Friday, November 24, 2006

Breakfast of Champions Playlist Friday, November 24, 2006 (Black Is the Colour Of My True Love's Shopping)

Set 1
MIA - Fire Fire|Piracy Funds terrorism
Paradise Island|Armed & Dangerous (??)|Troubleman Unlimited 7"
Three Johns|Industry (live at Chicago Metro)|Abstract 7"
Undertones|You Can't Say That|Just What You Need|Sanctuary

Set 2
Homosexuals|Touch Technique (demo)|Messthetics #101|Hyped2Death
Godz|Radar Eyes|2|ESP
Ill Ease|Too Much Sucky|
Eric Random|Sense So Lightly|Subliminal|LTM

Band of the Week: Mogwai

Set 3
Bert & Ernie|Lots of Stuff|Havin' Fun With|CRA
Mogwai|Mogwai Fear Satan|Kicking A Dead Pig|Jetset
Mogwai + Kronos Quartet|thefountain
Long Fin Killie|Nation|hands & Lips ep|Too Pure

Set 4
Catapult|Birthday|Architecture of a Year|Black Bean & Placenta
Fellini|Rock Europa|Sexual Life of the Savages|Soul Jazz
Tomorrow's Friend|Always You Can|Say Hey 12"

Concert Report music: Terry Riley& the Phantom Band|Poppy Nogood|ellision Fields

Set 5
Twilight Circus Dub Sound System|Dub Frequency|In Dub Vol. 1|M
Millitanz|Paul = Fort|Kassettentaeter
McCarthy|Frans hais|CD86|Sanctuary

Next Week's Band of the Week - Spice Girls v. Grenadine

Set 6
Spice Girls|Wannabe
Grenadine|Teenbeat - Simple Machines 7"
Nina Nastasia|Jim's Room|On Leaving|Fat Cat
Movietone|Chance is Her Opera|s/t|Planet

Set 6
49 Americans|Doo-bee Doo-bee|We Know Nonsense|Choo Choo Train
Xodus|See them A Come|Factory 12"

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