Saturday, June 17, 2006

Saturday, June 17, 2006 (What's Yr Exit Strategy?)

Set 1
Tito Puente|Flying Down to Rio|Night Beat|RCA
Manilla|Carlos|4Piece EP|Lo
Quando Quango|Rebel|Pigs + Battleships|LTM
Midnight Rhythm|Climb/Rushin' To Meet You|Atlantic

Bed Music: v/a|Pop Special|Command

Set 2
Def Jef|On the Real Tip|Delicious Vinyl 12"
Teen-Machine|Teen Machine Rap|Big Break Rapper Party|Queen Constance
Sandoz|Track 6|Sandoz In Dub Vol. 2:Live in the Earth|Soul Jazz
Travellers|How Long Version (Prince Jammy's)|Black Black Minds|Pressure Sounds

Somerville Speakout Background Music:Bert Kaempfert Presents Sweet & Gentle|Longines Symphonette Society

Set 3
Marianne Faithful|Come & Stay With Me|Very Best of...|London
Auto-da-fe|Mao Meow|Spectre|The Secret Eye
Ruthann Friedman|Too Late to Be Mourning|Constant Companion|Water
Birdget St. John|Song for the Laird of Connaught Hall|Songs for the Gentle Man|Cherry Red
Juana Molina|No Seas Antipatica|Son|Domino
Barbara Dane|Whos Gonna Shoe Your Pretty Little Foot|Anthology of American Folk Songs|Tradition

Set 4
James Blackshaw|Skylark Herald's Dawn|Sunshrine
Bird Show|On the Beach|"Lightning Ghost"|Kranky
??|Track 7|Myths 2:System of Flux & Energies|Sub Rosa

Concert Report Background Music: Dick Hyman|Happening!|Command

Set 5
7-Year Rabbit Cycle|This Makes Me a Barn Burner|Free Porcupine Society
Mike Rep & the Quotas|Heroes|Bag of Hammers 7"
Trinity|How Long Jah (extended)(excerpt)|Shanty Town Determination|Blood & Fire

Set 6
Big Youth-Society Squad|Skylarking (version)|Screaming Target|Trojan

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Dacks said...

Hi Patrick-

Just stumbled upon your blog, looks like we have similar tastes in radio programming. Keep up the good work.