Saturday, May 19, 2007

Saturday, May 19, 2007 (Official World Bank Nominee Edition)

Set 1
Betty Davis|I Will Take That Ride|s/t|Light in the Attic
Darondo|Let My People Go|Let My People G|Luv n Haight
NCCU|Sleepy Time Is Over|Super Trick|United Artists
Rimshots|Dancin Girl|Soul Train|Castle
Sly Dunbar & Jazzwad|Bimma|E Records 7"
Gudrun Gut|The Land|I Put a Record On|Monika
Master Jay & Michael Dee|TSOB|Numero 12"

Background Music:Santo & Johnny|Around the World|Canadian American

Set 2
James Blackshaw|Running to the Ghost|Cloud of Unknowing|Tompkins Square
Robbie Basho|Roses & Snow|bashovia|Fantasy
Lavendar Diamond|Like An Arrow|Imagine Our Love|Matador

Somerville Speakout Music: Bert Kaempfert|Living It Up!|Decca

Set 3
Hellers|And Now the News|Singers...talkers....|Fallout
ThesOne|Bob Cat|Lifestyle Marketing|Tres
Dettinger|Oasis 7|Oasis|mp3
Ben Frost|Theory of Machines|Theory of Machines|Bedroom Community
Boyd Rice & Friends|Registered Three|Registered Three|
Del Ray King & Sun Kings|Men & Maggots (Extended Version)|Battleship Potemkin|trakwerx

Concert Report Music: Gershon Kinglsey|Gershwin Alive & Well Underground|Avco

Set 4
Go Betweens|Clouds|Live from Snap!|Beggars
Silmari|Windbridge|Voyage of Icarus|Locust
Rick Hayward|Light in the Sky|Sunbeam
Jozef Van Wissem|The Lowering|Stations of the Cross|Incunabulum
Wayne Jarrett|True Love|Chin Up|Greensleeves

Set 5
Reports|Move & Glow (pt 2)|Inman Square


megster said...

Hi Patrick,

Did you hear that Jackson Del Rey (Del Rey & the Sun Kings and founding member 17 Pygmies & Savage Republic) is going to be in Boston next week?

Check out the first 17 Pygmies show in over 15 years Friday, May 25th at P.A.'s Lounge.

Please contact us if you are interested in a live interview or on-air performance during any day May 24th-May 26th.

To hear all the latest Trakwerx recordings go to

Thanks for your support of "Battleship Potemkin"!

megster said...

P.S. You might find it interesting to know that JDR (aka Philip Drucker) is also an attorney...

bulldoggy said...

I'm just curious if you've ever posted audio files of Patti Palladin's Siamese Lovers / Trial By Fire (or if you ever would? :)

patrick bryant said...

Notwithstanding any concerns re: the morality/ethics/legality/whatnot of posting files, I'm not currently sophsticated enough to do so. Pls email me @ for more info