Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A few of my favorite things - 2008

A work in progress and regress.

Abe Vigoda Skeleton Post Present
Ahmed, Ilyas Between Two Skies… Foxy
American Music Club The Golden Age Merge
Amidon, Sam All Is Well Bedroom Community
Angel Kalmukia Mego
Arborea Arborea Fire Museum
Benga Diary Of An Afro Warrior/Night eps Tempa
Better Beatles Mercy Beat Hook or Crook
Blackshaw, James Litany of Echoes Tompkins Sq.
Blues Control Puff Fusetron
Briggs, Anne Water
Bug London Zoo
Bugs The Bugs
Bullwackie's All Stars Black World Dub Wackies
Burkett, Joshua Where's My Hat? Time-Lag
Cave, Nick & Warren Ellis The Proposition Mute
Chic Nerve Hectic Tenuous Sockets
Child Pornography She's Got Legs Deathbombarc
Child Readers Music Heard Far Off Soft Abuse
Circle X Prehistory Blue Chopsticks
Corsano, Chris The Young Cricketer Family Vineyard
Craig, Carl Sessions !K7
Crutchfield, Robin For Our Friends In The Enchanted Otherworld Hand/Eye
Cursillistas Wasp Stings The Last Bitter Flavor Digitalis
Dial 168K
Dinosaur L 24-24 Music Traffic
El Guincho Alleganza! XL
Elephant Micah Exiled Magicians Third Uncle
Evangelista Hello Voyager Constellation
Fannypack Ghetto Bootleg Tommy Boy
Farr, Gary Take Something With You Sunbeam
Felipe, Dino No Fun Demo No Fun
Fight Bite Emerald Eyes
Flynt, Henry & Nova'Billy Henry Flynt & Nova'Billy Locust
Foole, Dredd Kissing The Contemporary Bliss Family Vineyard
Foot Village s/t
Four Tet Ringer EP Domino
Gas Nah Und Fern Kompakt
Group Inerane Guitars from Agadaz Sublime Frequencies
Grouper Dragging a Dear Dear… Type
Harnetty, Brian American Winter Atavistic
High Places 03/07 - 09/07 Thrill Jockey
High Places Thrill Jockey
His Name Is Alive Firefly Dragonfly Acuarela
hollAnd Love Fluxus Teenbeat
Holter, Julia Eating the Stars Human Hairs
Holtkamp, Koen Field Rituals Type
Horta, Toninho Ceu de Passaros Odeon
Hunter, Jana Carrion EP Gnomonsong
Indian Jewelry Free Gold! We Are Free
Instruments of Science & Technology Secretly Canadian
Invisible Conga People Cable Dazed / Weird Pains Italians Do It Better
Johannsson, Johann Fordlandia 4AD
Joynes, C God Feeds The Ravens Bo'Weavil
Juaneco y Su Combo Masters of Chica Vol. 1 Barbes
Kasai All-Stars In the 7th Moon... Crammed World
KatJonBand Carrot Top
Lambchop OH in Ohio Merge
Las Malas Amistades Patio Bonito Honest Jons
Lau Nau Nukuu Locust
Long Blondes Couples Rough Trade
Luther Adams, John /Oberlin Contemporary Music Ensemble In the White Silence
Massiera, Jean-Pierre Psychoses Mucho Gusto
Maybe It's Reno Teenbeat
Mekons Mekons Story Buried Treasure
Muhly, Nico Mothertongue Brassland
Mundo Sound Go Dead
New Bloods The Secret Life Kill Rock Stars
North Sea Archaic Spines A Silent Place
North Sea In the Time Of Sugar Pines Music Fellowship
Nurse With Wound Huffin' Bag Blues United Dirter
Of The Sun & the Earth Together Gelcaps
Oliveiri, Chad Pathetitque Carbon
One More Grain
Orsi, Fabio Audio for Lovers Last Visible Dog
Pantaleimon Heart of the Sun Durtro Jnana
Phillips, Washington What Are They Doing In Heaven Today? Mississippi Records
Pikelet s/t Chapter Music
Ponytail Ice Cream Spiritual We Are Free
Renderizors Submarine Last Visible Dog
Richard Swift As Onasis Secretly Canadian
Scott, Tom James Red Devil Bo’Weavil
Shearing Pinx/Silver Daggers Gold Sleeper/Joys Of Being 7" Arbor
Sic Alps A Long Way Around To A Shortcut Animal Disguise
Sir Victor Uwaifo Guitar Boy Superstar Soundway
Smith, Sean Sacred crag dancer Isota
Stackwaddy Cherry Red
Steinski What Does It All Mean? Illegal Art
Sun Kil Moon April Caldo Verde
T.P. Orchestra Kings of Benin Soundway
Thee Oh Sees The Master's Bedroom Is Worth Spending A Night IN Tomlab
Tommy Jay Tommy Jay's Tall Tales Of Trauma Columbus Discount
Various Art of Field Recording Vol. 1 Dust-To-Digital
Various Artists Dancehall Soul Jazz
Various Imaginational Anthem Volume Three Tompkins Square
Various Life Is A Problem Mississippi
Various Living Is Hard Honest Jon's
Various The Master Of The Masterpiece 2 P&P
Various Wayfaring Strangers Numero Group
Vile, Kurt Constant Hitmaker Gulcher
War, Gary New Raytheonport Disaro
Wasif, Imaad with Two Part Beast Strange Heroes Kill Rock Stars
Watson, David Fingering An Idea XL
White Rainbow Prism of Eternal Now kranky
Wolverton Brothers Old Ugly & Loud Starhustler
Women s/t Flemish Eye
Zomes Holy Mountain

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