Saturday, June 03, 2006

Saturday, June 3, 2006 (Mission Impossible IV: Live from Namibia)

Set 1
Randy's All Stars|Mission Impossible|Randy's 17th North|Pressure Sounds
Idris Muhammed|One With a Star|Boogie to the Top|KUDU
Patti Whatley|Backstreets Vol. 2 (A Jim Burgess Mix)|Warner Bros. 12"
The Mercenaries|Eight Against Rome Version|More Pressure Sounds Vol. 1|Pressure Sounds

Background Music: Al Caiola|Golden Hit Instrumentals|United Artists

Set 2
Sandoz|Sandoz in Dub, Vol. 2:Live in the Earth|Soul Jazz
Mapstation|Horns Version|Distance Told Me Things to Be Said|~scape
Susumu Yokota|Holy Ground|Wonder Waltz|Lo
Nightmares On Wax|Flip Ya Lid|In A Space Outta Mind|WARP
People Under the Stairs|Tuxedo Rap|Stepfather|Basement

Somerville Speakout Music:Bert Kaempfert|Now & Forever|Polydor

Set 3
Gene Clark w/ Gosdin Operators|Elevator Operator|Collectors Choice
Secos e Melhados|Sangue Latino|73/74|East West
Nick Schillace|Kyle (was a dead dog)|Box Canyon|American Sketch
Grouper|Black Out|Way Their Crept|Free Porcupine Society
Mary Catherine Lunsford|Parcels Candy & Peaches|s/t|Polydor

Background Music:Esso Steel Band|Front Street|Edmark

Set 4
Dizzy Gillespie|Timet|Portrait of Jenny|Perception
Cedric Brooks|Song for South Africa|One Truth|
Larry Coryel|Elementary Guitar Solo|Coryell|Vanguard

Background Music:Buddy Lucas|Honkin' Sax|RCA Camden

Set 5
Holy Shit|I Dont Need Enemies|Stranded At Two Harbors|UUAR
Naux|Deepest Part|Film Noir - American Style|

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Mark Robinson said...

I would iChat you, but I'm chatless.
You played something that sounds like 'Metal Box' era PiL very early on and used as background towards the end of the track. I'm pretty sure I'm familiar with the track, but I don't recognize it on the blog setlist.
any hints?

loving the 30% more Som Speakout.