Saturday, May 05, 2007

Saturday May 5, 2007 (The White Castle Experience)

Set 1
Wganda Kenya|Tifit Hayed|Colombia!|Sound Way
Junkanoo Band|Key Lime Beat - Instrumental|Junkanoo Band - Key West|Folkways
Positive Force|People Get On Up|s/t|Sugarhill
Emilio Santiago|Nega Dina|s/t|Whatmusic/
Lloyd Robinson|Cus Cuss|Rare Reggae Grooves from Studio One|Heartbeat

Background Music: Mexicali Brass|Michelle|Crown

Set 2
Fursaxa|Alone in the Cape Wood|Alone in the Cape Wood|ATP
Frances Marie Utti|Philia's Dream for Cello & synthesizer|Jonathen Harvey, Cello Concerto|Mp3
John Adams|Grand Pianola Music - 3rd Movement|Solisti New York|EMI Angel

Somerville Speakout music: Bert Kaempfert|Living it Up|Decca

Set 3
Flocking Associates|Noh| associates
Poem Rocket|Muse Thrower|invasion!|Atavistic
Family Fodder|Der Leierman|
Simple Minds|Naked Eye|Reel to Reel Cacophony|Virgin
Silver Dagger|New High & Ord|New High & Ord|Load
The Pope|Chocolate Babies|Sports|Wantage USA

Background Music: Little Beaver|Black Rhapsody|Top Cat

Set 4
Armaggeddon Experience|One Way|Jesus Sound Explosion|Creative Sound
Sylvia Telles|Samba Torto|The Voice I Love|El
Marley Marl|Symphony Pt II|In Control Vol. II|Cold Chillin'
Up Bustle & Out|Mundo Insolito|Mexican Sessions|Collission
Hombres|Am I High?|Work It Out|Verve

Concert Report Music: Bamboushay Steel band|Folkways

Set 5
Thomas Fehlman|Soziale Warme|Kompakt
Antigua Automatica Mexicano|Co.Opt|Kraut Slut| Mp3
Guitar|Just Like Honey|Dealin with Signal & Noise|Hausmusik

Set 6
Barry Brown|Bum Ball|Just the Vibes|Moll-Selekta

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