Monday, October 22, 2012

KZME: Subject to Change Playlist -- October 7, 2012 - Robert Ham Version

Andy Partridge        Fuzzy Warbles   
Scritti Politti    Skank Bloc Bologna    7"    Rough Trade
Bear in Heaven    Sinful Nature    I Love You Its Cool    Home Tapes
Serge Gainsbourg    Sous Le Soleil Excitement    Anna    Universal
Tim Kinsella        Pine Cone    Landland
Mirrorring    Drowning the Call    Foreign Body    Kranky
Augustus Pablo    Sleeping Chariots    Valley of Jehosphat   
Brian Eno    Seedpods    Drums Between the Bells    Warp
Sir Richard Bishop    Augmentations    Graviton Polarity Generator    Social Music
Beefeater    Satyagrana    Plays for Lovers & House Burning Down    Dischord
Regular Music    Four Hemispheres    Buddy Cops    RFRC
Can    Splash    Soon Over Babulama    Mute
Silver Apples    Lovefingers    Silver Apples    Kapp
Eternal Tapestry    Wholeodome    Dawn In 2 Dimensions    Thrill Jockey
Brass Bed    Strangers    Melt White   
Troubled By Insects    Sew Leather Patches on my Elbows        soundcloud

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