Saturday, January 05, 2008

Saturday, January 5, 2008 (A New Age)

Set 1
Brian Sharp|Aquarius|Working Man's Soul|Licorice Tree
Pedro Miguel y sus Maracalibos|Arroz con Coco|Gozalo 2|Vampi Soul
Tasha Thomas|Shoot Me With Your Love Instrumental (Excerpt)|Cotillion 12"
Pattie Brooks|Pop Collage Medley|Love Shock|Casablanca
Idris Muhammad|(Dance Dance)Work Your Body|FoxHuntin'|Fantasy
Boxcutter|Brood VIP|
Johnny Clarke|The Right Dub|Roots Disco Dub|Weed Beat

Background Music: Baby Cortez|The Isley Bros Way|T-Neck

Set 2
Valgeir Sigurdsson|Equilibrium is Restored||Ekvilibrium|Bedroom Community
Spaceheads & max Eastley|Chamber of Statutes|A Very Long Way From Anywhere Else|Bip-hop/
Robin Crutchfield|Magic Puffbox + Hovering|From Our Friends in the Enchanted Otherworld|Hand/Eye
Ulf Lohman|My Pazifik|Pop Ambient 2008|Kompakt
Ida Craig|Sit Down, Servant|Art of Field Recording Vol. 1|Dust-To-Digital

Set 3
Sister Nancy|Little More Oil (DJ/Rupture's Reggaeton Mix)|Soul Jazz 12"
The Bug|Pain You A Ga Feel (Feat. Ras B)|Aktion Pak ep|Rephlex
Just-Ice|Free Flow|VII|Warlock/
Wolfgang & Reinhard Voigt|Korn|Kompakt Extra 12" (played at 33 rpm)
Focus Group|Albion Festival's Report|We Are All Pan People|
Growing|Disconfirm|Social Registry Club No. 8|

Background Music: Wolfgang & Reinhard Voigt|Korn|Kompakt Extra 12" (played at 33 rpm)

Set 4
Better Beatles|Can't Buy Me Love|Mercy Beat|Hook or Crook
Le Club des Chats|Minie + Chat Loutre|S-S Records 7"
Child Pornography|Cold Fingers|She's Got Legs|Death Bomb Arc
Mikaela's Fiend|Blanket|Zum 7-inch
John Bender|35A9|I Don't Remember Now|mp3

Background Music: Matt McCormick|Second Marriage Records Comp

Set 5
Petra Haden|Music (Japanese Version)|Gum|EverLoving
Jorge Ben|Pulo, Pulo|Forca Bruta|Dusty
Slade|Them Kinda Monkeys Can't Swing|In Flame|Warner Bros.

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