Saturday, November 17, 2007

Saturday, November 16, 2007 (Tofu-rkey Trot)

Set 1
Excepter|The Punjab|Paw Tracks 12"/
Tony Allen|Progress|Afro Disco Beat|Vamp Soul
Mike Gibbs|Blackgang|Only7 Chrome Waterfall Orchestra|Bronze
Yello|Evening's Young|Claro Que Si|Hit Thing
Units|Go|Digital Stimulation|415
??|Not Love|Italo Deruggiero|cdr
Slits|Face Dub|Return of the Giant Slits|Blast First Petite

Background Music: Buddy Merrill|Sounds of Love|Accent

Set 2
Michael Chapman|Trinkets & Rings|Fully Qualified Survivor|mp3
15.60.75 (aka the Numbers)|Jimmy Bell|Jimmy Bell's in Town|Morpeus
Grandmaster Caz|Duck Sauce|The Real Old SChool Hip Hop|Tuff City/

Somerville Speakout: Bert Kaempfert|Christimas In Wonderland|Decca

Set 3
Cliff Martinez|Death Shall Have No Dominion + Don't Blow It|Solaris|iTunes
Max Richter|Song for Yulia|Not Alone|Durtro Jnana
James Blackshaw|Celeste pt II|Celeste| Park

Concert Report music: Original Trinidad Steel Band In Stereo|Elektra

Set 4
Main Source|Ju|Breaking Atoms|Wild Pitch
Com.a feat. Wicked Act|No Heathen - Ghetto Plasma Mix|Shockout 12"
Gudrun Gut|Woods|Members of the Ocean Club|Monika
Gal Costa|Acau|Legal|Philips

Set 5
These Are Powers|Makes Visible|Terrific Seasons|s/r

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