Saturday, April 01, 2006

Playlist, Saturday, April 1, 2006

Jokers Gone Wild!

Set 1
Exuma|Exuma, The Obeah Man|Exuma|Mercury
Mutantes|Bat Macumba|Technicolor|Universal
Grupo de Experimentación Sonora|Fusil Contra Fusil (Gun Against Gun)|Cuba Va!|Folkways
Willie Bobo|La Descarga del Bobo|Juicy|Universal
Ambrose Adekoya Campbell|London Is the Place For Me 3|Honest Jon's
Jackie Mittoo|In Could Blood|Drum Song|Attack

Bed Music: Eddie Cano & His Orch|Side 1|Latin Magic of|Hurrah

Set 2
Diane Cluck|Heat from Every Corner|Macy's Day Bird|Important
Richard Leo Johnson|Uncertain Weather|Legend of Vernon McAlister|Cunieform
Stephen Vitiello|Dorm Ant (gtr)|Room (Wire mag promo)
Richard Leo Johnson|Side Road to Splendor
Et Ret|Run On A Head|Gasworks|Western Vinyl

Bed Music: Bert Kaempfert|Love That|Decca

Set 3 (Post-Somerville Speakout)
The Pope|Dance of the Czars|Ascendo Tuum!
Red Krayola|Born in Flames|Singles|Drag City
Artery|Africa|Into the Garden|Cherry Red
Lambchop|Loretta Lung|Decline of Country & Western Civilization II|Merge

Bed Music: Salsoul Orchestra|Fiddler on the Roof|Yellow Brick Road|Salsoul

Set 4
Gavin Bryars|String Quartet #1|Three String Quartets|Black Box

Bed Music: Dick Hyman|Command

Set 5
Wooden Wand & Vanishing Voice|Hey Pig He Stole My Sound|Gipsy Freedom|5RC

Set 6
King Loser|Solid Sky Nine|Caul of the Wild|Flying Nun


Anonymous said...

sitting here at work manning a phone and a door seems so much more relaxing with decent music to distract my self

Jaibe said...

Could you give more info on King Loser? They are awesome!

patrick bryant said...

King Loser are a New Zealand threesome who last released a full-length in 1997. You can find their three CDs, on Flying Nun (the Motown of NZ), clogging up clearance bins of your local used record store.