca feat. Nash Crew
Digital Mysticks|Give Jah Glory

Set 4 (Billy set)
Wayne MarshallForget them legends|
Future Troubles|Call Mi Phone
White Mice|It's a Shame + Version
Jr Delaye|Love
Chantells|Hey You

Giving Hope To Balding, Pudgy White Dancehall Fans Everywhere

David "Ram Jam" Rodigan

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Saturday, October 8, 2006 (Instant Massage'ing)

Set 1
Preacher & the Saints|Jesus Rhapsody Part 1|Good God!|Numero
Sisters Love|Ring Once|Give Me Your Love|Soul Jazz
First Choiec|Love Thang|Salsoul re-master 12"|Suss'd
Cheateau Flight feat. Marie Daulne|Superflight (Maurice Fulton mix)|Versatile Hot Shots|Versatile
Doctor Alimantado|Ride On Brother|House of Singles|Greensleeves

Background Music|Glen Miller Orchestra (under direction of Buddy DeFranco)Something New - Tijuana Brass Hits!|Columbia

Set 2
Tara Jane O'Neil|A Room for These|In Circles|Touch & Go
Galbraith/Neilson/Youngs|Idumea|Belsayer Time|Time-Lag
PG Six|#3 for Bray Harp|Sherman Box Series|Amish
Phelan Sheppard|Lady Never City|Harps Old Master|Leaf

Somerville Speakout Music: Longines Symphonette Society presentsBert Kaempfert|Longines Symphonette Society

Set 3
Old Time Relijun|Your Mama Used to Dance|2012|K
Soulful Strings|All Blues|Groovin'|Cadet
Giovanni Fusco|happy Surf|Music for Michaelangelo Antonioni|Water
Sandy Bull|Memphis Tennessee|St. Valentine's Day 1969|Water
King Jammy|Dark Destroyer Dub|30 Years of Dub....|Rhino

Background Music: Pete Fountain|I've Got You Under My Skin|Coral

Set 4
Maroni Notaro|Ode a Satwa|No Sub Reino Dos Metazoarios|Time-Lag
Roque Bolado|Catita|Rio Baile Funk-More Favela Booty Beats|Essay
Maroni Notaro|Desmantelado|No Sub Reino Dos Metazoarios|Time-Lag
Alan Sondheim|Ski/nn|Fire Museum

Set 5
Chamellows|I'm Walking|Cheat Hearts|Fonal
Tim Hecker|Dungeoneering|Innature|Rb
Svarte Greiner|Ocean Out of Wood|Knive|Type
Salt n Pepa|My Mic Sounds Nice|Hits remixed|Next Plateau

Set 6
Slugfuckers|Tell Me Who You Are|Cacophony:1979-1981|Harbinger Sound