Saturday, July 14, 2007

July 14, 2007 (It Is My Executive Privilege To Serve You)

Set 1
Venus Gang|Take Me Back To My Plant+ Evil Times|Galactic Soul|Hapna
Volcano Suns|Malomondo|Thing of Beauty|SST
Jurgen Paape + Boy Schaufler/Gesang|We Love|Total 8|Kompakt
Black Strobe|Buzz Buzz Buzz|Burn Your Own Church|Playlouder/Beggars
Soul Dazz Band|Dazz|Kings of Diggin'|BBE
Scientist|One- Two|Heavyweight Dub Champion

Background Music: Popular Music Hit Parade|Downright Fun|Readers Dugest

Set 2
Barry Andrews|Pages of My Love|Rossmore Road 7-inch|Mp3
Francois Hardy|Tue Resembles A Tous....|Soleil
Cecile Grandin|Le Scaphrandre blanc|Ultra Chicks Vol. 4: Ye-Ye Girls
Mikel Rouse|Como Eu Estive Cego|International Cloud Atlas|Exit Music
Jon Lucien|Dindi|Song For My Lady|Columbia
Clara Nunes|Tempo a Bossa|Clara, Clarisse, Clara

Somerville Speakout Music|Bert Kaempfert|Blue Midnight|Decca

Set 3
R Keenan Lawler|
RST|Lords of Space (excerpt)|Axes|Last Visible Dog
Erik Enockson|Dusk Settles In|Farval Falkenberg|Kning
Solaris BC|Polaris Function|Lo Fibre Compilation|Invisible
Von Sudenfed|Flooded|Tromatic Reflexxions|Domino

Concert Report music: Trinidad Tripoli Steel Band|Liberace presents|Forward

Set 4
Derrick Harriott|Slave|Riding the Roots Chariot|
Undivided Roots|England Cold Pt. II|Disco Plates Collection 2|On U
Prince Far I|Reggae Music|Free From Sin

Background Music: Living Strings|Play Music From "Popi" & Other Cinema Gems|RCA

Set 5
Death Vessel|Deep in thye Horchata|Stay Close|North East Indie
El Jesus de Magico|Indian Giver|Columbus Discount Records 7"
Necropolis|Van V. Art|Columbus Discount Records 7"

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