Saturday, August 18, 2007

August 18, 2007 (Blues Control live performance)

Set 1
Susanna & Magical Orchestra|It's a Long Way to the Top|Melody Mountain|Rune Gramofon
AC/DC|What's Next to the Moon?|Powerage|Atco
Tussle|Connections|Tape Club Year, Pt. 2|Death Bomb Arc

Set 2
Blues Control live (engineered by Ramsey Tantawi)

Set 3
Barton Smith|Morcadu + Citi-Calm|Reelizations|Folkways/

Set 4
Owada|Thirty Thirty|Nothing|Piano
Prinzhorn Dance School|Lawyers Water Jug|s/t|Astralwerks
Marzipan Marzipan|Happy Blues|mp3
Tristan Palmer|Touch Me Make Me|Dancehall Box Set|Trojan
Conroy Smith|Original Sound|Sound Clash Vol. 1 & 2|20 Super Hits

Background Music: Alan Lorber Group|Lotus Palace|Verve

Set 5
Carrie Lucas|Are You Dancing?|In Danceland|Solar
Dennis Parker|Like An Eagle (Extended Version)|Like an Eagle
Undisputed Truth|Let's Go Down to the Disco|Method to the Madness|Whitfield
Kode9|Magnetic City|Box of Dub|Soul Jazz

Somerville Speakout Music: Bert Kaempfert|Decca

Set 6
Matteah Baim|Dark Ship|Baim|Gnomonsong
Big Youth|Hot Stock|Natty Universal Dread|Blood + Fire

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