Wednesday, April 19, 2006

What's On Your iPod? HAHAHAHAHAHA

For a good larf, march on down over to the starfucking feature of the iTunes store: Celebrity Playlists.

if you can set aside the WTF-ness of eardropping on celebr-iPods (now why do i want to know what Olympians listen to again?), the utter blandness of music contained therein and the incessant generalizations from personal tastes (aka "if you dont dance to this track, you must be dead!"), you can enjoy the, uh, commentary of the mediocr-itacracy. Bless the folks at iTunes for having the sadistic sensability to force celebraties to justify EVERY SINGLE SONG of their iMix. The commentaries have all the passion of an exhausted student cramming to complete the final essay in a SAT-type exam.

a few choice excerpts:

Ashlee Simpson on Bob Marley's Is This Love: "This is just a feel-good song that you just can't not love."

Sharon Stone on, what else, The Notorious B.I.G.: "For me, Biggie Smalls was the most talented rap musician/composer ever. That's it."

Jerry Bruckheimer on Eagles' Desperado: "Is there anything better than the lyrics to this song? Moving & emotional."

Kyria Sedgwick on The Verve Pipe: "I really like this one. I think I first heard it in a movie."

A special award goes to the unstoppably smug Stephen King: SK on The Inmates: "White boys can't sing soul? Think again homey."

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