Saturday, September 09, 2006

Saturday, September 9, 2006 (Imaginational Anthem)

Set 1
Teddy Bears|Cobrastyle feat. Mad Cobra (a capella)|Big Beat 12"
Chico Hamilton|Conquistadores|Best of|Impulse!
Wilson Simonal|Ninguem Tasca (O Gaviao)|Viva O Samba
Direct Current|Everybody Here Must Party|Super Disco Friends|Headphone Heroes
Seke Molenga & Kalo Kawongolo|Wakoya|African Roots|Trojan

Background Music"Johnny Puelo & His Harmonica Gang|Audio Fidelity

Set 2
Susanna & Magical Orch|Hallelujah
Richard Ruskin|Life Goes On Within You Without You|Takoma
HRSTA|Dont Let the Angels Fall|Fancy
Vashti Bunyan|Brother|Lookaftering|Fat Cat/DiCristina

Somerville Speakout music: Bert Kaempfert|Magic Music Of Far Away Places|Decca

Set 3
Max Ochs|Interview and Live Recording @ WMBR (two songs)
Shawn David McMillan|Live Recording @ WMBR (one song)
Christina Carter|Live Recording @ WMBR (one song)

Set 3A
Bill Wells & Isobel Campbell|Tell Me More And More (And then Some)|Ghost of Yesterday|Creeping Bent
Keith Fullertan Whitman|Stereo Music for Acoustic Guitar, Buchla Music Box 100 HP Model 236 Oscillator, Electric Guitar & Computer|Multiples|Kranky
Chas. Mtn.|Upside Down Hanging|Hugs|Western Vinyl

Background Music:Luis Arruda Paes|Brazil|Capitol

Set 4
Soft Cell|Paranoid|Bedsit Tapes|Some Bizarre
Miss Violetta Beauregarde|Adolf Hitler's Emotional Side|Odi Profanium Vulgus et Arceo|Temporary Residence
Dj Slip|Last Gasp at Reality|She's A Time Traveler|Brooklyn Beats
Johnny Pacheco y su Charanga|Recuerdos De Arcano|Suavito Vol. IV|Allegre
Bobby Kalphat|Sound of Now Dub|Phil Pratt Thing|Pressure Sounds

Set 5
Jackie & Roy|I Didnt Want To Have To Do It|Love|LTN

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