Saturday, May 16, 2009

The iPod Shuffle Kerfuffle (Joan v. Patrick)

Set 1
Kinks | Starstruck (Joan)
Diane Cluck | I Liked You As Soon As I Saw You | Macy's Day Bird | Important (Patrick)

Set 2
Houston Jones | Cowards Game (Joan)
Human Greed | Invocation (Patrick)

Set 3
Laura Marling | Failure (Joan)
Scala | Spread Your Wings & Fly | Compass | Touch (Patrick)

Set 4
Can Kickers | Bile Them Cabbage (Joan)
Marisa | Viagem (Patrick)

Set 5
Another Pretty Face | All the Boys Love Keri (Joan)
Mr. Bloe | Groovin with Mr. Bloe (Patrick)

Set 6
Amy Winehouse (Joan)
Minister Squid | Tentacle Difficulties | Battle of Neptune (Patrick)

Set 7
Rupa & the April Fishes | Poder (Joan)
Manilla | Bert | 4-Piece EP (Patrick)


Anonymous said...

What happened to the Sommerville Speakout podcasts on the left? There's only one podcast available. Please upload the others. We need, WE NEED SPEAKOUT! :-)

Dude from the Netherlands! said...

Your damn right!

Anonymous said...

Really great show, Patrick. The Somerville Speakout link on the left plays only one podcast, however. Is there a place where I can access more podcasts? (And why the hell is there a dating service ad on the comments section?)