Saturday, March 03, 2007

March 3, 2007 (It's March Seasonaly Affective Disorder!)

Set 1
101 Strings|Astral-Freakouts|Astro-Sounds|Alshire
Kalyanji Anandji|Theme From Don|Sitar Beat Vol. 1|Guerilla
Yma Sumac|Medicine Man|Miracles|London
Roxy Music|Bogus Man|For Your Pleasure|Warner Bros.
Massive Attack|Karmacoma (Napoli Trip)|Karmacoma cd-5|Virgin
Jah Iny|El Rockers Chapter 1|Rockers International

Background Music:Ronnie Aldrich| Here Come the Hits!|Phase4Stereo

Set 2
Giant Sunflower Band|Lice of Rainbows|Blood of the Sunwarm|Soft Abuse
Lech Janjowski|Hymn.Coda.Choral|Institute Benjamenta|Ronnick
Hijack|Nightmarez|Tectonic Plates 04 12"
Flying Saucer Attack|Since When (Three)|Harmony of the Spheres|Drunken Fish
Seefeel|Plainsong (sine bubble embossed dub)|Polyfusia|Astralwerks
Relay|Prill|Still Point of Turning|Bubblecore

Somerville Speakout Music: Bert Kaempfert|Lights Out, Sweet Dreams|Decca

Set 3
Pink Military|Clown Town 12"
Pylon|Weather Radio|Gyrate|DB Rec
Clint Eastwood & Gen'l Saint|Cant Take Another World War|Two Bad DJ|Greensleeves
General TK|Coke & Crack|I-Spy|Greensleeves
Cabaret Voltaire|Why Kill Time (when you can kill yourself)?|mp3

Background Music: Richard Groove Holmes|Star Wars

Set 4
Drimble Wedge & Vegetations (aka Peter Cook)|Bedazzled|Bedazzled OST|
The Nightengales|Whys of Acknowledgment|Hysterics|Cherry Red
Diagram Brothers|Discardo|Some Marvels of Modern Science|LTM
Sun City Girls|Dry City|Jukebox Buddha|Staubgold

Set 5
Biz Markie|Benny & the Jets|Cold Chillin'

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