Thursday, December 24, 2009

Take the Annual WMBR Music Director Poll

1. Favorite release?
2. Favorite song?
3. Favorite title of album or song?
4. Dumbest title of album or song?
5. Most overrated release or band (Correct Answer – Passion Pit)?
6. Most disappointing release?
7. Favorite Reissue?
8. Most questionable reissue
9. Over/under on # of additional years Animal Collective will continue to inhabit zeitgeist?
10. Favorite background music?
11. Best song on worst album?
12. Favorite Band of the Week on BoC (Correct Answer: Lydia Lunch)?
13. Wimpiest song played by Keith Sawyer (pick only one Innocence Mission-related song)?
14. Band that should be Band of the Week on BoC?
15. Worst band web site?
16. Favorite older release discovered in the record library?
17. Best station purchase?
18. Most pointless station purchase? (No wrong answers except possibly “all of them”)
19. Artist most deserving of retirement (Possible answer – Morrissey)
20. Least Annoying UK Female Vocalist Inspired by Kate Bush (aka Bat for Lashes v. Florence v. Lily Allen v…..) ?
21. Best remix?
22. Who is more cloying: Bon Iver, Grizzly Bear, Monster of Folk, or Fleet Foxes?
23. Most annoying musical subgenre: dubstep or drone metal (eg Sun O)))))?
24. Best musical video, film, show, etc.?
26. Favorite music blog?
27. What is the difference between dubstep and grime?
28. Favorite Reunion? (Note: Mission of Burma no longer qualifies)
29. Favorite (non-WMBR) live performance?
30. Most boring live performance?
31. Worst song heard on Subject to Change (limit yourself to one!)
32. Favorite live performance @ WMBR (Correct Answer – White Hills)?
33. Most overexposed (non-wmbr) music personality?
34. Boston Band most deserving of Merge Records compilation
35. Stupidest lyric?
36. Most embarrassing DJ moment (by you or someone else)?
37. Worst Song of the Week on Late Risers Club?
38. Most anticipated release/leak for 2010?
39. Best IM received while DJ’ing?
40. Favorite cover song?
41. Worst cover song?
42. Favorite cover art?
43. Silliest cover art?
44. Make up own category and answer it:
45. Match the Nu Gaze band with appropriate Shoegaze band

a. A Sunny Day in Glasgow
b. Cymbals Eat Guitars
c. A Place to Bury Strangers
d. School of Seven Bells

i. My Bloody Valentine
ii. Slowdive
iii. Chapterhouse
iv. Swervedriver

46. Number of questions so far that are worthless?

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