Saturday, January 06, 2007

Saturday, January 6, 2006 (James Brown, still dead)

Set 1
James Brown|Funky Men|Soul Syndrome|TK Records
Bobby Byrd|Hang Ups We Don't Need|I Need Help|Polydor
Bunny Sigler|Let Me Party With You (Party-Party-Party)|Let Me Party With You|Gold Mind
Last Poets|James Brown|Doing the James Brown|Harmless
African Brothers|Self-Reliance|Ghana Soundz|Sound Way

Background Music: Marty Gould|Skin Tight|RCA Victor

Set 2
Bird Show|Field on Water|And to the disciples...|Amish
Alexander Tucker|Panemaker Doms|Furrowed Brow|ATP
Maximum Joy|Silent Street|Unlimited|Crippled Dick Hot Wax
Brother Culture|Fiyah Well Hot - Ext mix|Better Mus' Come|M 10"

Background Music: George Benson|Last Train to Clarksville|Shape of Things to Come|CTI/A&M

Set 3
Tuxedomoon|Triptych|Bardo Hotel Soundtrack|Crammed
Spirit Girls|Anthem For Ophelia|Foreever Free|Trakwerx
Amerie|Money in the Bank|Amerie Mix Tape|mp3
Black Taj|Closing Credits|And to the Disciples|Amish
Jesse Sparhawk|Super Deluxe Unorthodox Detox|s/r

Set 4
Jane & Barton|It's a Fine Day|A Fine Day|Cherry Red
Psychic Paramount|Solo Electric Guitar & Pre-Recorded Drums|Origins & Primitives Vol. 1-2|No Quarter
Boogie Down Productions|Hope Beats|Criminal Minded|B-Boy
Ghostface Killah|Ghost is Back|More Fish|Def Jam
Lugworm|Disco|A Souvenir from Glasgow|Earworm

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