Saturday, May 09, 2009

My Random Shuffle Is Better Than Your Mp3 Player (Vice v. Kaminsky) KAMINSKY WINS

The Intercontinental's Jesse Kaminsky v. Thursday Lost & Found's Christopher Vyce.

KAMINSKY is crowned the winner. He gets to pillage Vyce's record collection

Round 1
Ike & Tina Turner | Give Me Your Love (Jesse)
The Association | Cherish | A Lifetime of Romance (Christopher)

Round 2
Tinariwen | Chatma | Dr. Delay (Jesse)
Galaxie 500 | Flowers | Today | Rough Trade (Christopher)

Round 3
Tropa Colombiana | Bonita (Jesse)
Aretha Frankin | Money Won't Change You (Christopher)

Round 4
Free-For-All | Show Me The Way | Wylde Canada (Jesse)
Betty LaVette | I Feel Good All Over (Christopher)

Round 5
Dzikusu | Nie Bede z Toba (Jesse)
Beatles | I Want To Tell You (Christopher)

Round 6
La Tropa Colombiana | Yo Bailo Solo (Jesse)
Paul Young | Tender Trap (Christopher)

Round 7
Sin Sisamouth | Jet Bong Sopheap Borros (Jesse)
Johnny Caroll | Wild Wild Women (Christopher)

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Anonymous said...

so who won??