Monday, July 31, 2006

Late Risers Club, Monday, July 31, 2006

Set 1
Billy Squier|Big Beat|Tale of the Tape|Capitol
Blue In Heaven|Big Beat|All the Gods' Men|Island
Killing Joke|Fall of Because|What's This For...?|Editions EG

Set 2
Wedding Present|Cumberland Gap|Singles 1989-1991|Manifesto
Girls at Our Best|Going Nowhere Fast|Records 7"
10LEC6|Intestinal Skirmish|Join Us!|Troubleman Unlimited
Pink Kross|Do It Joseph|Chopper Chix from VP Hell|Teen-C
Mika Miko|See You There|CYAS
Icky Boyfriends|Katemania|

Set 3
Tim's Song of the Week|Tenafly Vipers|Lie Che at Steal|s/t|s/r
Lubricated Goat|Frotting with Ennio|Plays the Devils Music|Amphetamine Reptile

Set 4
Need New Body|Dirty Bitch|s/t|Cenotoph Audio
Blue Rondos|Baby I Go For You|Crawdaddy Simone|RPM
Cheveu|Dog|S-S 7"
John Sims|Program|Palomino|Bedazzled
Nash the Slash|Islands|Dreams & Nightmares|Cutthroat

Set 5
Dead Fingers Talk|Nobody Loves You When You're Old & Gay|Noises|Trikont
Saccharine Trust|I Am Right|SST
St. Vitus|White Stallions|Hallow's Victim|SST

Set 6
11:21 Song: Ted Nugent|Wango Tango|Scream Dream|Epic
Brian Posehn|Live in Nerd Rage|Relapse
Comsat Angels|Waiting for a Miracle|Time Considered...|RPM

Set 7
Necropolis|Stalking Mark E Smith Around NYC
Fall|Jingle Bell Rock|Complete Peel Sessions|Sanctuary
Digital Leather|Fantasy Boys|Monologue|Empty
Of Cabbages & Kings|Descent|Face|Purge Sound League
Josey Wales|Bobo Dread|Two Giants Clash|Greensleeves

Set 8
Mike Heron|Warm Heart Pastry|Smiling|Elektra

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