Monday, January 08, 2007

Breakfast of Champions, Monday, January 8, 2007

* = Keith

Set 1
*Pere Ubu, I Will Wait|Datapanik In year Zero|DGC
Ken Boothe|Best of Studio One|Hearbeat

Set 2
*Dodgy|Trust in time|Free Peace Sweet|A&M
Augustus Pablo|Dubbing in Africa|Pressure Sounds

Set 3
*Martin Newell|Let's Build a House|Greatest Living Englishmen|Humbug
Nancy Priddy|My Friend Frank|You've Come This Way Before|Rev-Ola

Set 4
BOTW: Devo|Through Being Cool|New Traditionalists|Virgin
*Momus:Jeff Koons|Harpsichord 2|SHADO
Eddie Palmierei|African Twist|Explosivos!

Set 5
Brokeback|After the Internationals|Field Recordings from the...|Thrill Jockey
*Mark Eitzel|Some Bartenders Have the Gift of Pardon|60 Watt Silver Lining

Set 6
Ryan Teague|Track 8|Coins & Crosses|Type
Matt Pond PA|Canadian Song|Green Fury|Polyvinyl

Set 7
Climax Golden Twins|Heavy Hippie Shit|s/t|Anomolous
*The Cure|Mr. Pink Eyes|Join the Dots|Fiction

Concert Report

Set 8
Bright|Grand Mal|Blue Christian|Darla
*Genesis|Silver Rainbow|Genesis|Atlantic

Set 9
Peter Zummo|Sevenths|Zummo with an X|New World
*Orwell|Clair|Following Days|Hidden Agenda

Set 10
Cut Chemist|Spat|Audience's Listening|Warner Bros.
*Cocteau Twins|Pearly Dewdrops Drops (alt take)|Lullabies to Violane Vol. 1|4AD

Set 11
Section 25|Process|From the Hip|LTM
*Wipers|Misfit|Wipers Box Set (is this Real?)|Zeno

Set 12
Simon Fisher Turner|Sleepthru|Lara Lana Lata|Mute UK
*Contrast|She's Been Here Berfore|Mystery #1|Rainbow Quartz

Set 13
Alvarius B|Mystery Altitude|s/t|Abduction
*Sandy Salisbury|Spell on Me|Sandy|Poptones

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