Saturday, October 07, 2006

Saturday, October 8, 2006 (Instant Massage'ing)

Set 1
Preacher & the Saints|Jesus Rhapsody Part 1|Good God!|Numero
Sisters Love|Ring Once|Give Me Your Love|Soul Jazz
First Choiec|Love Thang|Salsoul re-master 12"|Suss'd
Cheateau Flight feat. Marie Daulne|Superflight (Maurice Fulton mix)|Versatile Hot Shots|Versatile
Doctor Alimantado|Ride On Brother|House of Singles|Greensleeves

Background Music|Glen Miller Orchestra (under direction of Buddy DeFranco)Something New - Tijuana Brass Hits!|Columbia

Set 2
Tara Jane O'Neil|A Room for These|In Circles|Touch & Go
Galbraith/Neilson/Youngs|Idumea|Belsayer Time|Time-Lag
PG Six|#3 for Bray Harp|Sherman Box Series|Amish
Phelan Sheppard|Lady Never City|Harps Old Master|Leaf

Somerville Speakout Music: Longines Symphonette Society presentsBert Kaempfert|Longines Symphonette Society

Set 3
Old Time Relijun|Your Mama Used to Dance|2012|K
Soulful Strings|All Blues|Groovin'|Cadet
Giovanni Fusco|happy Surf|Music for Michaelangelo Antonioni|Water
Sandy Bull|Memphis Tennessee|St. Valentine's Day 1969|Water
King Jammy|Dark Destroyer Dub|30 Years of Dub....|Rhino

Background Music: Pete Fountain|I've Got You Under My Skin|Coral

Set 4
Maroni Notaro|Ode a Satwa|No Sub Reino Dos Metazoarios|Time-Lag
Roque Bolado|Catita|Rio Baile Funk-More Favela Booty Beats|Essay
Maroni Notaro|Desmantelado|No Sub Reino Dos Metazoarios|Time-Lag
Alan Sondheim|Ski/nn|Fire Museum

Set 5
Chamellows|I'm Walking|Cheat Hearts|Fonal
Tim Hecker|Dungeoneering|Innature|Rb
Svarte Greiner|Ocean Out of Wood|Knive|Type
Salt n Pepa|My Mic Sounds Nice|Hits remixed|Next Plateau

Set 6
Slugfuckers|Tell Me Who You Are|Cacophony:1979-1981|Harbinger Sound

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