Saturday, October 06, 2007

Saturday, October 6, 2007 (Ordinary Rendition)

Set 1
Bohannon|Pimp Walk|Stop & Go|Dakar
Jackie Moore|Hows Your Love Life Baby|Columbia 12"
Lara Taylor|Lady Scorpio|Tk Disco 12"
Suzi Lane|No One Home in the City|Ooh La La|Elektra [Giorgio Morodor produced,]
Little John|I'm Gonna Make You Mine|Ghetto Youth

Background Music: Swtiched-on-Bacharach|MCA

Set 2
Trees|Snail's Lament|Garden of Jane Delawney
Sam Amidon|Sugar Baby|All is Well|Bedroom Community
Picastro|Hortur|Whore Luck|Polyvinyl
Richard Leo Johnson & Greg Bendian|Jesus on a Tire Swing|Who Knew Charlie Shoe?|Cunieform
Harris Newman|Anamnesis|Decorated|Strange Attractors Audio House

Somerville Speakout Music:Bert Kaempfert|....Love That|Decca

Set 3
Taylor Deupree|Landing|Landing|Room40/
Nick Didkovsky|Tube Mouth Bow String|
Susanna|Home Recording|Sontana Mix Dwarf Cosmos|Rune Grammofon
Ed Askew|My Love is a Red, Red Rose (radio broadcast)|Littel Eyes|De Stijl

Set 4
Jorge Ben|Descrpbi Que|Jorge Ben (1969)
Michael Rother|Klangkoerper|Fernwaerme
Gintas K|Kas Tai|13 Tracks|Percepts
Zoviet France|Al'Ud|Loh Land|
Mad Professor|English Connection|Beyond the Realms of Dub|RAS

Set 5
Johanna Went|Moquito & Continuum|Club Years|

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