Saturday, June 09, 2007

Saturday, June 9, 2007 (I Was Born This Way)

Set 1
Carl Bean|I Was Born This Way (Original Instrumental 12" Mix)|West End 12"
Sylvester|I Need Somebody To Love Tonight|Sylvester's Greatest Hits: Nonstop Dance Party|Fantasy
Al Chem|No Nopper|Coming Home|Stereo Deluxe
Junior Reid|Junior Nature|See How Me Black, See How Me Sine|JR records/

Background Music:Kid Stuff Reperatory Co|YMCA and Other Disco Hits|Kids Stuff

Set 2
A Sunny Day in Glasgow|Panic Attacks Are What Make Me 'Me'|Scribble Mural Comic Journal|Notenuf
David Pavkovic|Molly 01 Part 02|Music From & inspired by My Name is Molly|
Marhaug-Asheim|Phoneuma(excerpt)|Grand Mutation |Touch

Somerville Speakout Music: Bert Kaempfert|Blue Midnight|Decca

Set 3
Camberwell Now|Greenfingers|All's Well|ReR
Diagram Brothers|I'm Not Going to Fight For Oil|Some Marvels of Modern Science|LTM
Wild Dog Rodeo|Charging the Lighthouse|Can't Stop It II|Chapter Music
Dan Bao Vietnam|Ghost Riders in the Sky (live)|Rough Guide to Vietnam|World Music

Background Music: Raymond Lefevre|Soul Coaxing|4 Corners

Set 4
Cinematic Orchestra|To Build a Home|Ma Fleur|Ninja tune
David Kilgour|Sun God|the Far Now|Merge
Meg Baird|All I Ever Wanted|Dear Companion|Drag City

Background Music: Raymond Lefevre|Soul Coaxing|4 Corners

Set 5
Joe Gibbs|State of Emergency|State of Emergency|mp3
Joseph Cotton|Drifter|Dancehall Days|Moll Selekta
Fawn|The Stoke|NovaMute 12"

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