Saturday, October 21, 2006

Saturday, October 21, 2006 (Dios Bueno!)

Set 1
Ocho|Hot Pants Road|Tres|Universal Sound
James Brown|Can't Take It With You|Get Offa That Thing|Polydor
JB's|Georgia Peach Disco|Groove Machine|Drive
Skin Flesh & Bones|Run Run Dub|Fighting Dub 1975-1979|Hot Pot

background Music: Larry Adler|Play [Classical]|Daronet

Set 2
Mu|We Love Guys Named Luke|Counter Culture 2004|Rough Trade
Rodney O + Joe Cooley|Supercuts (Yeah Boy)|Vol. 1-The Collection|
Chaka Demus|Original Kuff|Two Tough|mp3
Young jazz Rebels|Nino's Dead|Chrome Children|Stones Throw
??|War Song|Smithsonian Folkways mp3

Somerville Speakout music:Bert Kaempfert|(Bonus Tracks)|Warm & Wonderful|Taragon

Set 3
Tara Jane O'Neil|At the Thirty Third Turn+ Pearl Into Sand| + After Dark Seven|s/r
Stephan Basho-Junghans|Azure No. 3|Late Summer Morning|Strange Attractors Audio House
Peter Walker|Haleo Para Angela|A Raga for Peter Walker|Tompkins Square
Wooden Wand + Omen Bones Band|Ancestrl Mem'ry #4|Horus of the Horizon|3-Lobed
kaki King|Ahuvati|...until we felt red|Velour

Background Music: Champion Steelbands of Trinidad|Cook

Set 4
Mutantes|Jogo de calcada|A Divina Comedia|Polydor
Elephant Micah|Red Roving|Embarassment of Riches|LRRC
Elephant Micah & |Story of Expatriate Friends|Elephant Micah + the Agrarians|Time-Lag CD-R
Willie Williams|Master Plan|Six the Hard Way|heartbeat
Woody Woodmansey's U-Boat|Rock Show|s/t|Castle

Set 5
the good good|Tremblina|Furrows|Menlo Park

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