Saturday, September 24, 2011

KZME Edition: Friday, September 23, 2011 - No Vaccines Necessary


Set 1
Sabu Martinez | My Son Johnny & Me | Afro Temple | Grammofonverket
Mike Gibbs | Undergrowth | The Only Chrome Waterfall Orchestra | Bronze
Mahmoud Ahmed | Neshite | Jeguol Naw Betwa | Mississippi Records [PDX Label]
Black Blood | Shaba | Blood Brother, Blood Sister | Chrysalis
Pockets | Catch Me (Disco/Stereo Mix) | ARC 12"
Lenny White | If You're In Need | Love Connection | MCA Records

Background Music: Lenny Dee | Turn Around Look At Me | Decca

Set 2
Vetiver | Live at WMBR [Star Theater/Sep 28]
Caethua | Behold Earth | The Summer is Over Before It's Begun | Mississippi Records [PDX Label]
Carrie Richardson | When the Storms of Life Are Raging | Stand by Me | Carrinds [PDX Artist/Label]
The Golden Bears | You And All the Other Humans Like You | Wall to Wall | Blue Giant [PDX Artist]
Ilous & Decupyer | Berceuse | Dirty French Psychedelics | Dirty Sound System

Set 3 (Collage)
Motion Sickness of Time Travel | Clairovoyance | Seeping Through the Unconscious | Digitalis
with Philip Jeck | Unveiled
Morton Subotnick | Silver Apples of the Moon [excerpt] | Nonesuch
Monopoly Star Child | Canal of a Bogonia's Oracle | Bamboo for Two | Olde English Spelling Bee [PDX Artist]
Ken Camden | Raga | Lethargy & Repercussions | Kranky [Holocene/Nov 12]
American Indian Soundchiefs | Songs of the Redman [Oregon artist/label]
Juv | Forvasel | s/t | Mismah
African Head Charge | Good Things | Off the Beaten Track [bonus cut] | On U Sound

Background Music: London Philharmonic | Space Odyssey

Set 4
Cian Nugent | Sixes & Sevens | Doubles | VHF
with KWJaz | Telephone Music | Below the Radar | The Wire
Zoviet France | Tier of Veils | Popular Soviet Songs & Youth | Staalplaat [ex-sister distributer to PDX distributor Soleilmoon]

With Special Guest Appearances by:
Helen Gurley Brown | Lessons in Love [WFMU's Beware of the Blog]
Conversa-Phone's Round the World Modern Greek Language Course
Bill Cosby
Bob Ducca
Tig Notaro [Mississippi Studios/Sept 28]

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Ceska said...

I really love this CD ! Maysa has one of the most unique and incredible voices out there today, and this CD really highlights just how talented this true singer and vocalist is. Favorites of mine include "Flower Girl" , " Day N Night", "Motions of Love", "When It's Over", "I Try", and " Your Name's not on the List". Get this CD, you won't be disappointed.