Saturday, November 03, 2007

Saturday, November 3, 2007 (Give It to Me, Baby!)

Aretha Franklin|The Weight|Atlantic
Lobi Traore Group|Jugu|s/t|Honest Jons
Yvonne Fair|Funky Music Sho Nuff Turns Me On|Disco-o-Tech #4|Motown
JBs|Rock Groove Machine|TK Marlin
Kiln|Temple Frog|Dusker|Ghostly Int'l
The Pop Group|Feed the Hungry|We are Prostitutes|Y
Wee Papa Girls|Heat It Up (Detroit House Mix)|Jive 12"
Baden Powell|Tristeza|Tristeza on Guitar|BASF
Sylvia Telles|Dreamer|Voice I love|El
Scarab|Fall of Towers of Invention|Below the Radar|ROIR
Michael Rose|Throw Some Dub|African Dub|M
Harris Newman|Butcher's Block/Stopgap|live @ WMBR
Cotton Candy|Weird Noodles|iTunes
Pink Industry|Remove the Stain|Low Technology
Sam Amidon|Saro|All Is Well|Bedroom Community
Giancarlo Tiontutti|Rasuraindo|Undying|
Appleblim|Skull Disco|Rough Trade
Wolfgang Press|Peace on Fire|13-Year Itch|4AD
Area C|Live @ WMBR
Lone Ranger|Track 5|Hi Yo Silver Away!|Greensleeves
Blacworld|Coup D'etat|Subdoing Demons in South Yorkshire|Alphaphone
Richard Leo Johnson + Greg Bendian|Who Knew Charlie Shoe?|Cunieform
George Coleman|Crazy With Love|Bongo Joe|Arhoolie

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