Saturday, September 08, 2007

Saturday, September 8, 2007 (Bye Bye Miss American Primitive)

Set 1
St. Ann Fife & Drum Band|John Canoe Music|Bongo Backra & Coolie|Smithsonian Folkways
Hallelujah Chicken Run Band|Mudzimu Ndringe|Take One|Analog Africa
Kolo Kot Matani|Band Teleu Nekaf|Music of Indonesia 20 - Indonesian Guitars|Smithsonian Folkways
(Smog)|37 Pushups|Rock Stars Kill|Kill Rock Stars
Rhys Chatham|Die Donnergotter (The Thundergods) (Intro)|An Angel Moves To Fast To See|Table of the Elements
Colonel Elliott & the Lunatics|Jumping Jupiter|Interstellar Reggae Drive|mp3

Background Music: Sandy Nelson|Superdrums|Imperial

Set 2
Kanye West|Flashing Lights|Graduation|mp3
Godflesh|Gift from Heaven (Heavenly)|Love & Hate in Dub|Godflesh
HRSTA|Beau Village|Ghosts Will Come & Kiss Our Eyes|Constellation
Richard Hawley|The Sea Calls|Lady's Bridge|Mute

Somerville Speakout Music: Bert Kaempfert|The World We Knew|Polydor

Set 3
Delta 5|Circuit|Singles & Sessions 1979-81|Kill Rock Stars
Interview with Mark E Smith by Mixing It on BBC 5
The Fall|Higgledy Piggledy|Mixing It Live Session
Ni Hao|Space|Gorgeous|Tzadik
Beenie Man/Ninjaman/Bounty Killer|People Dead|Ragga Jungle Dubs|Greensleeves

Concert Report Music: Hell's Gate Steel Band|This is Antigua|STAR

Set 4
Johann Johannson|Odi et Amo|Englaborn|Touch
Peter Scherer|Evil|Cronologica|Tzadik
Blue Gene Tyranny|CBCD Intro|Country Boy Country Dog|
Cosmic Jokers|Galactic Joke (b)|Cosmic Jokers|mp3

Background Music: Mexicali Brass|What Now My Love|Curtom

Set 5
Ultimate Force|I'm Not Playin'|Another Hit|Tuff City
Look Blue Go Purple|100 Times|compilation|mp3

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