Sunday, March 05, 2006

Playlist, Saturday, March 4, 2006

Jennifer Lara|I'm In Love|Studio One Women 12"|Soul Jazz
Fannypack|Boom Boom|So Stylistic|Tommy Boy
Jenny Jones|There's a Chance for Me|Compared to What|Studio One
Shawn Lee's Ping Ping Orchestra|Prog Punk|Moods & Grooves|Ubiquity
Neutral Mute|Roc-Sac|Roc-Sac|Statra
Matata|Good Samaritan|Booniay: compilation of West African Funk|BRG
Bongo Herman|African Frums|South East Music Ltd. 10"
Pink Mountaintops|New Drug Queens|Axis of Evol|Jagjaguwar
Half-Past Human|Beak as Tool|Beak as Tool|Ba-da-ding!
Telepathe|Pet Communicator|Farewell Forest|Social Registry
Vertical Slit|All|Twisted Steel & the Tits of Angels|Spirit of Orr
Made in Mexico|Napalm|Skin Graft|Zodiac Zoo
Moondog|Lament 1|s/t|Honest Jon's
Jorge Ben|Bicho do Mato|Ben e Samba Bom|Universal
The Bees|Minha a Minha|93 Ft. East|93
Moondog|Bumbo|Mondog|Honest Jon's
Karl Biscuit|La Morte|Crammed Global Soundclash|Crammed
Bjork|Mouth's Cradle|Medulla|Elektra
Golden Oaks|Growers Communion|Gold Leaf Branches|Digitalis
Frances Mariet Uitti||Choral Spectra (To JH)|Uitti2Bows|BVHAAST
Pan American|Train Station|Quartermass 12"
Les McCann|Yours Is My Heart Alone|Comment|Atlantic
Nightblooms|59#2|S/t|Fierce Fright
Double U|Slow Down Tiger|White Night, Floating Anchor|Emperor Jones

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